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Porsche Cayenne vs. Acura MDX vs. BMW X5



  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    "I see tons of soccer moms in BMW X5's and Porsche Cayennes. yes they are country club soccer moms but honestly the soccer mom arguement is bs at this point because both of those suv are more feminine and driven by women."

    Really? More X5s are driven by women? Would you care to substantiate that claim? What are BMW's sales demographics for the X5? (Count this as a rhetorical question since I'm sure you don't know the answers.)

    I live in the wealthiest county in the country, according to the U.S. Census, and 2 more of the top five wealthiest counties are right next door. Drive by a public or private school at the end of the day and you'll see a long boring look-alike line of Lexus RX and MDX waiting for the kids. They are mini-van grocery-getter vehicles around here. I would no sooner own an MDX than I would buy a Chrysler mini-van.

    It's funny how right next to this posting window are the customer satisfaction surveys that rate the X5 significantly higher than the MDX.
  • dixseadixsea Posts: 9
    As a female driver, who has owned both an Acura MDX and a Cayenne -
    I can say that with out a doubt the Cayenne is a finer machine.
    Traded the MDX for a 2006 Cayenne, which I loved...
    Spouse has a new MDX, which does not compare in comfort, style or driving to my now "totaled" Cayenne - I was rear ended by large truck running almost 60mph, pushed almost 200 ft into another vehichle.... so I also consider the Cayenne to be superior in safety!
    I'm looking for a new Cayenne, even after driving many SUV's that would be considered comparable... I can say with out a doubt - Nothing I have driven is in the same class as the Cayenne.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    May I suggest you taking a look at the X6, I know there are lots of people who hate the x6 but if you're looking at safety and a solid ride, I think its 1 up on the cayenne.
  • dixseadixsea Posts: 9
    Thank you, will check it out...
  • gurmgurm Posts: 27
    Alright anon3.....what kind of country's rich counties you live in...malibu beach or what,,,,,huh?? I live in Kirkland, WA in King county & its most expensive part of Seatte area to live in. I saw your posting few weeks back. Now get ready for some numbers. I drive about 14 miles each way to work...I have so far seen about 23 BMW X5s & about 19 of them were being driven by women, saw a couple at local Safeway for groceries, one at a local paint store by a lady again. Saw about 32 MDXs, 17 by women, rest by males, didn't bother to worry about Cayenne or Lexus. Now that doesn't mean these numbers mean anything or stand a justification, but just an example for you. Your point is BMW'a more of a man's car, that's just an illiterate statement. Do you think women don't drive X5? or do you think only women drive MDX? Or do you think all the guys who buy MDX or X5 don't have wives & so they can't drive their family SUV to school, or groceries??? Truth is these SUVs are mostly owned by families & anybody in the family can drive, is that right or you wouldn't let your wife drive your X5 (if you even have one)?? Have you ever heard that a single lady bought an MDX or X5 or even a single mom living on her own bought an MDX or X5?? These are two good family SUVs. Regarding comparisons with other SUVs, see us news ranking which has MDX on number one & X5 on 10 plus for last couple of years including 2010. And I drive an Audi S4, a V8 340 hp, 2008 MDX sports, sold an X5 last year for an MDX & yes I know sporty rides & SUVs, MDX is much better than X5. BMW's sale demographis, where do you get that from?? Now I won't say unlike other people that I have owned 15 X5s, 12 MDXs etc etc. People should think smart before making statements & yes please consider Chrysler mini-van.
  • Took your advice & drove the BMW. Also drove the Lexus, Mercedes M class and the Volvo... none of them gave me the thrill of driving that my Crushed Cayenne did.
    I have purchased an Audi Q5 (sight unseen, no test drive). It was delivered Monday and I must say that I am thrilled! It may not be a Cayenne, but its an awesome drive, fun, sporty and feels like a good solid ride. I would bet that the Q7 would be a wonderful drive too!

    If you haven't driven the Audi Q5 do yourself a favor and take one for a spin! :)
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Hello, congratulations on your new Q5.

    I think it was a surprise that u went for an Audi, if u liked the cayenne so much why didn't u get another cayenne?

    Somehow I feel the Q5 to be not as safe as the cayenne, I could be wrong, btw,which bmw did u test? The x5 or the x6?

    Hows the Q5 experience so far?
  • Hi. What did you end up buying and what did you pay. Thanks

    Hi. Just wondering what you ended up buying. I'm looking into almost all of the same cars.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252 ac_srx_m-b_ml350_lexus_gx470_volvo_xc90_vw_touareg_land_rover_lr3-comparison_tes- ts

    The above post is just to show the MDX drives well, thats why it came first. Reliability and fit & finish I would refer to consumer report where it does well.

    I am in the mkt for a 7/8 seater myself and the MDX is at the top of my list. X5, cant do, BMW ranks below Hyundai these days in reliability ratings.

    Cayenne, cant afford optioned the way I like.

    The problem with this comparison is if you take a fully loaded MDX, @ 50k you barely get much for the X5 or the Cayenne. Thats an unfair comparison if you are speaking in global terms but is fair if you are speaking from your perspective. So one with and income of $X will conclude the 50k MDX is the best, which is true at that level. But one with an income of 10*$X is looking to spend up to say $100k, the MDX is not available at that level (for a reason) and is likely going to look like crap compared to the $100k Cayenne. Thats what I see in this comparison although I liked the discussion of the gvt paying 33% for a Cayenne:) Thanks for education. I will look into it.

    My ranking is MDX and absolutely no comment on the other 2 other than BMW seriously needs to look into reliability issues, you cant be a luxury make with reliability ratings at the bottom of the totem pole.
  • I just purchased a MDX but I'm going to disagree with your post.

    I've owned BMWs in the past - their reliability has never been a serious concern as far as I am aware (from personal experience and anecdotal experiences of peers); it is always the out of pocket maintenance costs after their covered maintenance and warranty expire which become expensive. Plus, at least by me, the BMW dealer service experience is outstanding. You drive your car right into heated bays and drive off with a dealer loaner of the same type within minutes and unless your car is off warranty/maintenance, the bill is usually $0.

    Also, that comparison is nearly 3 years old. You can't make many conclusions about it except what one may have done back in 2007.

    Since then, were C&D to do an updated comparison, they'd probably be comparing the MDX to the Audi X5, new Cadillac SRX, new Lexus RX, Audi Q7, Volvo XC60, new Cayenne, new Infiniti FX 35/50, Buick Enclave, and that weird new Lincoln car for which I forget its name.

    The MDX occupies the space as best compromise between luxury, value, driving experience, options, and utility. (IMO), Each and every one of the MDX's competitors beats the MDX hands down in one of those categories, but not all. I personally don't like the MDX much but it's hard to justify the BMW or Porsche when you have kids and cargo and some sense of fiscal restraint.

    The reasons why someone would choose the X5 or Cayenne over the MDX have nothing to do with utility and everything to do with wanting to drive a certain brand's SUV/CUV offering. For those reasons, I think the MDX sells very poorly if someone wants a Porsche/BMW but cross shops the MDX.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    Not sure what you are going on about but excuse my ignorance, I will not use your experience as a basis for an argument of whether BMW is reliable or not. I will use Per their 2009 study here is how it all works out:
    5: Acura (The 2nd highest ranked Luxury make
    7: Lexus
    8: Hyundai
    9: Porsche (This means its still reliable as it is in the top ten)
    26: BMW
    27: Mini (In other words BMW)
    28: GMC
    29: Saturn
    30: Jeep
    31: Dodge
    32: Cadillac
    33: Chrysler

    Now call that what you like, all I am saying is I work hard for my pennies and given an option of flirting with the bottom ten or the top ten in reliability I choose the top ten. Unfortunately as I said earlier the Porsche is a great car and I will go with the MDX as its cheaper. Do I think I am getting more for my money than the Porsche, NO. Porsche makes great cars and fun to drive but at this stage in my life I have to be rational and choose the MDX. Ultimately though, when Porsche brings its all to the Cayenne, the MDX will not stand a chance.

    Yes the study is of the 2007 models, but for now that is all we have. Everything else you said is just speculation and we can live it at that. ;)
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    Ok, so agreed MDX is the intelligent choice, except...booooring, and it's GVWR is just under the 6K necessary for the business deduction. So, I have narrowed it down to a '09 cayenne gts, with a stick, well equipped and heavily discounted about 17% off sticker, and an '09 X5 loaded with M-Sport package(everything but M engine), etc. I can get is for about 15% off sticker, add the free maintenance and they are comparable deals.

    Overall the gts would cost a little more, but it has the stick,(which I love, and wife doesn't prefer), more power and as previously mentioned, better reliability. Also has the hard-drive based nav. My wife has a loaded '04 Sienna with 100K, which she claims she'll keep for another 100K, except my third car is a '01bmw M3 conv, stick. So, when I'm driving it 8 or so months a year, she'll be driving the newer suv. She'd prefer the automatic on the X5. Again, similar deals, the bimmer around $5K less overall or so.

    Also, I have a 15 year old son who will be driving soon, so he'll start with the van, and we'll see after that. The rest of the picture is that I currently drive a audi A6Q, 2.7T, with a stick, and 127K on it, love it but needs cats for $2-3K. Funny, I used to drive the M3 less, but as the audi aged I've changed and drive it more. Have a feeling that when kid is driving, I'll be driving it 'full-time'., although tempted to fix audi for him, know the history, teach him to drive a stick, and still short $4 between repairs ($3k) and current value($2K) total $5Kish.

    Have followed both vehicles for a couple of weeks, and not sure who if and who may get more aggressive as the end of the year approaches, may help push me in a direction.

    Any ideas, suggestions or comment are appreciated. Want to pull this of B4 eoy.
    Happy and healthy to all!!

  • mdxfan3mdxfan3 Posts: 13

    Read the posts and felt my 2 cents might help. I've owned an X5 for 4 years now. Pluses are perfect ride/handling balance, very smooth 6 engine, nice looking even in black. Minuses are: It's shockingly unreliably. No problems with the engine/ drivetrain. But things break all the time. Plus, it's had weird electrical gremlins that two dealers could not solve. Once every 3 months I have to literally shut it down and restart just like my pc (when its hazard lights start flashing and all interior lights come on by themselves). Never been a safety issue yet but very weird.

    Regarding the other bmw owner;s post, here's the difference. The X5 and X3 are the only bmw's made in America. The rest are from Germany. The ones from Germany are far more reliable. That's the difference and it's an important one. Since I only drive this car about 4K mi/yr, I'm only at the dealer about twice a year to get things fixed and that's why I've kept it this long. Coming from an Avalon and two Honda before that, I expected much better. Not the same, but much better. Make no mistake, I love my X5. But it's lack of reliability bothers me such that I'm switching brands.

    Drove an Audi Q5. Perfect car. Not sure it's worth $48K optioned up and it looks a little too cute/precious for my taste as a guy (like a murano). But it's a fantastic, quality car and I might end up buying one. Have not driven the mdx yet despite my screen name. Waited for the 2010s arrival first. New styling leaves me a bit cold but I'm attracted to its mechanical excellence and Car & Driver comparo win. We'll see...

    Four cars I'd also really like to consider are due to be restyled in the next year: BMW 5-series awd, BMW 3-series awd, and Porsche Cayenne. Also, the new BMW X1 looks so much better than the X3 and I hear will be not be made in America but not planning to arrive here until late 2010. (Nothing anti-American. I just won't get burned twice.) Feels like my timing is off with all of these. Since I paid cash for the X5, am planning to hold on to it until something grabs me.

    Sorry this post was a bit long winded but I've been casually looking for about a year now and had quite a few thoughts to share. Hope this helped someone!
  • hey all,...just had to respond to this forum, wife has a 2008 cayenne turbo,...yes,...that's right, A TURBO!,...she is a bonifide wild women when it comes to speed,...and wanted the world's fastest suv,,...i thought this car was such a ridiculous misstep for porsche when they announced this car,...but, have to say,...she loves the dang thang,...and, having driven it myself,'s not bad,...very lux and fast,...but still feels awlfully heavy,...we also have a 2008 carrera s coupe manual, it doesn't have the feel of that little pistol,...but she's in love with the bohemoth,...gas mileage is laughable! 13 miles per gallon,...but thought i'd add my 2 cents in!
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755

    I have been posting here for sometime now. I've realized no matter how much I like bmws, it has reliability issues, and thats a fact!
    I went to see Infinitis yesterday, and all I can say is, Iam never going back to see an Infiniti again, no matter how much their prices are better or how good they match bmws performance.

    I have looked at all kinds of cars and no other car attracted me like a bmw does.
    As an owner of toyota, I like my car to be very reliable and no problems whatsoever for at least 4years which my current toyota has given me and still running fine.
    If I'll pay the extra $$ for all the luxury goods in a luxury car I expect everything to be working well, I do not want to visit dealers for issues apart from the service.

    Like u, I also looked at the Q5, but it doesn't ring any bells for me, too expensive and just doesn't look special to me. A4 is nice but again, I respect others opinion, but not my thing.

    If ur looking for the new upcoming 5 series, make sure u check about turbo engine issues as there are many in the x6, the original car that I wanted, but a friend of mine at the dealers told me rather buy the non turbo x5! Thats when I started reading more about bmws and found out a lot of other issues about x5s to 5 series to 3 seri to x3s.

    About the bmws made in Germany, some say its built better, some say its the same.

    Regardless of the issues I've mentioned, im still thinking about bmws, but not the new 1s. but the current 5series, does anyone know once the new 5series arrives will there be big discounts for the current 5?
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    So, I've been here before to. I was extremely close to buying an X5 or a cayenne gts(stick), but I've held off as well. Gas mileage and cost mostly the reason. I'm impatiently waiting for the new 5, it sounds incredible!, Presenlty, wife drive limited awd sienna, 04 with 100k, very few probs, wants to keep it another 100K, ha ha. My winter car is an audi 2.7T, sport with a stick has 128K, no major probs, love it, and my toy is a 01 bmw M3 conv, stick with 60K, no major probs either and really love it, so looking for an eventual replacement of the audi,(i have a 15 year old, who may inherit it, if I chose to repair the cats for $3K).

    Anyway, really looking forward to a new car some day, had been close to 20% off on these 09 leftovers, there are definitely some great deals to be had if you are patient and not shy!, look around and look outside your local dealer area.

    ps have a friend with (2) X5s, and a 330conv. one of the X5's had some major electrical issues, that seem to be ok now, but definitely wouldn't want to own one out of warrantee,(even though I do)
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    Could definitely see my wife in an mdx someday, love the new technology and reliability. Could also see myself in a TL,(yes, with a stick). Who knows what the future will bring!!!
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    U finally dropped the idea of the cayenne and x5, have u test driven the cayenne?
    I drove a friends cayenne turbo and it felt very heavy, it felt very fast as expected from a 500hp car, but at the same time, it really felt very heavy compared to the x6 i6 I drove, but the x6 was inline6 compared to the v8.

    Expect to pay a premium for the new 5 series, I personally think the current 1 is very nice.

    Once the new 1 comes out, expect big discounts for the current 1, and I personally think the current 5 has its own personality compared to the new 1 which has a 7 series rear end and 3 series front.
  • mdxfan3mdxfan3 Posts: 13

    No, haven't driven a Cayenne yet. Almost did at a dealership a few months back but really just wanted to check it out up close and personal. I liked the looks of it very much. The Cayenne is also set for a major redo at the end of this year for 2011. For this reason, I would likely only lease a Cayenne so I wouldn't take the depreciation hit. Plus, there are factory subsidized lease specials on right now that will likely continue into the summer. Generally, people either buy or lease. But I just run the numbers and it depends on the specific deal. Leasing can be cheaper than buying in some cases like this one--3 yr time frame, low mileage lease, etc.

    I'd say my favorite sub $60K cars are the X5 and 5-series. Both are very fun to drive and nice looking. I don't personally need an SUV but prefer the utility, being up higher for more safety, AWD for the snow, etc. Just wish the X5 was more reliable! I understand from my dealer that mine is worse than average but even the average X5s require semi-annual dealer visits.

    Since I have a $3K uncovered repair coming up in the next 6 months, I'll probably do something before then. Right now, I'm leaning toward (in order): the 2010 Acura MDX, 2010 Audi Q5, 2010 Porsche Cayenne S or GTS (lease). If I wait until Fall, I'll check out the new 2011 BMW 5-series and 2011 X1. (Before you all say the X1 is too small, hold on. It's about the same size as the Q5 and only about a foot shorter than the current X5 while being much better looking than both in my opinion. If you don't need 3 rows of seats, the X1 might be a winner--when it's available that is.)

    I'm really not an expert on all of these cars obviously. But I did want to share the reliability problems I've experienced with my X5. Sorry this post is so long again! I just start writing and before I know it, it's a novel. :)
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755

    Keep on the long messages, I like reading in details.
    I usually like to buy and use it for around 4 to 5 years.
    I wont be looking at leasing, and I lalso like use it around 15k to 18k miles a year at least.

    Reliability is also an issue for me, and I can't understand till this day that why pay more for a premium luxury car and get less reliability.

    If your looking for the upcoming x1, I suggest also do look at the redesign x3, Personally the Q5, x1,x3 are not my type of car, I did take a look at the Audi A4 but can't understand the price :confuse: Audi prices are getting really high.

    OK, u need to decide to get a car within 6months, If u want the cayenne, take a look at the redesign once before making ur decision.

    After all the reliability issues I keep on reading again and again, be it bmw x5,x6 or the audi transmission problems. I sometimes think i'll just get a non luxury.

    I've read a lot about how good infinitis are, how good the interior is and all, after visiting a nissan infiniti dealer, I am never going to ever consider a nissan infiniti no matter how good the performance is, or how good the interior is.
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