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Toyota Corolla Electric-Assist Power Steering (EPS)



  • keith49keith49 Posts: 2
    The slight drift isn't the problem - it's the continuous amount of force to turn the steering wheel to keep from going off the road that is the problem. If you’re not having this problem on your car then good for you, but everybody that is experiencing the problem please do not hesitate to report it to the NHTSA as mentioned in an earlier post so Toyota can get this resolved.
  • Well, we did go to two different Toyota Dealerships to have it fixed and according the the service mgr. there is nothing to fix...We were told this is "normal." I will be taking it in again next week. The car feels like it's fishtailing all the's alot of work to drive that car...and it shouldn't be...
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Oh absolutely, if your having a problem please report it to whoever will listen. Nobody should have to feel uncomfortable in a new car. Not quite sure what my car has to do with your steering issue that you felt it necessary to bring that up. But anyway, my initial reply was about natural drift due to road crowning as you stated was a symptom of your car's unusual steering behavior. I also wondered if this behavior was present during test drive or developed over time.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Not quite sure what my car has to do with your steering issue that you felt it necessary to bring that up.

    Probably because he's anticipating your chiming in to virtually each and every post someone makes about how lousy the steering is on their car. I think by now most regulars know that you feel the sun rises and sets on your Corolla. It's great to be proud of your car, but I'm intrigued why you feel it's necessary to counter with a comment each time someone posts a negative comment about a Corolla. Certainly you have every right to post and show your knowledge about the car (and many benefit by it!), but I guess some people may get tired of what appears to you being in the bag for Toyota.

    I've owned many model Toyota's, two Lexus, an Infiniti, Nissan and never before have I experienced the lousy steering as I have on my 2010 Corolla. Yes, I reported it to the NHTSA and I would encourage others experiencing the same anomaly to do the same. It's a relatively straightforward, simple, and quick process and you go on the ignore filing due to complacency is doing yourself and others a disservice. No guarantee they'll do anything, but you can look yourself in the mirror and at least say you did something! Many times, the squeaky wheel DOES get the oil!
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Perhaps you should stay on topic and stop critcizing me because of my satisfaction for the Toyota Corolla.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    You misunderstand me; I wasn't criticizing you, just responding to your speculation why someone brought up something about your car. I was staying on topic, which was what others have said about the poor steering they have experienced on the Corolla, as well as my own experience. It appears you have had nothing but great experiences with the Corolla - for that you should be thankful!

    To reiterate - if someone is having problems with their steering, they should report it. If they haven't, continue to be in love with their car!
  • pekelvrpekelvr Posts: 61
    Q)Why don't you just go back to the dealer and ask them to repair your steering rather than just reporting it to the NHTSA ?

    Answer) Why do you think that we haven't gone to the dealership? I have gone to my dealer and an authorized Toyota service center and I will quote you the response on the report or evaluation they handed me.

    "Toyota is aware of the EPS issues that Mrs. Porter has brought her car in today for. We do not have a repair at this time and await response from Toyota as to how they will proceed to repair the EPS. At this time we have asked Mrs. Porter to await further news from Toyota and a possible recall of either her car or a repair to be made to her car."

    your comment) From your description and late development of the problem it doesn't sound like it's related to the much talked about EPS problem.

    Reply) The issue is Electronic and not a minor fix to the steering. The problems had you gone to the NTSA site is not repairable at this time and that's quoting Toyota dealers. There are well over 250 complaints concerning the EPS and steering and that's factual. Toyota has acknowledged this and is currently working on "the fix."

    You know not all new Toyota problems are going to be related to these much publicized recall issues.

    The issue concerning EPS hasn't been in main stream media, so i for one resent your implication. The issue is that we drivers are in fact experiencing dangerous steering issues and if you haven't experienced it then I'm happy for you but don't try to disqualify something you obviously do not know anything about!

    Comment)And NOOOOOOO, unless you have tons of cash, people don't just get rid of their new cars because the headlights malfunctioned. Have these issues taken care of and enjoy your new car.

    Reply) You're right, some people cannot afford to just get rid of car, unless the car takes you off road and you fear getting in it with your children then I would say drive at your own risk. I for one use my Toyota everyday HOWEVER I do not use it to get on the highway anymore because once you hit a speed of over 45-55 and up, your car will and again I quote Toyota dealer your car's EPS has a sensor that for ease of the driver will follow ruts, grooves, and unlevel pavement making the car feel like it is moving with the wind moving left and then to the right and it will meander!

    As for where you spoke about headlights --- YES! you do take your car for a fix if your headlights don't work and if they cant get them to work you find out if it's an electrical problem, because if it is then you will have a true lemon of a car with major issues later on!!!!

    Hope this helps!!!

    PS anyone with car defects should report it to NHTSA because they are supposed to protect the roads we all drive on from faulty cars!! any faulty cars!!
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    edited April 2010
    Relax, I wasn't referring to the EPS problem you and some others are experiencing, I was referring to the unrelated steering problem the poster was having in post #186. Perhaps you should go back and re-read the issue. It was regarding a newly occurring issue for her relating to free play in her wheel, not EPS related. I know you would like to think everyone's issues are going to be related to the EPS but there could be many other steering issues drivers could experience affecting their cars other than the EPS sensitivity issue.

    Regarding headlights, again you misread my post. I said you don't get rid of a car because of burned out headlights. I didn't say you don't get them fixed. I wouldn't make such an asinine comment?
  • incurring the well documented steering issue w/ toyota Corolla 2010....while we wait for Toyota to figure out their problem has anyone been offered a free loaner because I have not !...I was told by toyota shop foreman not to drive car but no loaner ....yet
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    A shop foreman hardly has any authority to make any kind of statement like that. However, if an authorized dealer representative himself made that kind of comment, then absolutely you should demand a loaner.
  • amg1099amg1099 Posts: 14
    Get they had surveyed my car for 4 hours (a team of Toyota techs came from California). At the moment, Toyota have not disclosed anything to me with regards to what they found out or what exactly they did within those 4 hours they had my car. Erica, my case manager from California informed me that it will remain within their record and should there be any improvement that needs to be done, I will be contacted. Why is Toyota not disclosing this information to me? What are they hiding? Shouldn't I be entitled to know what exactly is going on with my car, considering I'm paying for it and I'm paying for the inconvenience that I'm dealing sending my car to the shop almost every month. I thought it was shady. I was given a loaner though, for 2 days, free of charge. Right now, my car is still the same.

    Although I may be going off the subject here, I myself experienced for the very first time the unintended acceleration of my 2009 toyota corolla s. Basically, I was driving with a speed of between 35-40 mph. All of a sudden, my RPM revved up to #3 and it stayed there for about less than a minute. Keep in mind that I didn't have my foot on the pedal within this time frame and the RPM remained on 3. I took my foot off when I noticed the increase in RPM. I thought that was scary. I contacted the dealership and they said that they will need to take a look at my car for an hour and have the techs ask me once again, I will have to go to the shop for this. I am really really beginning to think that there is something wrong with the Toyota's pedal and how it's an electrical problem.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Why is Toyota not disclosing this information to me? What are they hiding? Shouldn't I be entitled to know what exactly is going on with my car

    Not disclosing findings to you to protect themselves from any kind of legal issues that might pop-up down the road. Not hiding anything, just keeping it to themselves, (see first answer). If they thought that there is something wrong with your car, then yes you should have been made aware of that.

    I am really really beginning to think that there is something wrong with the Toyota's pedal

    There supposedly IS somethng wrong with the Corolla's pedal, didn't you get the recall notice for the shim insert?
  • amg1099amg1099 Posts: 14
    Yes Terceltom, they have in fact did the shim insert but it felt weird so I got them to replace it with a new accelerator pedal. Even with the new pedal, that's when I experienced what a lot of people are experiencing, which is the sudden acceleration of the car.

    With them keeping it to themselves, that is hiding things from me, as a consumer.
  • mnfmnf Posts: 404
    I had my Shim put in and it dont feel any differant than before but i didn't have any issues before then or now. Go figure
  • amg1099amg1099 Posts: 14
    good for you mnf
  • sjareasjarea Posts: 49
    Please keep the forum updated on your issue.

    I really appreciate it and you are not alone in your Corolla issue. Keep that in mind as well because I am sure at times you feel alone. I've filed w/ NHTSA and also told them/Toyota if you want access to mine to see what is happening they are welcome to it.

    I'll venture your inspection was part of the NHTSA prelim-investigation. I assume we should have something within 3 to 6 months from start of investigation (just a guess).

    To those not having the steering issue - good for you. Drive your car and consider yourself lucky IMO.

    Remember this forum thread IS about EPS steering issues that people are experiencing. I really appreciate the forum owners for hosting this subject and thread :)
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    I ditto that! I just got my done this past Saturday. It took the tech. a total of ten minutes to complete the job. And as you stated, no difference. After I got home I opened the mail from Toyota to inform me of the upcoming mat replacement/recall.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Well I have to disagree with you there! When I buy a new car, I don't go home and consider myself lucky that it works as it's supposed to. I expect it to perform and give me the Toyota reliability I've come to expect. "Luck" never enters the picture unless it's bad luck as your experiencing. Considering the small number of Corolla owners affected by the EPS problem and the highly unlikely situation of a new Toyota having any problem at all, is really just "bad luck". I mean I still have a 2001 Corolla I never touched except for oil changes. That's not "luck", that's real Toyota reliability I've come to expect. Hang in there all, Toyota will eventually work it out for you and they'll also be a better company for it.

    On a side note, I just took my Corolla in for my pedal shim insert this past Saturday. The tech. is actually a rarely seen friend of mine. So I ask him about the EPS problems. He didn't even know what I was talking about. He then asked the service manager about it and the service manager told us both that they didn't have a single complaint about any Corollas EPS problems. So again, I don't doubt that you are having a problem, but I think it's just "bad luck".
  • amg1099amg1099 Posts: 14
    It's so funny because I received the same thing too Saturday.
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