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Honda Insight Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm in the Central Valley and want to buy an Insight, but don't want to get gouged! I don't mind traveling a resonable distance to get a good deal. Anybody out there recommend a fair dealer?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    to LA. The dealers there tend to be more competetive.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    In addition to the feedback here, you may also want to check out's free shopping service: PowerShopper. Good luck, and please keep us posted.

    We look forward to hearing about your purchase experience. ;-)

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  • reecerhreecerh Posts: 2
    For those of you shopping for a Honda Insight recommend you try e-bay. I was able to get a 2000 model with A/C and dealer installed cruise control for 16900.00. In monitoring e-bay it appears that several dealerships nationwide are using e-bay to reduce their 2000 models. I have had the car a few weeks (2000 miles) and have increased the lifetime mpg to 70.1 and the current tank (only my second as it came full) has 430 miles with a 80.3 mpg consumption. Have Fun and buy online. Rick
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    and thanks for sharing your story. We look forward to hearing more about your new Honda Insight! ;-)

    To everyone- Here's an interesting article from's Tech Center: How a Hybrid Works. Of course, the Honda insight is mentioned here. To quote the article's picture caption: "The 2000 Honda Insight, the first production hybrid to hit U.S. shores... its futuristic shape catches the eye of California Highway patrolmen and cologne hawkers alike."


    What do you think? ;-)

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  • TMLTMLTMLTML Posts: 22
    I just bought a Honda Odyssey from Danny Roberts at Moss Motors (800-487-0991) in Lafayette, Louisiana. He didn't play any sales games with me. He is very upfront and trustworthy. He said he will sell any 2001 Insight on his lot for $1,000 under Invoice (Not MSRP), and a 2000 Insight for $2,000 under Invoice. I guess they aren't selling too well in Louisiana. (Lafayette is Oil Country, he told me) Tell him Tommy Lew from San Antonio, Texas sent you. Danny said they can ship it to your doorstep, for about $1 per mile, if you don't want to go to Louisana to pick it up. Since their delivery truck was booked up for two weeks, I bought a $170 airplane ticket and flew into Lafayette. The dealership was one mile from the airport, so Danny picked me up. Of course, in a situation like that, they have you over a barrel, but they didn't pull any tricks. Price quoted was the price I paid. $23,900 + $49 Document fee for a Beige Honda Odyssey LX, which was about $440 under MSRP. Out the door, no options installed at my request. (In case you didn't know, that's a GREAT price for an LX Odyssey. Every other dealer, local and internet, dealers are getting MSRP+ to put you on a 4 week waiting list.)
  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    Just went by my dealer (Mark Roberts Honda) in Bartellsville, Ok 1-800-375-less.
    They have three insights 2000 model (new) blowing out for $14,995. I was really tempted but do not need right now. That is $5000 off. Must be incentive to do that. If interested ask for John Page and tell him Inky sent you. He may give me a few referral bucks. 2 Red and one silver.
    Check out dealer on web
    I have bought many cars there. They are legit..
    INKY in Tulsa
  • stkickerstkicker Posts: 2
    I've been looking at the Insight. A dealer in Chicago asked me "what if I could get you the 2000 with A/C for $15,900?" I am seriously considering although I'd like the CD too and still am concerned about the battery costs. I figure to drive about 25,000 miles a year so I don't want to have to replace the batteries in 3 or 4 years. Does anyone know the costs for the batteries and the CD player? And does the $15,900 sound like a good price??? Thanks for any info.
  • bill_1bill_1 Posts: 97
    I have been intrigued by the Insight as a car (particularly with gasoline prices going up) and while a two passenger vehicle is not a problem for me (95% of the time it is just me in the car and 95% of the rest of the time it is only one other person) but I do need enough cargo room to haul stuff, so eactly how much can one fit into the insight... and how long, high, etc.
  • mness1mness1 Posts: 1
    We just bought a red 2000 Insight which had been at a dealership in Memphis for 8 months. Last week they began a jaw-dropping push to get five out the door. The non-negotiable price was $15,999 with A/C. They wouldn't even add floor mats. At this moment there is one neon one left.
  • stkickerstkicker Posts: 2
    I made an offer to a dealership in suburban Chicago last night which to my surprise was accepted. The offer is for a 2000 model New with A/C and the optional CD changer in rear WITH DEALER INSTALLED REAR SPEAKERS (the car only comes with 2 front speakers and the stereo sounds pretty lame.) I offered $15,900 plus usual tax, document fee of $51.00 and title transfer charge. After talking to another dealer, they beat that price by $200.00. I'm still deciding which dealer and price I'll take.
  • 9186089991860899 Posts: 3
    I am looking for a new 2000 or (2001) Honda Insight. Can anyone point me towards the dealers who are "REALLY" dealing these cars?? Apperaently, I missed the "deal of the century" on the Dealer in Okalahoma who's selling their insight for 14,995... Damn!!!

    Thanks in advance,

  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    I think they're pretty much sold out in your area. I've seen 2001's close to invoice, and at the same time some guys were still trying to get sticker. $3.00 a gallon this summer oughta push the car's value up, especially since Insights are available and a Prius has to be ordered.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Hi everyone- Please note, you'll now find a link to's Honda Insight Video clip in the Additional Resources box on the left side of the page. Let us know what you think. Happy Motoring! ;-)



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  • chorobechorobe Posts: 5
    Does anyone have experience or knowledge installing A/C on a non A/C Insight? My local dealer has 1 blue one that I like but it is the non A/C version but the salesman is saying that it would be pretty easy for them to install it. Is it wiser to get one that originally came from the factory with A/C? Actually, I'm surprised that here in So. Cal there would be non A/C vehicles. You pretty much need A/C in this area.
  • dasteph94dasteph94 Posts: 20
    A local dealer here in Columbus, Ohio is offering Insights for around $15,900--quite
    a bargain even for a 2000 model but the ads don't say what's on them.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    with all standard items. Honda doesn't have factory options.
  • juresjures Posts: 42
    i'm interested in getting an insight as a commuter car, i drive approx 66 miles each day round trip, more than half is at 55 +. will this car work for me? where are the good deals in the pa,nj, de area? thanks for any info roger
  • rfruthrfruth Posts: 630
    There is lots of Insight information (no 'good deals' info, sorry) on

                        Rob Fruth - Houston, Tx


    1981 Raleigh for errands & fun

    1997 Trek 2300 for real fun !

    2000 Honda Civic hatchback

  • r9957r9957 Posts: 1
    Its been a while since I logged in but thought I would answer a few of the questions posted.
    1. Replacement Batteries are 2K but Honda expects the batteries to last the life of the car. They have a 8yr/80K mile warranty but like the engine are expected to go well beyond the warranty.
    2. The Insight has a 380lb economy weight limit. This means that to get the advertised mpg figures this is the max load they recommend. The car runs fine with a heavier load (they say its 30% stonger than the civic body.
    3. The insight central and yahoo discussion groups mentioned are good sites for research.
    4. It does deliver. My lifetime mpg is at 75.4 and the best trip is 480 miles at 91.6mpg. Folks in Thailand and England have set records of 100+ mpg on 3500 mile round country trips. Have Fun
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