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2010 Mitsubishi Outlander



  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    I agree the tires are time-based, but again, I go ahead & do them in sync with the oil changes as I don't want to 1) do the rotation as a separate service visit or 2) do it less often than 7500 miles.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232


    To demonstrate Mitsubishi's All-Wheel Control technology we set out for some unforgiving terrain in Alberta, Canada, with our Outlander crossover family. We came home with a handful of official Guinness World Records.

    300 m - The greatest distance by a vehicle in reverse on snow in 30 seconds - Outlander Sport
    56.2 m - The shortest braking distance by a vehicle on ice (30 mph to 0 mph) - Outlander Sport
    3 laps - The most vehicle figure-of-eights on ice in two minutes - Outlander
    1:11 min - The fastest vehicle slalom relay on ice (1/4 mile) - Outlander & Outlander Sport
    19:31 sec - The fastest driven square lap in a vehicle (gravel, 100 ft. x 100 ft.) - Outlander

    To me the most impressive are the figure 8, slalom, and the ice braking. The ice braking looks especially boring, :) , which is exactly how you'd want it to be. And the figure 8 & slalom show how the AWC system can benefit in everyday winter condition driving.

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  • wow! that's sooo cool!
  • dajadaja Posts: 3
    Anybody know that I can use rear lower and upper gate from 2009 to my 2010???
    I know they change front but rear look the same except recese lights on the bumper corners.
    I call dealers,parts supply and always is "I don't know"
    Thank You for any ideas
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    Do a Google search by using “genuine or original OEM Mitsubishi parts”. Prices on this on line business are reality much cheaper than those offered by dealership and they are OK. Long time ago I send an email to the part manager where I bought my Outlander with prices given by these on line companies, and I said that if he match those figures I will order all my stuff from the dealership instead of the on line Web page. The part manager agreed and from that day prices are very similar, perhaps $2- $3 dollars difference.

    If you want to be sure or suitability of parts for 2009-2010-2011 Outlander models, ask part number of the parts for all manufacturer years. The part manager has the duty to disclose you the part number of the part you are queering. If the part number are equal for the different manufacturer year then that part will fit your car regardless the MY. Equally a number of on line part sellers’ present software that reproduces diagrams of the parts you are looking for. Few times I have copied these diagrams onto the email to the dealer to make clear what I want without ambiguity.
  • ljmitsuljmitsu Posts: 1
    Anyone having any problems with the battery suddenly going dead? So dead the door locks don't even work. Just randomly for no apparent reason after driving fine the day before, just dead the next day after parked overnight?

    A local dealer was trying to convince me I am leaving something on or not turning the FAST key off all the way until I proved to them that you can't even lock the doors unless it is turned all the way off, and that even if you leave a dome light on that light turns itself off....

    A jump and charge brings it right back to life but it's happened twice now with no known cause (and yes, they checked the battery and the alternator).

    I suspect a computer problem because a long ago service reminder that was supposedly reset (twice) still displays as well - the same dealer is also telling me that they "turn themselves back on sometimes".

    Any feedback woudl be welcome - thanks!
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    You might not be leaving something on but it does sound like there's a current drain somewhere. I highly doubt it would be the service reminder unless by "turning itself back on" you mean the info screen is on when the doors are shut & engine is off. That shouldn't happen.

    There's the usual suspects:
    - Door/hood not closed all the way and convenience lights/sensor causing the drain.
    - Alarm/FAST.
    - Exterior light stuck on (headlight/brakelight/tail lamp/turn signal/fog light).

    The other things I can think of would relate to things being stuck:
    - When you shut the car off the vents may automatically move from recirc to open; drainage occurs if the motor is stuck.
    - A power window is continually trying to close, drawing juice. One feature we have on the Outlander is that the power windows will work after the engine is turned off until the driver's door has been opened.
    - Radio, BlueTooth, or Navi not shutting down when they should.
    - Fault in the TPMS system causing it to stay on continuously.
    - Power seat motor stuck.
    - Airbag sensor in front passenger seat stuck on.

    Most of these are unlikely since they should have power cut hard when the car is turned off, but the window motor is worth checking I suppose.

    You might consider replacing the battery anyway or asking for a loaner to make the defective battery determination. Car batteries are a crap shoot. I've seen new car batteries last 12 months and I've seen them go 8+ years. My '10 Outlander is ont he original after 19 months/17K miles but when my '99 Galant's battery died in, IIRC, 2002, it was as you said - sudden with no warning. But the battery itself was definitely dead.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    When I shipped my GT2010 to Valparaiso-Chile the battery was completely flat after 3-weeks on the sea. I opened the car door with my manual key. This was strange for me because I did not have similar problem with my previous vehicles. My Lexus SC300 started immediately after 4-months when it was left outside my house while I was in South America.

    On my return to Peru to collect my GT2010 (after 5-months) the car battery was complete dead and it took 10-minutes to jump start the engine from another car.

    From the two-experiences cited above, I may say that something stays “ON” after the engine is switched OFF and everything is locked. My wife has told me that she has noted (in her car) that when she switches the engine off while the radio is on, she has a problem to start the car engine the following day. Possibly the fact that the anti-theft mechanism is still working can drain the battery after a long period of time.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    If you lock the doors your alarm is active. Now that might normally be a small power drain but remember on the Outlander it includes microphones on the inside that are listening for intrusions as well as the normal stuff.

    That why if you lock the car with the windows cracked on a windy day the alarm might "randomly" go off. It's hearing the wind noise & interpreting it as something inside the car moving.

    Personally I'd prefer to defeat this feature but so far I haven't found a way to.

    I've no idea what other trickle-drains there might be. My normal suggestion is that if storing a car for long periods, a battery trickle charger/maintainer should be used. They're inexpensive and don't overcharge the battery. Of course they probably can't be used when shipping the car, but for dead storage I wouldn't do without.

    Question for the group: If you park in a garage at home do you also lock your car? I don't since I consider the lock on the garage door to be adequate + the keys are never left in the vehicle.
  • jonoxjonox Posts: 84
    Always lock our cars in the garage due to reliance on garage door openers which can be spoofed.
  • jplessjpless Posts: 1
    Mitsubishi got some bad compressors from Denso. You are leaking freon because the seal is bad on the shaft. Get it replaced under warranty.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    is there a technical bulletin on this.because i have an 07 and i have brought my car to the dealer at least 3x for leaky coolant.the 3rd time the dealer convinced me to put iv dye in it so they can see where its leaking. so i need this compressor replaced.hope you could give us the tech bulletin.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    I'm pretty sure the bad batch of compressors was in the 2010 model, not 2007. But you can look for TSBs at
  • ermal1ermal1 Posts: 19
    edited August 2011
    was that compressor thing for all of us? i have been driving my for a year now but i dont have a problem with the AC should i check it too?

    and since i have been living in USA for only 2 years i dont know how the bulletin works or better what is that for? i was searching there and it came out with 6 bulletins for outlander but i am not sure what that means.can anyone plz help me understand?
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    The compressor problem was limited. Only a few months of production were affected. The AC in my '10 GT, for instance, has been fine. In fact, it's AC is far better than the AC in my last car, a '99 Galant.

    Regarding bulletins, there are two main things to be aware of: Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and Recalls. TSBs basically are an acknowledgement of a problem with (usually) a solution. But as the problem isn't safety related or otherwise doesn't have severe impact there's no notification process for consumers. Example: There might be a TSB saying that the transmission can be reprogrammed for better fuel economy or to overcome a harsh shift. When you bring the car in for service the TSB can be performed, but there's no active campaign in effect to get everyone's trans reprogrammed. Getting a TSB fixed may or may not have a cost which may or may not be covered by warranty.

    With recalls, though, usually there's a safety issue involved. The manufacturer sends letters to all affected owners using the last-known address (generally found with the vehicle registration .. it has nothing to do with, say, your car loan). You bring the car in and the dealer's service department fixes the problem at no cost. Also, there's no time limit for a recall. Example: My wife's '01 Elantra was recalled in, IIRC, '09 for a subframe rust problem. A rust problem can take years to become known. This problem could cause the vehicle to go out of control if something rusted through & broke so a recall was done to replace the subframe parts at no cost to us.
  • ermal1ermal1 Posts: 19
    Thank you for making it clear for me now :)

    so i want worry for all that stuff that was there.
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