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Chevrolet HHR Water on Passenger Floorboard



  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,707
    Did you read through the earlier posts in this topic?

    talks about a cover over an opening into the HVAC box. It requires taking off the plastic cowling under the hood to get to it to be sure it's sealed. It's located where water that enters the cowling below the windshield can get to it during a rain.

    Do you have a sunroof with those problematic sunroof drain tubes that go down through the car?

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  • Ok the water leak into passenger side from what I just found by fixing mine is due to a cover slipping off the windshield side of cowl there is a big plastic cover you have to remove first. remove wiper blades plastic covers at bottom of blades pop ff then 2
    15mmyear nuts put blades back on in location they came off remove 4 7mnem screws from black cover then in the 2farattic corners of cover there are push pins pull and save to put back in compress wire clips along front edge and push back though cover lift cover off twist and slide out far enough to access left side cowl cover here you will see water problem there is a piece of plastic its fell in from the bottom of front window and you can see ac evaporator this is the issue that is causing 90% of water getting in its supposed to cover themselves big hole on left side of cowl its attached with butel rubber but it looses its adhesion and falls in which create a funnel effect and diverts the rain water that comes in right into heater ac box to repair remove cover and wash leave butel. apply clear silicone to outside edge of cover on the side with butel clean area were cover fits on cowl as well stick cover back on car now you need metal duct tape not cloth or plastic 4inchcover wide works well now tape all 4edgesupdates of cover half of tape on cover half stuck to car and windshield bottom below bottom edge of large black cover you removed once that is done reassemble. it should stay dry then water does gerontocracy cowl area under cover but it has drains for that when that piece falls in it covers drain and directs water into heater ac box poor design it takes less than 1hour to repair 1remove tube clear silicone 6ftto metal duct tape 7mmnot socket nut driver 15mm socket. with rachet plyers good luck take your time clean areas well clean cover bead call along bottom of windshield wait for silicone to cure then tape edges not before. I was gm tech for 10 year and certified through gm ford and awe master mechanic I just b
  • I believe there is a mis-diagnosis of the problem here. It is NOT the fault of the rubber cover. That thing is not intended to be a perfect seal but only to keep out the leaves and twigs. The real problem, as I found on my 2006, is that the passenger side drain in the large cavity gets plugged with leaves and "helicopters". They get there by passing between the windshield and the large plastic cover. There is wide open communication to the passenger side of the cavity from the drivers side and so the air flow to the blower motor pulls the leaves to the passenger side. Anything that gets by the windshield to plastic cover crack, can work its way to the drain. And that drain will definitely not pass leaves!!

    Not sure of a good fix but if you have replaced the rubber cover with flashing or steel, be prepared to go back in there and remove it again to get the leaves out.

    It's really no more than a twenty minute job to pull that plastic cover and then the rubber cover and clear out the blockage. So if I have to do that once every 5 years, I can live with that. I hope this is of assistance to you HHR lovers. We love ours.
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