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Importing a 2010 Forester Diesel

Let's say money is not an issue... Who would I talk to about importing a new 2010 Forester Diesel from Europe?

Would I run into problems with the gov. since I don't think their diesel meets our emissions requirements?

I would have to assume that there would be no warranty honored here in the States, and it would be nearly impossible to find someone with service experience to work on the vehicle until Subaru released it here (if it ever happens...).



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They are waiting to get a new model to pass CARB emissions, but I'm not sure if the current one meets non-CARB state emission standards. If not you would have to import it as a show/track car, and it could not be used on public roads.

    Keep in mind Bill Gates could never get his 959 imported despite bottomless pockets. Money alone is not enough.

    No warranty for sure, often you don't even get that with cars coming from Canada.

    Mechanics could probably figure it out, but parts would have to be imported.

    Overall the costs are certainly more than all the gas you would pay for over 10 years of ownership, so there's no way it would ever be worth it.

    Either wait, or get a gas Forester and spend a fraction of those gray-market import costs on fuel.
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