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Ford Focus - Part III

mznmzn Posts: 727
edited March 10 in Ford
The beat goes on... To read previous news, views,
and experience with the ZX3 Ford Focus hatchback,
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  • mp10mp10 Posts: 103
    This afternoon at 1:00 pm I called the Sales Manager at my dealership and said it was Day 14 (hint: Lemon Law comes into effect on Day 15). At 5:00 pm I got the call that my car was ready and I could come and pick it up. I asked the Service guy where the power steering pump had mysteriously appeared from and he said, "I can't say..." I said, "Come on, you took it out of another car, didn't you?" He said, "MY LIPS ARE SEALED." I said, "You cannabalized another car, didn't you?" and he said, "WE'VE CANNABALIZED *THREE* FOCUS FOR PARTS!!!!" Basically, folks, we've bought a foreign car that you can't get parts for - just like the old days of owning a foreign car. They may have to take the parts out for cars that have mechanical failure and that are under warranty like mine, but if you've had an accident, or a deer attacks your car, the dealership may not feel so compelled.
  • 2) It makes a REAR THUMPING NOISE over rough
    pavement. Does anyone else notice this????

    Yes!, I only hear a rear noise when it is wet. I believe this was addressed in earlier posts. Someone suggested using a sealer in the wheel wells to quiet the noise.
    On my ZX3 it sounds kinda like a bell being struck.
  • To mp10 and all:
    Was talking to dealer about this problem this evening and he said that Big Shots at FordMoCo are addressing and working on this problem.. Your dealers should have a special Focus Parts phone number to work with. Said they would even shut down assembly line to pull part off line and get it into system.

    Interesting note though: Where I work we are becoming "ISO" certified. One of the problems is that the "ISO" consultants don't want us to keep parts for our vehicles in stock. They claim it is not cost effective. Better to cannabalize another company vehicle which is being serviced and waiting for a different part than to have the parts on the shelf. This is in the Heavy Truck Transportation Industry. So I wonder is Ford is listening to some "ISO" consultant type?

    At least you are back on the road and not in a Nissan Sentra rental anymore. My Sentra is on the market if you really liked your rental that much.

    Love my new Focus!

  • wish they would do it for me. coming up on 2 months now. going to call ford today.
  • A good friend of mine is a Volkswagen/Audi mechanic, and I can tell you that "the good old days" of not being able to get parts for foreign cars are by no means over. They are constantly taking apart cars for parts. In fact, I know at least once they had to dissect parts from a $70,000 A8. I'm not saying it's a good thing to do, but it's not uncommon with "foreign" cars that are selling better than expected.
  • i just got off the phone with my dealer's bodyshop. our ZX3 went into the paint shop this morning! they told me she should be sitting in our driveway by weeks end. don't get me wrong but considering how difficult and long a wait its been, i'll believe it when i walk out our front door and see it there. here's a question maybe some of you can answer. i am confident the work will be more than satisfactory. my dealership's bodyshop has an outstanding reputation around here for the quality of work they do. however, is there anything we should look for when we inspect the car? it was the bumper, grill, hood, left fender and both headlights that were replaced. should i pay by credit card (in case of problems it can be arbitrated) or just cut the check? i'll be so glad when this is behind us. oh and as far as the tranny issue we are still waiting for ford's top engineer to get back to us. will be sure to let you all know asap. thanks
  • alf3alf3 Posts: 83
    ProjectZX3 - with all the problems you've had, I'd say that paying by credit card is the ONLY way to go!!!
  • you have to charge it. checks are almost as good as cash. at least with your charge you have some "insurance." i know i made a not so nice reference to you getting your car back earlier, but i'm very happy for you. on a related note, does anyone knoe if those deer warnings (look like little black horns) actually work? i imagine you could stash them in the grill, and no one would even see them. sounds like you focus owners need all the help you can get with those deer.
  • mich9139, i didn't take any offense. matter of fact i've probably been the pain in the a**. this conference has really helped to get me through the wait. otherwise i'd have gone crazier than i did! here in maryland, in the rural areas, the deer have gotten so bad the state is experimenting with installing special reflectors to keep the deer off of the roads and highways. it apparently is working in Howard County. where i had my mishap the investigating officer told me there are 12-13 deer related accidents every night! when the state had 'bow hunts' to lower the out-of-control deer population, bleeding heart bambi lovers always protested. so the state stopped having the hunts. recently a man was killed when he hit a buck and the deer smashed through the windshield and impailed him with the antlers. the deer population is so out of control here you wouldn't believe it. there are so many that experts say many deer will die from starvation. hunting the deer to reduce thier population is the humane thing to do. but the so-called 'bambi lovers' just don't see the bigger picture. as far as those deer protectors they are certainly worth a look. i may install them in the grill somewhere. but i don't think it would've mattered with mine as she had a full head of steam.
  • I've seen several posts here about this and now that I have finally taken delivery, I'd like to add that my sedan thumps too.
  • check out post #336 in the Focus wagons conference, someone got a pretty nice and timely reply from Ford in regard to a possible problem with their car.
  • Hey, has anyone found out if you can get aftermarket fender liners to replace the felt-like material used from the factory? I'm also very curious how these have been holding up through the rough winter weather. Do they seem to be absorbing water or are they some kind of hydrophobic material?
  • i've read that in nj (or PA?) state gov. has contracted to night hunt (via night vision) deer, since they are out then and hopefully people aren't. i love deer, and think they are beautiful, but they've been breeding like hamsters in nj.
  • does anyone know if those deer sirens work???
  • Ok it's Feb. 1 can a zx3 be ordered with cruise control now
  • I recently noticed in the Automobile Magazine special on the Focus that
    the American ZX3 2 door hatch has a different grill than the European 4
    door hatch. Is this true? If so, can you get the European one
    somewhere and replace the American one? The European one looks a 1000
    times better!!!

  • Is it true that waiting period for zx3 is 2-3 months? If that's true it sucks big time!!!!!!!!
    If anyone knows anything about it tell us please.
    I'm looking for a loaded zx3 and be ready to buy within next 2-4 weeks,but if it will take 2-3 months to get it i'll get golf gl tdi($1500 more).
  • Last night as i was going home, i hit a pot hole hard, which i didn't see. Now my zx3 makes a "thumping" sound on the passenger front wheel and the rim is slightly bent. This morning, i bought it to my dealer and noticed a knot on my tire.
    Well, the mechanic said i need new strut and spring, new tire and rim. But he told me to bring it to a tire shop and have them bend the rim back and to buy the tire there since it's cheaper. He's also going to replace the strut and spring for me through the warranty even though it's not supposed to. (He said it's not a manufacture defect because it was caused by me hitting a pot hole, warranty does not cover this.) He told me the part should be in by tomorrow. I just hope so considering all the problems some of you are going through with the parts. I hope to get my car back to perfect form soon!
    By the way, to danny, I asked the mechanic about the oil change and he said it's ok to change it every 5000 miles. But for my first one, i think i'll do it at 3000. thanks for your response.
  • i know several people cross reference to other conferences for related topics of cars, but i dont seem to be able to navigate to or actually find those posts...if you can post the link so i can click, it would be appreciated...
    or else

    call me dumb.....
  • just go to the yellow band on the left side of this page, and type "focus" (or whatever else you are looking for)into the "topic search" blank, and press go below it. THis should give you a whole list of conferences.
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