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Toyota Corolla Electric-Assist Power Steering (EPS)



  • If you are having the problems mentioned in the above post you need to take your car to the Toyota dealer and have them put in a new power steering rack! We had the same problem on one of the two 2010 Corolla's we bought, and after the dealer replaced the power steering rack it was perfect! This fixed our car, and the had the same problem with the Hybrid Camry! It is not an uncommon problem, however it can be corrected. If you are happy with the car other than the steering then get the steering fixed!
  • cynth1cynth1 Posts: 3
    About my car's EPS, something happened that all of a sudden, I am ok with my Corolla again. It turns out, the problem was caused by it's tires..because after I (just) had it all replaced, it runs great again. I never noticed the problem with steering before because all I have been doing since I got the car was city driving. Then late last year I got transfered to another site and my work required me to do a lot of freeway driving (the problem is prominent at high speed only). My tires have always been 'well maintained', that's why I never thought it would be the cause of my steering problem. But then I saw the TSB about the EPS, and it included the tires in the checklist so I figured I would have them checked myself. Now that I have 4 new ones, it runs great on the freeway and I don't feel the steering problem anymore.
  • Got my S with a VIN production of 511XXX, made in October 2010 in Canada. So far I have not had any issues with the steering that others have posted about. Yes it does feel a little like golf cart steering, but that's what your trade off is for better gas mileage. Is the EPS as good as a traditional hydraulic rack and pinion? Of course not. In fact it's not even in the same league. I had a 99 civic that I could drive with one finger without a problem, you can't do that with this Corolla. While it does take some getting used to when you've previously had a traditional hydraulic rack, it's effective at operating the vehicle in a safe manor. After reading several posts on this website about steering issues, I knew what i was getting into when I bought this car. To be fair, I don't drive at highway speeds very often. When I have made highway trips I have not noticed any swerving, over-correcting, or any of the other problems that some people have mentioned. I purposely bought a high production VIN hoping that Toyota had cleared up what issues there might have been. So far so good.

    One positive with this system is it is much cheaper and easier to replace then a traditional rack. To be honest, I don't mind trading some ease of steering for better gas mileage.

    The bottom line is this, most compact cars are trying to become as fuel efficient as possible. With this system there is no power steering pump running off of a serpentine belt. It's just an electric motor bolted to the steering column that assists in your steering. This puts less drag on the engine allowing better gas mileage. If you want I quality steering system you're gonna have to pony up some more $$$$ because just about all of these compacts are switching to this EPS system. Oh, and of course these are cheaper for Toyota to install on a car than a traditional rack system.
  • dchevdchev Posts: 38
    It does not matter if you buy cheaper or more expensive car. All new cars come with EPS. I have 2011 Toyota Corolla S, and I love how my car drives and steer.
    I had to rent a Chevy Aveo, and after driving it, The Corolla steering was like driving a Lexus or MB, compared to Aveo's steering.....:)
  • miguel1952miguel1952 Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 LE w/19K miles on it. The ABS kicks in when turning and braking at the same time under normal driving conditions. Seems to be worse on rough roads. Anyone else have this problem and what is the fix? When I first bought the car the brake pedal would go down almost to the floor at red lights. I complained said it felt like there was air in the lines or a leaky master cylinder. Dealer said there was nothing wrong but they were better "magically" after I complained. Now it's the ABS coming on as if I was going fast and braking hard but I'm just driving normal. I wouldn't be getting 31 mpg around town and 37 on hwy if I was racing or driving fast. Took me 6 months to get used to the steering and now it's the brakes. Plz help!!
  • circuitsmithcircuitsmith Posts: 117
    I assume there's no check engine or other trouble light.
    I would start by getting the wheel alignment checked.
  • sjareasjarea Posts: 49
    I would suggest you go to the NHTSA website and read their report.

    While they did not find an issue to to make it a safety recall they did also say that a defect may still be present that they did not/were unable at this time todetect.

    Also, if I remember correctly, 2 out of 10 test drivers were able to tell the difference before and after. So, 20% of the test group without knowing the issue were able to notice it.

    If you are experiencing the issue I would recommend you have the EPS replaced under TSB-1040. I did and it made a huge difference.
  • ovyboxovybox Posts: 21
    edited June 2011
    Hey sjarea,

    We have the same problem over in the Sentra forums (wobbly steering, off-center steering feel). I also had some crap replaced in my Sentra's steering system (not the EPS) with no improvement.
    Could you detail on TSB-1040? Is it related to Toyota only or is it some NHTSA document applicable to Nissan too?

    If I was you I would not invest time into convincing terceltom about the EPS problem. Nothing will convince him that we have a problem: just read his posts allover the forums.

  • sjareasjarea Posts: 49

    Here is a link to the TSB-

    Sorry to hear about the Sentra but I can't think of any way, shape or form a Toyota TSB would impact Nissan. However, it is highly possible that both makers use the same 3rd party components so....that would be worth looking into. But again, TSB-1040 is toyota specific.

    I suggest you and others start filing complaints w/ the NHTSA and ODI about the sentra and hope they look into it. I would encourage others on the forum board to file as well. That was how NHTSA got wind of the corolla and started their investigation. Bottom line is: If you and others do not get active in filing w/ NHTSA and their ODI and engage them nothing is really ever going to happen.

    I will say this though - It was mentioned to me that another 'fix' was to pull the fuse for the EPS in the corolla. You'd lose the assist, but I was told that this also rectified the EPS wiggle. I never tried it, but it makes sense to me. I had toyota apply the TSB fix to my vehicle.

    However, if anyone does pull the proper fuse they assume all responsibility and liability as I am not recommending this, but just passing along what I heard. But, perhaps a sentra owner would be willing to take the risk and see if that corrects the problem on the sentra. Hope that helps and good luck.
  • windgracewindgrace Posts: 83
    I just recently bought a 2010 Corolla and I love the car. Easy to park, comfortable, great mpgs, etc. However, I have a quick question regarding the steering. I don't have a problem with the EPS (I don't think) because I don't notice a need to over-correct the steering at high speeds at all with the car. However, at speeds under 15 mpg I hear the steering wheel a lot. There's no buzzing or clicking or anything. I just hear the steering wheel whirr whenever I turn it at under those speeds. I don't hear the steering wheel moving at all in my sister's '06 Civic or my mom's '10 Legacy. Is it just the electric power steering or something?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    Yes, this is the electric power steering.
  • windgracewindgrace Posts: 83
    Is it a problem or normal? I don't have any problems with the EPS regarding drifting at high speeds and the need to over-correct on the highway like I was reading many others were having issues with.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    edited July 2011
    Normal - I have noticed it on all the 2010 Corollas that I have driven (2), but only at very low parking lot speeds and when I am paying attention.
  • tonyctrltonyctrl Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Corolla with the same problem. Driving in the highway is a stressful experience for I need to constantly adjust the steering to keep the car on the road(to go straight). Toyota should adress this problem else people will run away from it's products.
  • circuitsmithcircuitsmith Posts: 117
    Get a wheel alignment.
  • I have a 2011 Corolla S and it has the problem. I purchased the car in late March and it now has over 9k miles on it. I mainly drive on rural roads around 55 to 60 mph. The drifting is noticeable at times at those speeds. It is really bad if I get on the freeway and go over 70 mph. I have to pay way too much attention to just keep the car in my lane.

    I rented a 2010 Corolla S a couple months ago and it did not have the problem.

    I have replaced all four tires and had the front-end aligned and it made no difference. I replaced the tires because one of them was ruined due to running over a piece of metal. I didn't like the stock Bridgestone Turanza EL400 II tires at all, so I didn't want to buy one replacement for $187. Instead I bought four Michelin Primacy MXV tires. It handles a little better with the Michelins, but still wanders I have an appointment at the dealer on Saturday due to the problem and the 10k maintenance. I'd sell the car if I could do that without losing too much money.

    I also own a 2005 Mazda RX-8 which also has EPS and it has no problems at any speed.
  • Just bought a new 2011 Toyota corolla and have the same problem and NHTSA says there has not been anyone other than myself that has complained about this problem. The car road walks above 70 MPH
  • sjareasjarea Posts: 49
    That's because they are using the same EPS set-up from both the '09 and '10 models. It didn't change on the '11.

    You may want to grab the TSB and see what the dealer can do. May have to press the dealer to get them to confirm it is the same EPS set-up on the '11 as previous models. But, it is. Otherwise you did the right thing by reporting it.

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    I have driven a 2010, and it felt great to me - no issues. I was aware of the potential issues from reading here and other internet sites, but no problem on the 2010 - drove very nice on the highway and city. I remember reading that they did replace the computer for the EPS on some of the 2009 and early 2010s. Should not be a problem on a 2011. How is the tire pressure?
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