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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    The test was done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety not CR. If you go to the IIHS site and look up the DC tests, you will see the picture of the leaking tank.If you look closely at the enlarged version, you will see that the tank is removed and tipped at what appears to be a 45 degree angle to show the leak area. They stated that the flange that leaked is on the TOP of the tank. Unless the laws of physics change liquid cannot flow uphill! So the tank could only leak under the following conditions: 1. Full tank (including filler neck) and a 40 mile per hour crash. Just pulling out of a gas station or within 20 miles of a fillup. 2. 40 mile per hour crash with van on its side or roof. And remember in the first test it did not leak. The government mandates that on a rollover crash no fuel should leak. Let them make the decision. You should not top off your tank if you are worried until this is resolved
  • I have a 96 T & C. Tuner works intermittently, like 2/3 of them seem to do. Is there an easy fix to this apparently common problem, or is the easiest and most economical fix to buy an aftermarket one?
  • peppe1peppe1 Posts: 54
    I have a 99 T&C limited With 123,900 miles and the service engine soon light came on and stays on. Can I check the fault codes with out a DRBII by the blinking of that light and how ?
    Should I replace O2S then The PCV (both OE) and will that erase the code if that is the problem.
    Any suggestions would help.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
    Auto Zone (and some of their competitors) offer a free check of the codes when the Check Engine Light comes on.

    Steve, Host
  • peppe1peppe1 Posts: 54
    Will stop in to get them checked.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
    There's probably a "count the flashes method" too, but it's been 4 years or so since I owned a Voyager. Anyone?

    Steve, Host
  • Hi, the radio failed in my '96 also, I went to the Dodge parts dept. and paid around $100 for
    a rebuilt factory unit.
  • We have a new EX that we love but have a couple of questions for other 2003 EX owners -

    Floor mats - does the third row get a mat or just the front and middle rows? We are missing a thrid row mat and the dealer is saying the 2003's didn't come with the third row mat. BS I say - but then again I would not be surprised...

    Also, the fact that they only put one lighted led in the driver's window switch is cheap. I wonder if anyone is brave enough to pry the switchplate off to modify the remaining 3 switches. Can it be done without damaging the interior door?
  • I just bought a 2003 T&C Limited and the same is true. According to the Aug 2002 brochure, only Front and "Intermediate" floor mats are provided.
    I purchased the "rear" floor mat for $18.00 at the parts department. Of course I gave the dealer and DC an earful, but of course, it's just a waste of time.
  • That is amazing that even your limited came w/o a 3rd row mat. I noticed in our new EX they did some really agravating cost saving measures. Measures that will annoy me as long as I own the vehicle.


    Missing 3rd row seat mat

    Only one of 4 drivers-side switches illuminated with very weak LED

    Overhead console computer missing the real-time gas mileage reading

    DCX should have left out the beep signal on the rear hatch open/close and saved money that way -

    By the way - our roof rack howls even though it is in the factory default position. Must think its Halloween or something - sheez.
  • jwest5jwest5 Posts: 1
    My 2000 T&C has a problem dealership can't find answer to. Two months ago I was going up the side of a mountain when the van started slowing down, lost power. The engine was running but the van just slowed to a stop. Engine could be reved up but would not move. By the time the tow truck got there, it was running fine. Took it to dealership and they kept it 3 days and couldn't find problem. It has been okay until yesterday, 2 months later. I took it in to have emergency brake fixed and when I was leaving dealership, I started losing power. The engine is running, but just no power. The back brakes were making a terrible smell. Still they can't find a problem. This morning it is running fine they say. computer shows nothing. Anyone have this happen to them?
  • I noticed a couple of posts mentioning a similar deashboard/electrical problem. My 2001 T&C LX has about 16,000 miles on it...never had a single problem with it since delivered.

    Suddenly one day after an hour long drive and a short stop, the check engine light came on and it was hard to start. I tried the normal gas cap check and new tank of gas, and things got worse. After longer than normal cranking, it would finally start but then this sequence of events occurred:

    1) engine started
    2) headlights came on (by themselves)
    3) dash goes dead (zero guages, no odometer/gear selector)
    4) 20-30 seconds of running, headlights go off and
    dash comes back on

    It's been at the dealer for a week, and they have been replacing control modules, and now a wiring harness. They say now the problem is intermittant but can show up as remote keyless entry not working and/or radio and power windows not working. The "good" news is the check engine light problem is gone....cruel joke.

    I'm at a total loss to explain this electrical meltdown, and apparantly so is the dealer. They seem to be grasping at straws, replacing things with no real idea if it will help. At least they are trying to do something.

    Anyone else had similar problems, and if so, did they ever get resolved?

  • esklutesklut Posts: 3
    Just replaced a '97 LXi with an '03 Ltd, agree some cheapo cuts are ridiculous. But all the literature touts the pressure monitoring system. Problem is, I can't get it to work. Is it there? I've gotten to the overhead menu and reset the system, but still nothing, not even a command to show it.

    Manual is as weak as they come (whaddy expect from Chrysler).

    Other gripes: passenger seat has no lumbar, passenger seat is 4-way can't be lowered while driver's side is 8-way (this is absolutely ridiculous and mindless).

    Anyway, I need it for utilitarian reasons, nothing else (thank goodness I have other vehicles to drive most days).

    Any help with this tire thing appreciated. Sales clowns were useless.

  • dave210dave210 Posts: 237
    2003 T&C Limited set backs:

    - Windshield wiper deicer gone

    - 8-way power passenger seat gone

    - Illuminated switches gone

    - Standard 3rd row mat gone (come on now)

    - Standard full size tire gone (part of tow group)

    - Standard load leveling suspension gone (part of tow group)

    - Trip computer functions more limited

    - Covered front CD storage console gone

    - Umbrella holder gone (trivial I guess)

    - Gold Chrysler center cap on wheels gone

    While none of the above are NEEDED I suppose, the fact was some of the above features have been on the T&C since 1996, and to all of a sudden get rid of them, it irks me. I love my van, but with the direction Chrysler is going to save costs due to poor sales, I'm glad we're getting out now.

    Our Acura MDX Touring Navigation should be in February. Let's hope the Acura can be a little more reliable than our past Chryslers in the minor annoyances department. On the downside, I now know how the Honda Odyssey people feel by having to wait 4 months for a car. Granted the Odyssey mania has died down a little, but the Honda Acura MDX mania sure hasn't....1 month wait down, 4 to go.

    One last thing, I'm going to definitely miss the power trunk and tri-zone from the van, but the Acura will have automatic wipers, a rear backup camera, and of course voice activated navigation, so you win some you lose some.

    I know, I know, this is the Chrysler board and I'm talking about a Honda product, but I'm just excited that after 15 years of Chrysler minivans, we're going to actually be driving a different brand vehicle, so I'm a we bit excited :-)

    But don't expect not to ever chime in again every now and again, because I don't see myself ever not keeping on top of Chrysler's latest moves in the minivan arena, whether I own one or not.
  • My wife has a 2001 Limited with 18,000 miles. The front rotors on this van were resurfaced by the dealership at 9,000 miles(covered by Chrysler) and need to be resurfaced once again. This is her second van(first being a Grand Caravan that had no such problems). Has anyone else experienced a surging when the brakes are applied at highway speeds? The dealership is now saying this is due to normal wear and tear.
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 237
    My first experience with Chrysler's *great* brakes was with my '96 T&C LXi. It was at 9,000 miles when they needed to be replaced. So I had them replaced by our Chrysler dealer. Big mistake.

    Flash-forward to the van at 19,000 miles and what do you know? They needed to be replaced again. Since brakes aren't warranted parts, I had my local NON-Chrysler mechanic put in NON-Chrysler rotors.

    He explained to me warped rotors are common among Chryslers, for there rotors are made of cheap plastic and under heat, they easily warp

    Now with my '01 Limited at 12,000 miles, same thing. Did I even think about going to the dealer this time? Nope, I went right back to the mechanic to get some good NON-Mopar rotors. Jeeps are especially bad, too.

    Do yourself a favor, and skip out on the Mopar crap, and get yourself some good aftermarket rotors. My brakes have been fine in both vans ever since!
  • We're getting rid of our '95 Voyager (150,000 miles) and looking at T&Cs and Grand Caravan AWD. We need the AWD so we are limited in selection. Dealer has a 2000 LXi with 24,000 miles under $19,000. we're looking at it tomorrow. Any suggestions for this model year?
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Looking at buying a 2001 LXi. Does anyone have a window sticker or 2001 manual that will tell what was in the 25U, 29U and 29R option packages?

    Thank You
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    Dave210 said "rotors are made of cheap plastic and under heat, they easily warp"
    PLASTIC ??? no Chrysler rotor has ever been made of plastic.

    Dont kid yourself its not only Chrysler that has a problem with its front brakes, look at any front drive vehicle and I bet they also tend to go through front brakes faster than a RWD vehicle. All the weight is placed on the front brakes , and with a minvan being as heavy as they are look out. I do agree with you that an aftermarket brake is the best way to go after your factory brakes are shot. DC uses very hard brake pads with lots of metal in them , this causes the pads to last longer but wears the rotors out in half the time. Next brake job ask or a softer pad with less metal , it may wear a little faster but it wont destroy the rotors .
  • I am amazed that your Limited came with the same shortcomings that our EX did. Wow. Your post reminded me of the windshield wiper de-icer. Our company's 2002 EL even has one - and that is the base model.

    It is amazing that the cost of cars goes up to new heights and they don't look at reducing their labor rates instead of cost cutting things that will tick off the end user.

    Chrysler - are you listening?
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