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2011 Kia Sorento



  • 5gs5gs Posts: 1
    I've been looking at the Sorento SX AWD. I really like the look and the way it drives.

    The one area that concerns me is getting in/out of the 3rd row seat. I have small kids (8 yrs old) that would need to sit in the 3rd row. Moving the 2nd row seat up and down manually might be a bit much for an 8 yr old.

    Any thoughts/experience with this?
    Also would be nice to have a remote power option for the lift gate.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Westerville, OhioPosts: 371
    I strongly recommend you avoid the Sorento if you intend to use the third row much. I have an EX and the third row is totally useless in my opinion. Even in the 2004 Mountaineer I had, the third row was only good for a short trip and it was at least a foot longer. I would have prefered that they left the third row as an option for the V6 because I think putting it in a vehicle this small is a joke. I would seriously consider a Mini Van or something like a Chevy traverse/GMC Acadia instead. These vehicles are much more family friendly.
  • We will have a good week for further testing as we are expected to get up to 2 feet of snow by Sat. We are having a beautiful snow now and I will be going down and up the back way tomorrow to the doctors from 7,000' to about 3,000' with its's 16% grades. The Sorento has Kumho M/S tires which I liked on the Honda.

    I have about 250,000 miles experience driving in snow from northern Michigan oilfields to the Arctic under pretty hazardous conditions. Tire stopping ability has a lot to do with the rubber compound used in the tire and not losing traction in the first place. The Blizzack tire has great traction and stopping but tread life is awful.

    I live in Big Bear Lake, CA in the San Bernardino mountains. Since we are a four season resort we get our far share of idiots up here, flatlanders. I also teach off roading on the world class back diamond trails up here. Black Diamond trails are those that require a heavily modified vehicle with at least 4 to 6' of lift, lockers, 33'+ tires etc. Even then some damage is to be expected. Doing Gold Mt. after a foot of snow is quite a trip - in my 1990 Jeep.

    We will see how I do this week and I will give a report and compare it to several 4x4 Ford F-250's, 4x4 Blazer, 4x4 Yukon, $x4 F250 Diesel, Honda CRV AWD and Ford AWD Escapes (which suck even with Goodyears best AT tire).
  • I bought the 2011 Kia Sorento SX. It quit on me WHILE DRIVING with only 300 miles on it. Roadside assistance was of little help as they didn't have me in their computer. Service said the battery was run down. Next, the dashboard, doors and right rear end started rattling . I took it in and the AFTER MARKET tow bar that they installed was hitting the muffler, They said they fixed it. Driving home the dashboard started rattling again. I decided to wait a couple weeks to see what else was going to happen. Next, at times when I made a sharp left hand turn the underneath would make loud clunking noises. In addition, when I accelerate and move out into traffic many times the car will hesitate..nothing happens, then I try and give it more gas and it lunges forward at a high speed. The car rides rough with a lot of wind/road noise and and is not enjoyable to drive. On rough roads, parts underneath the car hit one another (probably my aftermarket tow bar hitting anything in its vicinity.) I don't like the weak sounding power windows, they whine in motion. All in all, I'm very dissatisfied. I wanted to buy American but Kia has destroyed my loyalty. Who tests these cars anyway? Kia, make better products and they will be easier to stand behind. What good is a warranty when you have the inconvenience of constant repairs. The thrill of having a new car was totally missed. My condolences to others in my position.
  • sorry to hear youre having so many problems. i know its not much fun. luckily mine has been great so far. also kia isnt an american car. assembled in georgia by a korean company with a small percentage of north american parts.
  • karchkarch Posts: 42
    Which dealer, can I ask? There are so few out here.
  • Kia Depot, Santa Ana. Watch out for the financing they insist you take.
    Also, they tried adding another $499 and called it dealer prep. What? They hadn't even washed the car when we test drove it. I had a trade and made them give me $400 dollars more for my trade.
  • dann0dann0 Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    Simon, did you even test drive the car? Some of the things you are complaining about are things anyone would have noticed immediately when test driving. How did this escape your detection until after you purchased the car?

    If you only have 300 miles on the vehicle, then it's highly likely the issues you are reporting were present from the start and did not suddenly appear a short time later.
  • mjbuppmjbupp Posts: 1
    Interesting... we have a Sorento SX V6 AWD. It is BY FAR the best handling vehicle in the snow we've ever had. And we live in the snow belt in upstate New York. 18 Kumho low rolling resistance tires. And I'm not talking just about accelerating. Cornering, stopping, best ever.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Westerville, OhioPosts: 371
    edited April 2011
    I saw on a Kia website where the latest version of the Sorento will have Heated/Cooled front seats and Heated Passenger seats as available options. If I had only waited another year before I bought my EX. Since purchasing they added the SX and now the above options which would be excellent when it's 95 degrees with my black leather seats and having heated passenger seats would be great. The SX is beautiful though I still think my EX is good looking. The SX looks better in one color without the black cladding and the front and back ends look better than the EX. Plus I read somewhere where Kia did some fine tuning on the suspension so the ride wasn't so harsh over bumps. I guess it's the risk you take when you buy a total redesign in it's first edition.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Westerville, OhioPosts: 371
    Upon checking this site closer I found that I was viewing the Kia International site. Also available for overseas are brown leather seats. Hopefully they make some of these items available in the states.
  • trunytruny Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    red57, I see it's been awhile since your post so I am wondering if you ever ended up having the sunroof installed after-market? I am thinking about purchasing a 2011 Sorento and I also do not want the V6 so my only option would be to have one installed after-market. I have found this to be a bit more expensive than having a factory installed sunroof on other vehicles (equinox and terrain) that I am considering, so I am wondering if you had it installed and if so, if you have had any issues with it or would recommend it.
  • djruss84djruss84 Posts: 2
    I feel your pain. My engine blew up with less than 1000 miles on it over christmas none the less. I was without my car for over a month!!! I will never buy another kia. My SX is now beginning to fall apart with just over 3000 miles on it. All the little parts are beginning to break. My suggestion to anyone is to stay away from Kia.
  • antons911antons911 Posts: 21

    does any one know why the Sorento in Europe offers side curtain for third row but not in US. Any idea if it will be offered in 2012 models?

  • stratg6stratg6 Posts: 1
    at the top of the passengers side hood in front of the wiper blade their is rust coming thru the surface along the ridgelinethe dealer says it is due to stone chips but no sign of damage of chipping or denting elsewhere
  • toshietoshie Posts: 1
    I purchased a new Kia Sorento and with only 200 miles on it it just quit while on the freeway. Towed it to the dealed and they say that there is nothing wrong. They have checked everything electrical and found nothing. Any suggestions?
  • jerry158jerry158 Posts: 5
    Being produced in GA, shipped and sold at a number of dealers now.

    Changes include an optional 2.4L TDI I4 (191 HP and 34 mpg), power pass seat, heated steering wheel, Memory drivers seat and mirror position, power folding mirrors, hyper finish 18" alloy wheels, UVO infotainment system, YES seat fabric, cooleed drivers seat, No spicy red or Pacific Blue colors.

    When will KIA announce this change on their websites????????????
  • mc111mc111 Posts: 2
    Bought the 2011 Kia Sorento EX 4 cyl w/ push start Feb 2010 for my wife. She has about 20k miles on it now. She called me at midnight after work to let me know it would not start. AAA towed it to dealer next day, they looked at it and diagnosed the problem as a bad switch connected to the brake pedal. The good news is Kia has developed a new part to fix this problem, the bad news is the part is in Korea. Will be here sometime next week when the ship comes to port. Disappointing Kia would NOT provide a loaner but only a $20/day rental with the dealer logo all over the car. This is 3rd major repair on this vehicle after 2 previous recalls (1 for electrical, 2 for transmission). I'm on the fence with this car. I NEVER had these type problems with a TOYOTA. Looking for a used Toyota to dump this thing. Have you ever heard "you get what you pay for"? I got a Kia.
  • cannon3cannon3 Posts: 296
    Kia misleading ad..

    Opened up my paper to find a full page ad for the Kia Sorento. In one point is states "Built in the USA"*. Notice the asterix. Read the fine print. "Assembled with foreign and domestic parts". Doesn't say how much is forgien nor domestic..
    Kia Sorento "assembled" in the U.S. not "built". There is a very big difference.
    This just to educate those who think this vehicle is fully made in the USA and trying to purchase made in USA products.
  • mc111mc111 Posts: 2
    you are absolutely correct. If it's of any value, the dealer did call today to let me know the rental was on the house while we waited for the part to arrive from Korea. he also said the part was being expedited and could possibly arrive as early as today. The repair is anticipated to only take an hour or less so I may have my car back in time to go car shopping this evening. Awesome.
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