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Ford Focus ZX3 Hatchback - Part IV



  • silverzesilverze Posts: 5
    The power windows are available in a "power group" which includes power mirrors and requires that you get power remote entry. The order code is 60A and the invoice cost is $307. More info is available from Edmunds. From what I understand the option became available in Feb '00. Good luck on the sunroof, I don't think I'd have the stomache for it.

    I'm a bit disappointed to hear about the rather dull dash lighting but the rest of the styling makes up for it. Also, I read where the Focus out paced the Audi A4 in a slalom (handling) test. Not bad for half the price eh? Can't wait to take mine up a winding canyon.
  • Hello, this is my first post here at Edmunds!

    I'm in Atlanta and I just got my ZX3 last week! I went through quite a bit of trouble trying to find one, they are in pretty limited supply here. Since I got mine, I have only seen one other ZX3 on the road (although I've seen quite a few LX and SE sedans). I also had quite a hassle at the dealership. My ZX3 is Sangria Red, I originally wanted to go with white, but the white one didn't have a CD player installed, which I really wanted, so I went with the red one (which has single-CD as standard). I have to say I am really happy with my red one now. However, when I finalized the deal on the red one, the dealership put the VIN number of the white car on my Buyer's Order as well as to my insurance agent. So, I was insured for the wrong car and I had the wrong number on my order!!! I was really mad about this, but the sales manager took 500 bucks off my price for this mistake. Is it just me, or are the Ford salespeople not as professional as other dealers?

    I have to take my car back next week to get the cruise control and power locks/remote keyless entry installed. I paid almost $1800 for the cruise control (500 for the option, 900 for the custom steering wheel that had to be ordered, and almost 400 for labor/service), but I think it will be worth it. I do a lot of long distance driving and the cruise control is almost a necessity.

    I haven't heard anything about a Ford Box with the watch...does everyone who buys a ZX3 get one of these? Incidently, my watch just broke and I need a new one. Does anyone know how long it takes to get it? Wondering if I should go ahead and buy a new one now...

    Also, about the recall (00E09?), how do you check to see if your car is affected by this?

    And does anyone know the item number for the armrest/center console? This is something I might have put in.

    I do have to say, however, that all in all, I am very happy with my ZX3, it is everything I expected and much more. I also get great gas mileage (30-35 mpg) and I fly by the other cars, even the V6 Mustangs, they eat my dust every time!
  • drebe73drebe73 Posts: 243
    i wish I had my zx3, its so sad i try to visit it every weekend. its pathetic.
  • bjammin2bjammin2 Posts: 41
    I'm quite happy with the zx3 dash. Simple, yet very well laid out. It has all the necessities in plain sight. For you technophiles out there, I heard this on another bulletin. Hold down the Tripodometer reset button as you start up the car, it takes the display into test mode where it will function as a digital speedo, tach, and temp guage. I have yet to try it.

    I bought my zx3 with only a/c and abs. I'm a college student trying to get by on as little as possible. I'm starting to wish I got the power windows and maybe even the power locks w/ remote. The crank on the windows makes the door pockets useless, and trying to crank the passanger side window while driving is not recommended. I would have gotten cruise, but it wasn't offered at the time (Nov.) I guess the only way the factory offers it, is to buy the whole steering wheel at over $400. I really hope at some point they will just sell the control pods for the wheel.

    As far as reliability goes, I'm straddling the fence. I looked at civics last year before settling on the zx3. The civic is just too generic. Too many of them on the road. They don't seem to do anything exceptional, just well. Well, except maybe the engine, especially the si. The zetec has more power but just isn't as smooth. My whole ordeal with the lame suspension has really made me wonder how well my car was put together. Recalls happen all the time, even on Honda's, but that doesn't stop my friends from making fun of me for buying a ford. I guess right now with the bitter taste in my mouth after spending so much to get my car fixed I'm expecting and looking for things to go wrong with my car. So far so good though.

    Oh, one more thing. About warming up the car. Ten seconds sounds more than enough. The way it was explained to me, it really doesn't do much good to let the car idle for minutes. It just wastes gas. You just need to give the oil pump time to circulate the oil through the engine for a few secs. before taking off. The only time I ever let it idle for long is to warm up the heater on cold sub-zero days. So, just start up the car, buckle up, and take it easy on the revs until the engine warms up.
  • alf3alf3 Posts: 83
    I had to laugh when you asked the question "speaking of switches, why are the door locks in when unlocked and out when locked?" The very first time I drove my ZX3, before I even purchased it, I stopped at a McDonalds' to examine the car. I left the engine running, so I wanted to be certain that I didn't lock myself out of the car. I thought the same thing you did - and promptly locked myself out of the car! 20 minutes later, the dealer showed up with an extra set of keys to let me in!
  • alf3alf3 Posts: 83
    carlady/mzn....I think that these folks are wanting to trace the whereabouts of their new vehicles - where they are in the production or delivery stages. I don't think that they are looking for past ownership or lemon info. If I'm wrong.....sorry!
  • silyboysilyboy Posts: 90
    i also have a sunroof installed in my focus. it is a holandia power sliding sunroof. i love it!! it looks like it was from the factory. perfect size for the car and the install was great! it cose me about 700. It has one touch open close, and ignition auto close.
  • gabegarwickgabegarwick Posts: 127
    I called MacNeil Automotive again yesterday to see if their shipment of deflectors for the ZX3 came in. They did! Total with shipping came to $52.95. (These are the deflectors that attach to the windows, allowing you roll down the windows several inches without getting blasted by rain/wind) Note: These particular ones install without any adhesive {I couldn't stand the thought of putting glue on my car!) {Too bad I haven't got my car yet...soon though!)

  • skater4skater4 Posts: 35
    Hey focuszx3r, I have a RF Green Focus, and I think it's beautiful! Of course, I'm biased, but I still think it's the best color. After reading about all you who had ordering/delivery problems, I feel lucky that my purchase was pretty hassle-free. I went in, told them what color and options I wanted, and they found one on a lot in West Virginia. I don't know how big their area is for checking out a car, (I live in Richmond, VA) but they found what I wanted.

    Am I supposed to ask the dealer myself about that recall? They haven't sent me any kind of notice or anything. I've never had to deal with a recall before, so I don't know how it works. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Happy driving!
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    Call a dealer and ask the service dept. to input your VIN into their computer - that will tell them if your car is part of the 00E09 recall. Manufacturers are supposed to send a postcard to the owner, but I think most of us are way ahead of Ford and have found out about the recall on our own. It is a quick and painless fix; my dealer did it in an hour, while I waited.
  • xquxqu Posts: 55
    skater4, just give them a call and tell them your VIN number, they will run the computer and make a appointment for you. Just make sure to ask them if they have the parts in stock so you don't have to go there twice like I did.
  • jlimajlima Posts: 1
    Hey guys you've all got to check out the the WRC Rally wing for our zx3 and guess who's got it, Kurtz CustomZ check out the picture at
    it goes for $289 and it looks nice... Later
  • gabegarwickgabegarwick Posts: 127
    My dealer just called me at work and told me my car arrived at the dealership yesterday! (I wasn't expecting the car for another 2 wks. as the last update on my car listed a build date of Mar. 20th.) I'm going to pick it up after work. (sorry drebe73. I'd wish for a speedy recovery if it would help, but I think it's gone past that.)

    About the recall(s), I took the VIN the dealer gave me and registered on the Ford Owner Connection site. I looked under recalls, this is what it told me:

    -"Vehicles Not Affected
    -The vehicle(s) listed below are either
    -not affected by or have already been repaired
    -for the currently posted recalls."

    Sounds like they already took care of my car least for now.

  • drebe73drebe73 Posts: 243
    be sure your car is listed under that section
    here is a copy from the site , my car is affected.

    >This web site feature is provided as a reference tool for our customers to inquire if their vehicle is involved in a specific safety or emissions recall. If you have received a first class notification letter or a postcard from Ford Motor Company about a recall, or if your vehicle is shown here as affected by recall, we encourage you to contact the service department of your Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealer. Your dealership will be able to determine if the necessary parts are available. If the dealer has the parts in stock, or if the dealership is able to order the parts for immediate delivery, we suggest that you schedule an appointment to have the recall work performed.

    Affected Vehicles
    One or more of your OwnerConnection registered vehicles has been identified as unrepaired in a posted safety or emission recall.* If you own other Ford Motor Company vehicles that are not registered with OwnerConnection and would like to check whether they may be affected, please register them here.

    Affected Vehicle VIN Action
    2000 Ford Focus (my vin number is listed here)see details (my car is affected)

    Vehicles Not Affected
    The vehicle(s) listed below are either not affected by or have already been repaired for the currently posted recalls.*

    Vehicles Not Affected VIN
    (if no vehiical is listed here than there is no car effected.)
  • rpernarperna Posts: 2
    I test drove a Focus recently, and was pretty impressed - the dash layout is very, very similar to the VW dash (functional, no-nonsense, aesthetically pleasing). I drove a '96 Jetta for 4 years, and the controls were all in the same places.

    While I was impressed by the ZX3, I wouldn't really call the Jetta "inferior" to it, especially the newer ones. They're just not the same league of car, but I don't mean to detract from your Focus at all. A VW is a poor man's Audi, while a Focus is a poor man's VW.

    In fact, a friend of mine is looking for a new car, and I'm trying to steer her toward the ZX3. It is an amazing ride for the money.

    For the record, I leased a 2000 Alero V6 coupe. I wanted to try a V6, and Volkswagen V6s have gotten horrifically expensive since 1996.
  • silverzesilverze Posts: 5
    Saying the Jetta is "inferior" to the Focus may be a bit too strong but I don't see it as a "poor man's" VW! The ZX3 really should be compared to the Golf anyway I suppose, but in either case the ZX3 has superior handling, a larger standard engine, outstanding crash test results, comparable interior dimensions and standard CD player. I've ordered a loaded ZX3 with power all around and ABS and side air bags and still priced out at $2000 below the base model cost of the Jetta. A comparably equipped VW would easily be $4000 more.

    After comparing the two I felt both cars had great designs and would be fun to drive. I did have some concerns about VW reliability after reading some internet posts but can't say if that's accurate. While the new Jetta/Golf is clearly a significant engineering improvement over the older design and is great looking I didn't see it winning European Car of the Year. I chose the Focus not because it was cheaper but because I felt I was getting more overall and -bonus- it cost less. Besides, a German was a lead engineer on the Focus so they're brothers under the skin anyway :)
  • drebe73drebe73 Posts: 243
    I whole heartedly believe in an extended warrenty. Mods are great but when your car breaks down after the initial period (don't they always) the mods are going to be nothing but asthetics.
  • zx3guyzx3guy Posts: 9
    So, you say the Focus is a poor man's VW.... you're kidding, right?

    I can afford to own either a fully-loaded Jetta or a fully-loaded Focus. I did not settle for the Focus because it was 'within my price range' or anything. I went with a Focus because, IMHO, it's dynamically a much better car. Period.

    I can only see three types of drivers who would be interested in a Jetta, especially a loaded one:

    1) Drivers who are impressed with the styling.

    2) Drivers who are devoted VW fans.

    3) Drivers who need a car that says "Hey world! Look at me! I make enough money to be driving one of *these*!"

    I guess what I'm trying to say is this... Just because it's the least expensive choice, it doesn't mean it's the poor-man's choice. In this case, I believe the least expensive car just so happens to be the best choice.
  • norwaydougnorwaydoug Posts: 249
    Dear Focus zx-3 Owners,

    A few years ago...I was very intent on buying a 318TI because it was a cool size, had a hatchback and was almost reasonably priced for a BMW (base model). And hey some cache for a BMW is pretty cool too. I was disappointed that BMW North America dropped the 318TI.

    Now, as a proud owner of a zx-3 with no regrets...I was wondering if any zx-3 owners out there ever have a friend or was a former owner of a 318TI care to voice an opinion. Does anyone see any kinship or similarity between the 2?

    Both have a 4 cylinder DOHC engine (BMW is 137 HP), hatchback, quite short in length. I think there are a lot of similarities (on paper).

    I am raising this topic to return some sanity to this string of responses. (Mind you...comparing a Focus to a ZX-3 may be less than sane...I agree) because I have enjoyed the ZX-3 topic and I would like it to remain fun and enjoyable to read people's excitement (and sometimes disappointment too). We all are sympathetic towards drebe17 and like tickbitty's enthusiasm and most excellent plans.

    Anybody get a watch lately and what color. I don't mind those topics at all! Enjoy driving and spread the word that the ZX-3 is fun and affordable and surprisingly 'just right.!'

  • norwaydougnorwaydoug Posts: 249
    In my last note... I wrote...

    Mind you...comparing a
    Focus to a ZX-3 may be less than sane...I agree

    I wanted to say...

    Comparing a 318TI to a ZX-3 may not be that sane

    sorry about that.

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