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Honda Insight Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Finally spotted one on road here in Dallas (Irving). I'm sure the owner was proud of his unique car (it sure looked like it). The car caught my eye from quite a distance!
  • rfruthrfruth Posts: 630
    There is a positive review of the 2000 Insight in
    the June issue of Motor Trend (page 110) or surf
    for it ( this is something
    coming from car guys. I could have had a Insight ! I don't know if hybrids fuel cells or whatever will be it but most of us know 15 MPG SUVs (silly
    urban vehicles) don't make much sense.

    Rob Fruth - Houston, Tx
  • PeterunPeterun Posts: 83
    Drove the Insight yesterday on a test drive, as my silver version will be in very shortly. Drove great, lots of fun. When I lifted the rear "hatch" and saw the aluminum cover for the batteries . . . there, in big bold letters: "Do not remove cover. THIS WILL KILL YOU." I swear, I'm not paraphrasing. I wondered . . what happens if I am rear ended? Any info on the safety of this new vehicle? Thanks. Pete
  • strawkirkstrawkirk Posts: 1
    So far my Insight is everything it's cracked up to be! Mileage, batteries staying charged up, no great loss of battery charge during assist, quiet, easy to drive, shuts off at stops, starts up when you're ready to move. Can't say enough good thins about it. Supply and Demand is driving the price up, up, up!
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Thank you, strawkirk! It is great to hear from an owner. Please, keep us posted about your experience. What made you decide on the Insight?

    Any other lurking Insight owners in the Hall?

  • dsmillerdsmiller Posts: 1
    Insight 912 is an extremely well-built car which is much fun to drive. Hard to get excellent mileage because I love its acceleration. 55 mpg to date. Only negative is lack of a cruise control.

    So far meets all my expectations and then some. Perfect as a second car.

    Paid 20,495 for mine including a.c. Dealer was very helpful.
  • silfoxsilfox Posts: 2
    I notice negative remarks from people who don't own one. I love mine. Fun, peppy, economical. Had trouble convincing my dealer about 8 year battery warranty. Anyone else? Also, battery charges great but sometimes not as well as others. Anyone have an idea why. Getting 53 so far.
  • silfoxsilfox Posts: 2
    If you are willing to answer questions about your car, please e-mail me at Dealer here doesn't know much.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Just won 'The best engine in the world' award in annual international engine awards. Another Honda to come close was the third pick, S2000.
    Link in
  • rerednawrerednaw Posts: 16
    I was looking into purchasing an Insight, but when a friend of mine told me that the local dealer had tacked on almost an additional 15k in markups, I was immediately turned off. I really get tired of that kind of business. Isn't Honda trying to push this new (well not really that new) technology? How do they expect this car to be a financial success if dealers price it out of reach?

    So I was just wondering, what were the going prices around the country. Start with what the dealer had on the car, and what you finally got it for after the hell of wheeling, dealing and dickering. If anyone got the vehicle at invoice or close to invoice I would reallly like to know.

    BTW on a side note for a few years I drove Nissan Sentra, back when it was the boxy-basic type of vehicle. And in southern California stop and go traffic, I still managed 50 miles a gallon (with the AC on). Having Insight owners getting real-life mpg of 50 or so makes me wonder if this auto has all this new energy saver technology in it, why isn't the real-world mileage at least better than that?

    Now don't get me wrong, I would still like one, but for a hybrid the vehicle seems to fall a little short. All I can say is that for a 'new' type of vehicle at least the base invoice isn't outrageous.

    Anyway, just wanted some input on my questions.

    Thanks all.

    Mike (from Las Vegas)
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Mike, getting 50 mpg on a Sentra sounds weird, unless the entire journey was downhill. And as far as markups are concerned, I seriously doubt the authenticity of 15K over MSRP.
  • darelldddarelldd Posts: 20
    If you truly made 50 mpg in a Sentra, you could have sold the thing for about $million. Did you always have a tail wind? If you were getting 50 in the city with AC, you must have achieved 70 in the highway with no AC? Care to play again?

    I think the 60-70 (assuming anybody actually gets that) is and increadible achievement.
  • crc64crc64 Posts: 2
    Just over 3000 miles in just over 2 months averaging 58.0 mostly to and from work.
  • badnu1sbadnu1s Posts: 5
    I am currently in the market for a new car, and am
    very disappointed at how little the dealers (around Boston) know about the Insight and how poorly they are trying to sell them (they aren't).
    After several attempts at different dealerships throughout New England, either they don't have any, or they aren't in running condition, or they aren't on their main lot, or.....

    My latest experience, was with Lundgreen Honda in Auburn, MA.. These loosers had the Insight WAY
    in the back of their lot. Not only was the car deader than a door nail (dead 12V ICE battery), but they wouldn't even jump start it for me, and even better, they wouldn't even take an order
    from me..

    What's up with this? How on earth does Honda ever expect for this car to catch on, with such INCOMPETENT dealers?

    Does anyone have any recommendation of COMPETENT
    Honda dealers in central MA or southern NH area? Do they even exist?

    Although the Prius isn't out quite yet, the few Toyota dealers I inquited at, seemed a lot more
  • 82668266 Posts: 1
    The cloth seats in my Gt are fraying at the lower part of the back rest. Has anyone else experienced this problem. Im taking it back to dealer to see what Toyota,s response is. I think the small perforated holes are to easily snagged. Might have to go with the leather seats.///8266
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    Give me a TDI VW instead.

  • rickabtrickabt Posts: 34
    I sell new Hondas in Northern California where the market for the Insight is extremely great. Among my colleagues, sometimes they are disappointed when they meet an Insight shopper because of the unlikely chance of selling them anytime soon. I'm not surprised, however, about your problems finding a knowledgeable or willing dealership in the Northeast.

    Just about two weeks ago, we California dealers were elated to hear some great news for us. Honda Motor Sales announced that they would be increasing the allocation of Insights to California dealers on account of the fact that Northeastern dealers refused an increase in their allocation.

    Sadly for you, Insights will eventually become more dificult to find in your neck of the woods, but easier to find here in California. Of course, with so many sales calls and shoppers stopping by each dealership in this region, we could easily sell double the number we get now for MSRP or more as soon as or before they arrive at the lots.

    Then again, the average roundtrip for commutes in this marketplace is much, mcuh longer here than in the Boston area.

    As for the lack of knowledgeable sales associates at Honda dealers, Honda does seem to be partly to blame for this. I had plenty of experience with Toyota prior to selling Hondas, and dealers were getting information about the Prius as much as two years ago. Meanwhile, Honda kept the car a virtual enigma until the very moment they began to arrive at the first lucky dealerships. Production and delivery are happening at a glacial pace, and many smaller or mid-size dealers have not yet even recieved their second Insight.

    Many salespeople actually feel that their likelihood of selling an Insight is so small that it is negligible ... therefore, they feel rather ambivalent about the car itself. My colleagues don't feel this way, but we do get frustrated when there are so many customers coming in to ask for them, yet there is nothing to show.

    These are not excuses for bad salesmanship in regards to the Insight, but it may help explain why Badnuls has found little help in the quest for an Insight.

    Similarly, Honda has not even given sales staff any clue about the all-new 2001 Civic. It's just weeks away, but other than spy photos I found in a British journal, I have little info about what bodes to be my bread and butter in just a few weeks. I understand the rationale ... Honda wnats us to remain focused on selling the remaining 2000s.

    If you want to know more about the car and you live in the northeast, perhaps you can ask your local dealers if you can have a chance to view the Sales Training videotape. We have allowed that a few times here ... usually whenever all of us are busily helping customers buy cars actually available at the dealership. If no one obliges, is a great resource.
  • I just took delivery of my Insight about 10 days ago. I have a 100 mile+ round trip commute in Southern CA - and with gas prices the way they are I decided to take the plunge. Although I am getting nowhere near the 70MPG quoted by the EPA I am getting almost 60MPG on a commute that is uphill one way. :>) I am still on my second tank of gas and have gone over 1100 miles. I purchased mine at Honda of Oxnard in Ventura County - they seemed to know a fair amount about the car and were anxious to get this one on the road so that they could sell another! I can't believe the stuff that is posted about dealers in the northeast. Shame on them. This is my third Honda and (so far) my favorite. I traded a 99 Infiniti G20t and although I liked it, I love this one.
  • jetson2jetson2 Posts: 5
    There is a discussion thead on the Prius town hall topic
    Summary, there is a tax credit for electic cars - some dealer mentioned a deduction - still being hashed out.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Thank you, rickabt, for providing such detailed information!

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