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2010 Honda Pilot



  • thomasr1950thomasr1950 Posts: 74
    Twice in 2 months my battery has gone bad in my Pilot. I can see once, the back window or door may not have been shut al the way causing the light to come on inside. But twice? The dealer told my wife they had problems with the key fob draining too much from the battery, huh? Now even if the interior lights stayed on i don't think it would run down a new battery. I had a 09 Tacoma & the map light stayed on all night but the truck started. I'm not buying either story, not on a new vehicle regardless of the model. I've done business with the same dealer since 1983 except for 2 Nissan so i don't think the dealer would blow smoke either, there is no reason for them to. They have always taken care of any issue we have had. The dealer installed a new battery today so we will see. I'd like other opinions from owners, dealers or techs. Thanks in advance.
  • trm61trm61 Posts: 2
    Hi, I'm looking to lease a 2011 4WD Honda Pilot EX-L RES. The dealer indicates that they can do the RES as a non factory option and save around $20/mo. It's not as neat, requires tuning to FM and front and back can't then have separate tuning. I also worry about resale down the road. Thoughts?

    I would like to get current residual and money factor for both the EX-L and the EX-l RES for 15K. Thanks!
  • missingtxmissingtx Posts: 1
    I think it's stupid they don't light up as well! Did you ever get an answer, or figure it out?
  • krs2avrkrs2avr Posts: 6
    I need your comments here... lately, my Pilot middle row seats are so noisy, unless someone is sitting in them. If I drive on uneven road (which is the norm in NJ), the noise is really annoying!!! I have moved them back and forth, and "re locked" them, but it still happens. They vibrate and "knock" unless I am on smooth road. Anyone else have this???? Just looking for information before I call my dealer.

  • tornadogtornadog Posts: 49
    I just finished 1 year on my 2010 Honda Pilot EX. Everything has been great except for the abysmal mileage, and now I am thinking if I may have gotten a dud car, if thats possible. I primarily use it for in city driving with maybe a long trip once a month. So I have covered 12600 miles. Have been through 2 services(a1, and b1). My average mileage now is 12.5 mpg, which is way worse than what they advertise. I have asked the guys at the dealership and they dont have an explanation. I tried pretty much driving like a grandma making sure the tachometer never goes over 2, but no go!!!
  • denver5357denver5357 Posts: 319
    This one is always hard to answer without excruciating detail about where and how you drive. But I will say we have a 2010 Touring and I get about 14 mpg. ALL of my trips are short, 2-5 miles, with an occasional 25-mile run to the airport. One time I took it on an hour-long, highway trip and measured just that mileage and it was a little over 19. So the Pilot is *capable* of better mpg. It just has to have the right conditions. Meanwhile, around town is pretty poor. But for a car that big, with that design ... not a surprise. I still really like our Pilot. It has been a great minivan replacement with snow capability (we're in Colorado). We have been fortunate in that we drive so little that I only have to fill up every two weeks or so.
  • tornadogtornadog Posts: 49
    Well an average day for me is this;

    2 miles to work, 2 miles back home, 2 miles to school, 2 miles back home, 2 miles to work, 2 miles back home, 2 miles to school, 2 miles home, 2 miles to work, 2 miles to home = 20 miles per day
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    My wife has a 2009 Touring and gets around 13.5 MPG doing entirely local driving through suburban areas that are moderately hilly and have lots of red lights.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,601
    2 miles to work, 2 miles back home, 2 miles to school, 2 miles back home, 2 miles to work, 2 miles back home, 2 miles to school, 2 miles home, 2 miles to work, 2 miles to home = 20 miles per day

    That is close to the ultimate in driving that will lead to poor MPG. Your vehicle probably doesn't even get to the optimum temperature for good MPG. IMHO, it's not going to get any better if you only drive like that.

    My wife drives 2 miles to the train and 2 miles home most days in our Ody. If she gets 15 mpg, it's a good sign.
  • tornadogtornadog Posts: 49
    Ah, the price of living close to everything :)
  • floramiflorami Posts: 1
    I was wondering if I could get a little more information about the accidental remote start on your honda pilot. My wife has a 2010 honda pilot, I would like to add remote start to it. I hear that the honda after market kit is trash. Can you tell me more about the loose wire and how the remote start was activated.

    Thanks !
  • scottaburgerscottaburger Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    I found it on Pg. 141 of my 2010 Pilot owner's manual.
  • cpm4cpm4 Posts: 2
    Do not buy the Pilot 2011 under any circumstances. I bought one in October and it has been nothing but trouble. It has been out of service for over 17 days. The car has a bad Torque converter. Remember the Acura MDX. Same with this car. Vibration at 1500 rpm at 35 MHP steady state driving. When the torqeu converter kicks in you get a bad vibration.

    Been in twice: Dealer felt it and reported it. Honda Engineers say it is "as designed". I called Honda and spoke with the Legendary Customer service and they did the following things:

    1. Acknowledged that there was a vibration
    2. Stated it was acting as designed
    3. Stated they did not know the cause (Getting the picture)
    4. Since they did not know what it is they would do nothing but it was as designed.
    5. Refused to provide in writing that it was acting as designed
    6. Refused to provide an extension of the transmission warranty
    7. Refused to allow any contact with anyone in design to certify that it was per design
    8. Acknowledged both that they had multiple other complaints with some cars
    9. Acknowledged that I had also driven others without the vibration.
    10. Refused to provide a copy of the case file and their notes on my complaint
    11. Refused to provide any engineering specs on the car to show it was as designed.
    12. Would not allow me to speak with anyone other than the "guy on the phone" Chris
    13. Would not consent to the phone conversation to be recorded as later proof when this tranny went the way of my Acura that they know of the problem.
  • Just an update on 2010 pilot ex-l with 12,000 miles. Driving in the snow 25-40 mph, I get about 20.2 mpg. straight highway 65 mph, mpg is 21.2. So I am very happy with the mileage on the pilot. I am using chevron 87, and castrol gtx synblend.

    thomasr1950 mentions pilot ex-l is quieter than 08 accord. it is true. ex-l came with Active Noise Cancellation, Acoustic Windshield.

    pilot have plenty of power with the advanced 250hp . I think new pilot have better gearing.

    I hope everyone is happy with their pilot.
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