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Toyota Corolla Electric-Assist Power Steering (EPS)



  • I think there are two sets of people complaining here.

    1.) People who truly have faulty EPS.

    2.) People who don't have faulty EPS but dislike how Toyotas handle.

    Group number two, I understand you. I've yet to drive a Toyota that felt connected to the road (the '07 Camry SE I drove came closest). Most have a video-gamey numbness to them that can either be viewed as "isolated" or "poor-handling." I think of it as both; smooth to drive, but horrible when it comes to feeling buttoned-down, connected, visceral, or heaven-forbid -- fun to drive.

    For those of you who are likely in group 2, you never should've bought the Toyota in the first place; there's a Civic, 3, or all-new Focus with your name on it.
  • Yes you seem to do lots of trolling and repeating and seem to be excessively and suspiciously concerned with Toyota's public image and engaging in apologetics on behalf of the Toyota corporation.
  • The new Corollas with EPS are crap cars period. I don't care if someone is number one or number two. I am amazed that a car that drives and handles this badly is actually being manufactured and sold to the public. Basic maneuverability is severely limited with the EPS.
  • biffprestonbiffpreston Posts: 59
    edited September 2010
    Awful car isn't it. I made the huge mistake of buying on too. Doesn't even feel like a real car does it? Can't make sharp turns or maneuver. Car won't stay straight and true in its lane on straight roads or highways. Loose wobbly steering at low speeds. Utterly Godawful and atrocious road handling way beyong what I would call the "norm". Basic maneuvering of the car is serverely limited. Exhausing to drive around town. I understand. I wish this car purchase had gone better for you as I wish for myself. FYI I believe there are a couple of regular trolls on this message board affiliated with Toyota.
  • The handling on these cars with EPS goes way beyond what I call acceptable. Toyota corporation came out and made a staterment that sounded something similar to what you just said. Something to the effect of "We at Toyota corporation have deemed the effect of electrically assisted power steering on road handling not to be a safety issue but one of driver preference". They are crap cars made by a greedy and careless corporation.
  • dantzdantz Posts: 49
    I just returned to this board after a break of several-months, and I discovered to my dismay that I had to wade through large numbers of your near-identical posts (which in my opinion aren't even really on topic). Please stop already! You've already established your main points quite well, yet you continue to hammer away at them over and over and over. Your posts are becoming very spam-like. I think the only way you're going to be able to move on and get past all of this dissatisfaction is to get rid of your current vehicle and buy yourself a decent replacement car, and the sooner the better!

    Speaking of which, I want to warn you about the Honda Civic. I drive a 2008 5-spd automatic Civic LX. It's a great handling car, far better than the Corolla in that respect, but be aware that the engine produces relatively little torque in the lower RPMs. In other words, you can't just step on it and accelerate. Even in an ordinary passing situation you'll find yourself downshifting and revving to get into the power band. I've gotten used to it by now, but I'm still aware of what I'm missing. Since you mentioned that you were considering getting a Mazda 3 because it had the option for a larger engine (see, I did read through all your posts), you obviously prefer a car with a bit more "oomph", and I think the Mazda 3 might be more your ticket. Otherwise you might just find yourself on the Honda boards posting about the Civic's lack of torque.
  • I will keep that in mind when purchasing my new car.

    There are some folks in this thread that act like professional apologists for Toyota who debate anyone with anything negative to say about Toyota or the Corolla and they seem to repeat what I believe to be lies about cars that I don't even necessarily believe that they even own. I'll admit my posts have been much larger and repeats of one another but at least I'm honest in my intentions. I sincerely hope I can get the message across to some folks and help them not to make the same mistake that I made.

    I don't like seeing suspicious people posting things that I know to be not true for the express purpose of deceiving people then telling me theres no way I can know. .
  • There seems to be a bias against people that don't value handling above all else. I prefer a car that rides smoothly and handles decently. The Mazda 3 handles excellently but on NYC streets the ride was very bumpy and the Mazda's seats were extremely uncomfortable.

    I would have bought a Corolla if its steering and brakes were average. I don't expect it to be a sports car but a Civic or an Elantra steer perfectly fine and they are not sports cars. There are those of us who just want to drive normally, feel some road feedback and not have to adjust the steering every second.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    First off, I resent that you would call anyone that don't agrees withb you a liar and disbelieve that they even own Corollas. I not only own one, but I own three Corollas. I said it multiple times I LOVE MY 2009 COROLLA and have not experienced any problems whatsoever. I will continue to rtepeat my oppinion of the new generation of Corollas just as you have been speaking of fabricated handling problems for weeks. You want a Mazda, go get one, and leave us to judge our own new generation of Corollas. Why don't you spend some time on the Mazda threads?
  • mnfmnf Posts: 404
    No issues here either Terceltom give it some time in a month or so the posts will go away from certain people. I have seen many come and go they pop in shoot posts one after another then gone never to be seen but some old posts. Take a look back a year or so you will find them. ;)
  • YES I have!!! I don't really understand why people go on this type of thread and then bash people who have genuine concerns and negatively comment on other people who have had the same problem and some who have received help from Toyota like me. Facts are facts therefore they are not subject to persons who want to make claims that people are being untruthful.

    Fact 1: Toyota has admitted (finally!) they have made errors in 3 areas for this generation of Toyotas. Those areas being the brake system including the mats, the engines and lastly the Electronic Power Steering.

    Fact 2: Toyota has responded by recalling certain vehicles whether or not the owners have complained is irrelevant. Toyota knows their is risk for these cars and those who ride in them.

    Fact 3: I owned a 2008 Toyota Corolla S (sport model) and I traded it in for a 2010 out of desperately trying not die in the 2008 model because it was "drifting" "meandering" "blowing" "all of the road" "not centered" and constantly having to correct the steering etc....

    Fact 4: I did test drive both but the 2008 model I only tested on regular streets and due to the poor experience I test drove the 2010 model on the highway for about 10 minutes. Both cars had the same problem. ***side note, the 2008 Corolla was considered a used car because it was traded in by the previous owner at about 200 miles. I should have seen the red flag because of that but I didn't.

    Fact 5: I took both of the cars back to the dealer after briefly owning them because of the steering issues specifically. Both times the repair technicians found and validated the cars had issues with the steering as I had experienced. Their response for which I have the copies of the repair form, state the problem was the steering and that the dealerships is waiting for "the fix" (their words) to come down from Toyota manufacturing. Another quote was "more than likely Toyota will recall all the Corollas from 2008 to the present to check the EPS modules because their is a defect."

    Fact 6: I received a letter in the mail from Toyota explain the brake and mat recall and giving me directions on how to get my repair. I then called Toyota and explained to them that this was not my issue but that the steering was. I was very angry and asked who and how to file a formal complaint and that I thought I would seek legal representation. I also told the rep that I wanted my name and my "experience" noted some where so that if I were to die in the car Toyota couldn't make the claim that they were not made aware of my issue with the steering. Did I say things loudly? Yes! Did I let them know that I was being serious? Oh yes! and did they then listen to me? Most definitely!

    Fact 7: Toyota on that day apologized, they acknowledged that they knew the steering had problems and that they did have the fix which was a correction in the computer but to repair it they would replace the computer box aka module all together. Then the rep got my dealership information and promised that following Monday I would be contacted back by her with my appointment information and procedures to get the car fixed.

    Fact 8: She kept her word and that following week I had my appointment. They took the car for the entire day, they offered a loaner but I declined as I didn't need one.

    Fact 9: They explained to me after they repaired the car all that took place to repair the car which included a precision alignment after they replaced the module.

    Fact 10: I am very happy with my Corolla, Yes! I would by another one!! I would recommend the car to anyone looking for a great car. The only bell(s) I would add to my car is a multi disk cd changer and multimedia outlets beside the 2nd lighter socket. I think USB ports should be added as part of the electronics. Car makers should think about the end user more in these times. A lot of us travel for work and use things like laptops, ipods, cameras, cell phones, and all of these things require ports and charging.

    So my final thought is that I think people found this thread and other threads because they had problems with their cars and wanted to see if others did too or to see if there was way or suggestions on how to fix the problems. I think its rude for anyone to come on here and bash people or call people liars or anything that just isn't helpful. Like old adage goes "If :blush: :blush: you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all"
  • I have every right to criticize the new Corolla for being exactly what it is. An extremely cheap piece of junk with a very cheap and very badly performing new steering system. I will continue to express my opinions about what I see as being an effort by Toyota to increase their profits at the expense of consumers. Consumers have a right to know how badly these cars handle on the road, period. Someone would get a vey wrong impression from listening to you. As I said before what your motivations are for trolling these boards acting like an apologist are, I dont know. There are a couple on this thread and I'm sure you guys frequent otherthreads as well and other message boards who smell fishy to me. Your the ones who keep insisting that you would recommend this wonderful car to friends and family. Some friend you would be.
  • I can tell for certain sometimes when someone is not being honest. When something has certain design characteristics and those charactreistics make it a certain way and that certain way isnt very good. Someone comes along and makes a public statement and tells people that whatever it is in question that possesses these negative characteristics, that are well established to exist and are unfixable, that the item is in question is great and they say things that run contrary to the design characteristics themselves of what is in question. I know they are lying. Other folks that haven't been following along that might pop onto one of these message boards real fast might not realize it, but I do.
  • The problem is you speak like your talking about facts. What you are saying is but a mere opinion and not a "fact" therefore when you are criticized put your big person panties on and be ready to take the criticism of you and not your plight.

    I HAD a Corolla with poor handling and I was able to get the unadvertised fix of the module and thus I came to the site to report that there is a fix. Have you taken your Toyota in and asked for the new module? Have you called Toyota's experience hotline and told them about your problems? Have you demanded Toyota to test drive your car? Have you gone to NHTSA and reported your problems? You my dear sound like you work for another car dealership who is on a site bad mouthing Toyota simply because you see their problems on TV and you're trying to exploit it. I for one do not trust your words because you don't speak about your car, all you do is bad mouth the company!!

    So therefore, I will add this final thought....I think that you are a person with too much time on your hands to come to a discussion and not speak about your specific car or the problems its having. You havent said whether or not you have dealt with Toyota directly. Others here have! and some of us have gotten the repairs and would recommend a Toyota to another person. I know I would! Since having gotten repaired I'm satisfied with my Corolla....hope to get a Facebook ad myself about my Toyota experience! :)
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    See the difference between you and I is that I accept your negative opinion of the Corolla. You on the other hand call other posters that don't agree with you "liars". Kind of like; "I'm going to take my ball and go home" if you don't agree with me. State your case and move on. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I really like the new Toyota Corolla, accept this as I accept that you can't stand the new Corolla. I'm a bigger person then you, I would never assume that anyone posting on this thread is a "liar" as you have said.
  • You my dear listed a bunch of so called facts that are by no means documented and therefore I do not recognize them as facts.

    As far as me working for some other dealership. I'm pretty sure you understand that not to be true. I recommended in a former post that people do a side by side comparison of the Corolla with the Civic and the Mazda 3. I recommended that folks considering a Corolla do a test drive of all 3 cars and test the handling capabilities and see if the Corolla is not as I say that it is.

    As far as a so called "fix" is concerned. There is no way to "fix" or make a car with the variable assist column mounted electric steering that Toyota is putting in their Corollas handle well and have a nice natural feel to it while driving. The design characteristics of the steering system itself do not allow for it. Theres no way to change that. You can harp all day about some unadvertised fix and it's not going to make the car handle like a good rack and pinion hydraulic assist steering system or even remotely close to it. All anyone has to do is be somewhat familiar with the electric steering system itself and have some firsthand experience driving one of these cars to wonder how anyone could possibly think that these cars drive and handle well. It's very easy to say that it is an opinion. Whether or not a car handles well on the road or not doesn't seem to me to be an issue of opinion. If steering output is accurate relative to input and there is a consistent relationship between both of these the car has the potential to handle well. The electric steering in the Corolla is not designed to have a consistent relationship between output and input. But let me guess yours drives great and you would recommend it to friends and family right? And by golly how dare I say that I know how your Corollas drive. Right? I know how they are designed to drive.

    As far as being mad and hating Toyota. Yes to both even though ultimately it was my stupid fault for buying this piece of crap. I was ignorant about electric steering.
    Toyota is sticking these crappy steering systems into cars to increase its profits and so very many consumers are ignorant about electric steering much like I was.

    I contacted Toyota dn the dealership several times and there is and was nothing else that I wanted but to sell the car or have it bought back. I was and am not interested in a Toyota customer service experience. Yes some of you appear to me to be fishy sounding gameplayers that troll message boards and debate and argue with people such as myself who seem to have a negative opinion of Toyota and/or Toyota vehicles. I can say wth all honesty that I wish my buying experience with Toyota had been better..
  • Have to disagree w/you on the TSB which provides the "fix." I had them install the device and the car drove like it should - the "fix" did work. Regardless, I was unhappy with the Corolla in general and believe the quality of their product (the 2010) is not what the car used to be. It's gone - I traded it and have moved on. I'm happy with what I got - you should consider doing the same - you'll be happier...leave it behind. It isn't worth the aggravation, especially with how things are today - worry, complain and be bitter about more important things.
  • biffprestonbiffpreston Posts: 59
    edited September 2010
    You appear to be for real Zekeman and I agree about needing to move on. Getting to the point in which i can sell this thing and move on is coming. It's just happening a little too slow for my taste.

    One thing I will say is that I do not believe,and I know no one said this, that after the so called "fix" that the Corolla is going to drive like a good hydraulic assist rack and pinion steering system like the Honda Civic or Mazda 3 or even close. The "fix" may fix the veering problem but theres a whole bunch of other problems with this car and its ability to handle the road.

    I literally do not drive this car like I would normally drive what I call a "normal" car. That's why I've come here and complained so much about it. There is no going out on friday and saturday night. Driving back home after that in this thing with steering that feels completely unnatural is really nervewracking. There is so much extra work involved with attempting to maneuver this car than my last car or any other that I have owned. It is the only transportation I have and I absolutely dread having to drive it. Driving used to feel completely natural to me as well. I had no trouble being perfectly at ease on the road in any sort of road conditions. My Corolla is what I call a limited usage vehicle.I use it only for the most necessary things in life when I absolutely have to. This is certainly not what I wanted to end up with. I wanted a car that would make life easy and that I would enjoy. I wish I had a second car to drive in the meantime. When I traded my other car in and bought this thing I immediately began intensely hating this car. Frustration ended up leading to anger. It has been rather frustrating to be stuck with this thing.
  • Finally, after some personal delays, I was able to get my 2010 back to the dealer yesterday for the ESP fix. I'll be back in a week or two once I get a chance to drive it and post and update.
  • You will see it is improved. Did they check and give you a copy before and after specs for your alignment? They gave me a copy and it was all red and out of whack. :)
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