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What you guys think bout a gas twin turbo 360

OK so i have a 01 dodge ram 1500 with a 360 and i have looked all over for a turbo kit or a supercharger kit for it. Needless to say i have only found one supercharger kit for it which still looked jerry rigged together. SO i was thinking i know a lot about turbo kits and all the other requirements needed for them so i was thinking bout it for a lil while; what about a twin turbo kit. As far as i know i would be one of very few if not the only one to have a twin turbo 360 in a dodge ram 1500. (not sayn i would be the only one just i have never seen or heard of one before)The reason y i was thinking a twin turbo is it would be easier for an exhaust system ... it would just be straight duel exhaust that way and then i just gotta y the intake together, and then other little things like t the oil line and change the fueling. ....So i guess i was just wondering what everybody thought about it like if it would be really cool or a waist of time. thanks for ur input


  • 318twin318twin Posts: 1
    Hi, I live in Colombia, i own a 1980 dodge pick up with the original 318 ci engine (not too far from yours except for the hemmi stuff!!)
    I install 2 small garrets along with other goods......... i Had some problems that i've been working on but thigs here are more dificoult since you can't find performance spare parts and tech info its only what you can find on the net which is limited
    I used shortly and bring the engine apart to make some more mods but the feeling its awesome, tell me what you have in mind, maybe we could trade some ideas
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