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2011 Kia Sorento



  • csuf1csuf1 Posts: 8
    edited August 2013
    I am very sorry to hear that some of you have not been happy with your Kia Sorento.

    I have over 40,000 miles on mine and have taken long trips, as long as 11 hours in the driver's seat, with no complaints. Mine is the 4 cyl., LX and it has been all that I expected and more.

    For those that are claiming that Kia is a poor choice or that their dealer is not that great, let me tell you that, that is not my experience. My sister bought the same 2011 Sorento, after riding in mine and my son just bought a new 2013 Kia Optima. We all 3 love our KIAs and our dealer in Dana Point/San Juan Capistrano, Calif. has been fantastic.

    All of our KIAs are so much better than ANY competitor for price, equipment, technology, comfort, design, warranty, service, etc.

    I HIGHLY recommend that you test drive a KIA and compare what you get for your money and I bet you will be very happy. I have owned 2 new Mercedes, a new Lexus, a new Cadillac and 3 new Toyotas and KIA has been as good, if not better them some, for the money I spent.

    So don't believe that it is impossible to get a very good KIA automobile.
  • benson10benson10 Posts: 15
    Hard to beat a Sorento for value and styling. Mine is perfect. And the bumper to bumper and drivetrain warranties are the best in the business. Still can't believe mine cost only $21,500. Yes the suspension is a bit on the "sporty" side. I'll bet they have changed that in later models. Also have an Optima which I love ... another stylish bargain for only $20,400. Wow!!!
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    my 2011 is now almost 3 1/2 years old. just took 3 trips in 3 weeks with it. 400 miles, 3400 miles and 350 miles. 44k on it and runs like the day it was new. excelent mileage (with v6) and very comfortable. no problem at all except bent shock which they replaced and i did it by hitting huge pothole so cant blame the car for that. and to make it more amazing it was built the first week of a brand new plant in a new country and an entirely new vehicle. built 10/29/2009.
  • I only had 51,000 miles, just had the 50K work done, inspection, etc to the tune of $500. Within two days I was fortunately driving slow coming up to a red light and it sounded like I ran over a large rock or as if the something was falling out. Very loud and then power drop. My friend in the car was a witness. Pulled off the road, had it towed to the dealer where they said they could not reproduce it and nothing wrong. A friend found all these postings - I should have looked prior to buying! when I told the service manager about all the other postings he just said 'we can't go by what people write'. I said that this many can't all be wrong. They know this -and they just don't want to correct the error. I was fortunate to trade it in immediately!
  • I am the orginal poster of this.. I also have something to add. My daughter had wrecked my Sorento and it was a mess. I was very upset about none of my airbags deployed. So I called KIa and their customer service person was very rude when I asked about the airbags she got very defensive and sent me a form for a recalled part... Next thing I know along with the form she enclosed a brouchure explaining how to properly use my seat belts and airbags. PISSED ME off. Since this call KIA has called 6 more times since after I complained to them about this woman. They said they would investigate it and asked to send pics I had some from 24 hours later at the body shop. Yes they only removed sheet metal before the pics..I told them to please call the body shop because they were the ones who said with the damage there wasn't any excuse for why they didn't deploy..She said we can see anything from the photos my car had been tampered with...I said I am not trying to sue you I just want to know those airbags are going to be there when I need them. The only thing she said was if my airbag lights go out after I start it then I'm fine. I told her what ever... I will never buy another KIA ever. I am going to trade it in for a Ford Edge. Oh well!! Did I mention this was my second KIA!! They lost a repeat customer.
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