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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    Hello there, macrorie. I have a 2000 Town & Country LX that has 35k miles and we have not experienced any serious mechanical problems with the van since we bought it. I have a neighbor with a 1997 Town & Country LXi which has 79k miles and zero problems. I have another friend with a 2000 Town & Country Limited with 56k miles on it and no serious problems either.

    Overall, the reliability of the Town & Country models from the last few model years have been pretty good but I would get a good warranty just in case. You can never be to careful with a used car. Hopefully this helps!

  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    It is best to get the extended warranty sold by the company that built the vehicle. DaimlerChrysler has many different levels of warranty for NEW or used DC vehicles. The pricing depends on the level of protection desired.
    We declined the Extended Warranty on our 2002 T&C eL as we feel the 3/36,000 Factory Warranty with 7/100,000 Powertrain Warranty is more than necessary.
    However, after being asked, I suggested the 2/24,000 miles DamilerChrysler Powertrain Plus Warranty to my daughter and son-in-law when they bought our 99 GC SE we traded in on our new T&C. I would have not purchased an extended warranty for the 99 GC SE as I felt it was an outstanding vehicle that would last as long as anything currently on the market.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    Our beloved '94 Dodge Grand Caravan LE which I purchased new and took very good care of was totaled after a woman on a cell phone ran through a red light while my wife was proceeding across the intersection third in line with the green. Looking to replace it with a '97 or '98 T&C.

    1) Has the A-604 finally been fixed for good in those model years, or are they still the "Achilles Heel" of Chrysler minivans?
    2) If we want heated seats (Minnesota winters) and both driver and passenger power adjusters, which model (LX, LXI, etc) should we be looking at?
    3) Is there a choice of engines for '97/'98 (3.3L vs 3.8L)? We won't be towing, and the 3.3L on our GC LE was fabulous! No problems in 69k miles. But perhaps to get other features we need to accept the 3.8L.

    Any other advice or sharing of experience would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  • At the end of December I took delivery of a factory ordered '02 Limited. So far, with just 1,200k on the dial, I am extremely impressed. Comfort, fit and finish, power!

    This replaces a '92 Voyager LX, which was doing good, but starting to need a lot of new stuff. I sold it to my uncle after fixing everything that needed work. Due to a "mysterious" failure of the radio, the dealer just put in a "new" refurbished Infinity at no charge (same features as the old one, but newer design and a better EQ).

    Back to the T&C. I've only noticed two things so far with it:

    1) Squeek somewhere in the upper half of the right side passenger sliding door. I haven't been able to pin it down to a particular location -- happens on sharp bumps, starting to get on my nerves now that I've noticed it.

    2) The rear window fluid squirter seems to run down the middle of the glass in a 3-inch wide "river". Is this normal, or should it instead be "spraying"?

    Mechanically and feature wise, everything seems 100%. Let me tell you, this is QUITE the upgrade from the '92!
  • fly6869fly6869 Posts: 17
    My 2001 EX now has 18000 miles on it and I cant say as I am happy. Problems as to date: steering rack replaced, timing chain cover replaced {leaking oil}, still leaking oil, tailgate will not open on it's own when the temperature is below 32 degres, dash rattles, drivers door has a rattle they cant fix and the left side sliding door has to be pushed very hard to get it to close. Maybe I should have bought the Honda..I rolled the dice. Good luck
  • Thanks for all the wonderful input you have given. We pick up our '99 T&C Lmt tomorrow & I'm so excited & you all helped give us that excitement by your wonderful comments.
    We're checking out Warranty Gold (ext warranty) Co. out of TX. They sound like they have a good warranty...if anyone feels the opposite, let us know. I'll wait & watch for comments before we go the next step of the ext warr.
  • rolfe2rolfe2 Posts: 81
    That's how my rear washer works (a stream, not a spray). I just hit the wash button for short bursts while the wiper is cycling. Works fine.

  • How many T&Cs does DC make every year?
  • dchoppdchopp Posts: 256
    Has anyone out there leased their T&C and if so what kind of prices are we talking about. I have always purchased my vehicles but the thought of getting a new vehicle every three years and not putting up a lot of cash up front made me think that maybe leasing is the way to go.DCH
  • I've just bought a leftover new 2001 Inferno red T&C LX with the K package and power liftgate and roof rack. Got a great deal on it and love it so far!

    One thing I've been trying to figure out is the "auto unlock" feature listed in the owners manual. It makes reference to using features of the overhead console that I don't have (I only have the compass/temp in mine).

    Is there some other key/power lock button procedure that can enable this, or do I just not have the feature without having the security system or the full overhead console?


  • lsherlsher Posts: 29
    You cannot be sure that what the brochure says is true. My experience (posted here before) is that the '02 LXi (29U) should have a power passenger seat. Not true, at least with cloth upholstery. If the option you want has an ordering code, Chrysler's ordering system will accept or reject it appropriately. But if the option you want is **supposed to** come with a package, you have no guarantees. Do be careful out there!
    Naples, NY
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
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  • nfl2nfl2 Posts: 22
    I am thinking about buying a new 2002T&C Limited from CarMax. What can you tell me about the good things or bad things about this dealer in Los Angeles. I own a 96 T&C that I like, so will try another one. Price with towing package and 4 disc changer sits at 30,835 dollars including 2,500 cash back from Chrysler. Thanks
  • lsherlsher Posts: 29
    This is a follow-up to my message, #954. My dealer, Dorschel, in Honeoye Falls, NY, has now installed a power passenger seat in my '02 LXi AWD (29U). They did this without cost to me, since they had assured me, at the time I ordered the vehicle, that the brochure's description was correct. Kudos to Dorschel. I don't think many dealers would have done it.
    Naples, NY
  • I have only one real problem with this van (which I really like alot): an annoying squeaking/creaking noise coming from the floor panel near the pillar B on the passenger side. I think it has something to do with the power door track but can't really tell. The creak is very noticeable when any pressure is placed on the floor or when driving. Exact placement is in front of second row passenger seat. Has any fellow T&C owner experienced such a problem?
  • We have a 2001 T&C LXi, and we love it. My only complaint is that there are not enough cupholders in the front. As the parents of three young children we usually keep their drinks for them up front and hand them back to them when they need it.

    Has anyone bought an aftermarket cupholder/console that would sit between the driver and front passenger? It would have to also fit between the built-in CD carrier and the center console. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  • just bought a 99 limited with 45,000 miles - love it. warrantydirect offers a 4 year 75k mile extended warranty for $1300 (no deductibles) which seems reasonable to me. Guess my question is - is this a waste of money? I read so much about transmission problems in chryslers but I have a feeling it's not as common as one would think. Anybody know how common are transmission failures really are (such as x minivans out of 10 will have transmission probs before 100k miles) and what's the average cost if you do have such problems? Thanks in advance for any help.
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    for what it's worth, our 2000 town & country lx 3.3 has 37k miles and no problems as did our 98 grand caravan se with 70k miles when we turned it in. our experience with dc minivans has been a good one. from what ive seen, id guestimate that about 2 out of 10 1999-2000 model year dc minivans will have transmission problems before 60k miles.

    as for cost, a new 4-speed 41te chrysler transmission would be in the 2k dolar range. if i were you, i would go ahead and get the warranty just to be safe. you can never be too sure with a used car, even if it is in good condition. enjoy your limited-it is a very nice vehicle.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    The ONLY transmission failure in dozens of DC minivans owned by people we know was in a 1996 Chrysler T&C LXi with the 3.8L V6 at 150,000 miles. The owners bought it as a USED vehicle and since buying it use it to tow a heavy trailer from Nebraska to Utah and back.
    They had the transmission rebuilt and CONTINUE to use it to tow that trailer. Apparently they do NOT have any worry about DC minivan transmissions.
    Based on our experience, transmission failure rate in a DC minivan is about 3 per cent.
    If you listen to the Professional Trolls in Town Hall, the DC minivan transmission failure rate is 100 % after the warranty expires at 3 years 36,000 miles....which 4aodge and I can assure you is bull excrement.
    Based on the DC warranty of 7 years 100,000 miles that has been offered for a few months now, there will be MANY DC minivans that will go over 100,000 miles before the transmissions fail (as long as they are the original owner).
  • That's good info - maybe I'll pass on it... although, part of me worries about all the extra "stuff" on this limited and the liklihood of it breaking.... decisions, decisions.

    anybody had good/bad experience with warrantydirect? seems like very solid bumper-to-bumper coverage for reasonable price.
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