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Viscous Coupling Saga

OK so I broke down on the road (dead water pump) and my friend and I towed the 1999 MT outback with a front wheel cradle for about 100 feet. At that time I realized the part about having not read the owner's manual about how to tow. About a week after the repair, I drove at interstate speed for about 10 miles when an awful noise started coming from the drivetrain (this was a low frequency hum and seem to be from the rear diffy). I pulled over and let it cool off for a half hour. I then drove the 20 miles or so back home at 45 mph or less with no problem.
In researching, it seems I have damaged the viscous coupling. I have checked in to availability and found someone who rebuilds them for $350 (only one I could find nationally). My questions are:
#1 Can I just disconnect the rear drive shaft and drive it as a FWD car?
#2 I have seen some comments that the viscous couplers are only available as a new item and cannot be rebuilt. Is there any information on reputable rebuilders?
#3 How difficult is it to swap out the coupler?
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