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Porsche Cayenne vs. Acura MDX vs. BMW X5



  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    Yes, I given up, though I still love the gts(stick), and what a deal I had offered to me. Reality is the next suv will eventually go to the wife. Eventhough we'll keep the sienna(our suv) a long time, it get's loaned to my mother a couple a weeks a year, and will be my sons 'training car when he get's his liscence next year.

    I had wanted to take advantage of the sect 179 deduction for a suv over 6,000lbs, but realized I could by used, and also could just lease anything and deduct that payment. And Oh yeah we need a new kitchen more than a new car now.
    I still love my audi, and come spring I'll be driving my 01bmw M3conv, except for rainy days and carpooling.

    Funny you mention the new versus existing bmw 5, I also almost jumped on a 2010 535xi(stick), great deal. Stickered for $66K, could get around $50K,certified! But besides the obvious, didn't see an appreciable difference from my 00A6 with 128K miles. The new 5 looks a lot beter and will have some great tech. I'll be patient and hope to get a good deal in a year or so, maybe even lease. I'll decide then wether to put $3k into the audi for cats, and give the car to my son.

    Finnaly, I agree that the non lux brands are gaining attraction, but I doubt I'll ever drive one, still love nice cars. Would definately not drive an infinit or MB. And yes, audis are getting too expensive, but great products. looking forward to the A7. Actually came pretty close to an acura TL(stick), but just a little to small still. Wife may end up in a MDX someday, like the new tech, reliability! The new cayenne will be very interesting, though probably too expensive.

    This industry is still changing with the current economic conditions. The luxury manufacturers are getting more competitive with technology and new products, while also finding ways to keep thier prices up. Lots of new stuff coming! Good and bad for the consumer

    PS, good laugh last night when keeping pace with a newer S6 (my other idea, whole nother story!) Sure he could have dusted me if he wanted, but like staying out of trouble. I swear I'll grow up someday.
  • mdxfan3mdxfan3 Posts: 13
    Borno & Bmlexus,

    Really enjoy reading your posts! You guys are both characters!

    I'll probably get back to the hunt in a few weeks. Still getting caught up at work with the year-end issues. I'll be sure to check back in a bit and post what I end up buying. Make sure you guys post your next car purchase as well.

    And Borno, if I were you, I'd go with the kitchen remodel, replace the cats, and put off the car purchase. A new kitchen is an appreciating asset while a new car is a depreciating asset. Plus, a new kitchen = a happy wife. And a happy wife = a happy home. :shades:
  • bgsntthbgsntth Posts: 76
    Be sure to drive the GTS Manual before you commit to it. I'm very happy with mine, but it is geared very low and has a 4:1 rear axle. First gear is so short that your foot does not come off the clutch before you shift into second, and 70mph equates to 3K RPMs in 6th gear. It is a very manly beast, and with the PDCC can be driven around 50+mph curves faster than my 2007 Cayman. It also does very well off-road with 18" Pirelli ATRs, though not as well as my prior 2006 LR3.

    The GTS replaced both the Cayman and LR3, which is does better than anything else I could imagine; but I'm planning on going back to the Cayman and LR4 combo when my lease ends.

    BTW, in 8 months and 7K miles, not a blessed thing has gone wrong, rattled or broken on the GTS. My Cayman had lots of issues, many unable to be resolved by the dealer.
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    Ok, so life's to short not to have a few laughs right!

    mdxfan3, your so right on with the house thing, won't depreciate, but no guarantee of appreciating either. Anyway, it's much easier to 'sign and drive', than go through a renovation or even a move. Our daughter wants to go to school at a neighboring town, long story, but we'd wait a year or so for the work,(just to let her try our high scool for a year), then wonder how much work to do without over-building.

    bqsntth, I have driven the gts stick with pdcc, it's fantastic! Unfortunately, my existing two vehicles,(both of which I'm very happy with: 01BMW M3 conv, 00Audi A62.7T,both stick) aren't even worth half the cost of the new gts, even though, they've offered me 20% off sticker on a loaded 09 leftover(what a deal!), wish I'd hit the lottery!
  • bgsntthbgsntth Posts: 76
    The GTS is complete hooliganism. No 5000lbs truck with a transfer case has any right to handle that well on tarmac. Even on a windy dirt mountain road I find myself heel-toeing between 2-4 gears and drifting/powersliding through the turns, while never getting over 25mph.

    The dealer offered me 23% off MSRP and a 3% money factor, so it was only $200 amonth over my budget.
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    First, doesn't that beast weigh closer to 7K? And, there's no way you're even getting 15 mph, especially if you drive it the proper' way. Sounds like you've definitely had some fun with her. It is quite a unique specimen of auto engineering! Then again so is my E46, M3 convertible! Wouldn't it be nice to collect such treasures!

    Sounds like you got an amazing deal, great! I'm still gonna buy my time, as long as possible. I love my autos, and enjoy feeling frugal. But, man do I still get the ITCH!
  • bgsntthbgsntth Posts: 76
    25mph as in top speed on that dirt road, in low-range. The GTS got about 9-11mpg in the first 3K miles and is getting 13-14mpg since then. This is with the roof rack and a surfboard on top much of the time commuting back an forth into San Francisco. About the same as i was getting in the LR3. Swapping the stock 21" wheels with the 18" wheels improved gas mileage significantly.
  • I am looking to lease a 2010 Cayenne v-6 for 36 months, 10,000 miles a year. You mentioned that there are incentives, etc. How does someone find out about the factory subsidized incentives and what are they?
    Because of the body style change due in 2011, are the dealers willing to really negotiate? I had a dealer quote me $56,476 on a car that the msrp is $60,146. The invoice of this vehicle is $53,787. Seem like there's a better deal out there?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004

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  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited December 2010
    1. Upscale husbands often have "throphy" wives.
    2. Upscale husbands are often more knowledgeable and intelligent.
    3. Most upscale husbands would NEVER put their wives, throphy or not, in a base FWD vehicle such as is the MDX and/or the RDX.

    The latest Cayenne undoubtedly represents the ultimate in the SUV market today.

    I just wish the hybrid had a N/A V6, who needs drag-racing HP in an SUV..??
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited December 2010
    With the HIGH rate of transaxle failures of the earlier MDX's with the VTM-4 F/awd system how could even the MDX with the SH-AWD system have made it into the top 10...?

    Almost all of these newer F/awd systems, SH-AWD system included, pre-emptive rear drive engagement systems, are experiencing high failure rates of the over-stressed drive line components as a result of "locking" the center "diff'l" even on the most tractive of road surfaces. And "locking" the center "diff'l" in turns, while turning, accelerating turns...


    Driveline windup and/or tire scrubbing will be at its WORSE measure in tight accelerating turns, thoroughly over-stressing, HEATING, various driveline components. MDX transaxles' lockup clutch and Ford Escape and Mariner PTO's currently top the failure list.

    But if you start out with a SOLID drive coupling to the front wheels then compromises in the name of safety MUST be made. Locking the center "diff'l" while turning in order to reduce the drive torque to the front wheels thereby allocating more front tire traction for lateral forces is then a MUST.

    Or like an actual FWD you could make TC EXTREMELY quick and agressive, ALWAYS. Which it is anyway if wheelspin/slip develops even with the rear drive engaged.
  • This same post, with slight variations, appears on many discussion sites and under a variety of makes. No evidence supporting the statements has ever been provided for any of the makes.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    " evidence.."

    But also no evidence against my position, just statements like that above.

    But logic is on my side, clearly.
  • viola128viola128 Posts: 5
    Yes. I agree.
    I currently own a 745i, it's been 10 years. The driving is very additive and I really enjoy this car. However, it has issues and it's not cheap to keep up with it. I never had big problem with it but all the small little problems could unfortunately cost a lot more than a Toyota.
    I recently test drive a Acura RL (2010) and was actually very impressed by it. I had an Acura Legend, had it for 13 years and really loved the car. I thought Acura has the closest to BMW driving feel. I am seriously thinking about trading mine to the RL.
    My wife is looking for a SUV (used or new) and she is trying to choose between the MDX and Cayenna. I know they are very different but since i had never own a porche before, not sure if Porche makes good Suv and how expansive is it to keep up with the service and repairs ??? Any thoughts on this will help. Also, i am in L.A. and do porche dealers here sell it below MSRP??
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The older MDX' that used the VTM-4 F/awd system has had, is having serious driveline failure problems. Those seemed to be solved with the switch to the new SH-AWD system but now as of 2010+ transaxle failures seem to be rising again, recent "reflash" TSB even.
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