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2010 Toyota Venza



  • I am a happy Venza owner and I have not noticed any particular problems with handling or suspension related to the vehicle's 20 inch tires. I gather that I may wince at the cost when it comes time to replace them.
    I have a very basic question for the Forum. What are the advantages and disadvantages of tire sizes ranging from 16 inch to 20 inch? Surely there must be some trade-offs, but I have never seen these defined.
    Many of the reviews of other vehicles make a point that a pricier version of the same car means that, for example, you get 18 inch tires instead of 17 inch. That would suggest that bigger is better, but most comments on the Venza tires take the position that 20 inche tires are too big and magnify the effect of a rough road surface..
    It seems unlikely to me that Toyota would equip the Venza with 20 inch tires if there were no advantages whatsoever to that size, but I have never seen the plusses and minuses explained.
  • But as far as the memory seats go, you can't get that in the
    Highlander either, from what I understand. I really like the exterior looks of the Venza. I saw quite a few on the road up in the North Georgia area while I was away for Thanksgiving.

    But I'm also spoiled in my Lexus ('07 RX350) with the memory seats, power tilt/telescoping steering wheel, memory mirrors, reverse-tilt mirrors and rain-sensing wipers. My lease will be up
    in August of next year, and I'm having trouble finding these features all together in any other vehicle that would fall between the RX in price and the Venza in price.
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    all the dealers ive been to have virtually a huge stock of 2009 venzas left over. My guess is toyota is thinking twice about making more of these. There was no reason for this whale to hit the market. Plenty of suv's in toyotas fleet and YES i think they are becoming a GM. It makes me think twice whether i will ever buy a toyota again!
  • My experience has been different. Put 1,000 Thanksgiving travel miles on my 4cyl Venza during a round trip from NY to Virginia. Averaged 26.1 mpg (w/AWD) and found the seating to be very comfortable w/smooth and easy handling. So far, I love this car.
  • I just wanted to say thank you to entire forum. I've been lurking for around three months and just purchased my 2010 V6 AWD Premium 2 car. I appreciate all of the comments (even the negative ones) and will add my thoughts in the weeks to come (pick up my car next week).
  • luvwowluvwow Posts: 11
    I am in the market now for new suv hubby and I both drive toyotas hylander and sienna van have loved them very reliable and have gotten us across country quite a few times while psc. I am cross shopping 2011 kia sorento its releasing next month looks very nice and has gotten some good reviews have test drove nissan murano,accura mdx,ford escape hybrid,mazada cx9,santa fe, I did check out the venza,hylander, I am tired of driving hylander now since 2001 so ruled that one out and I like riding higher up so ruled out venza plus it does not seat seven looked at the rav 4 just too small for my taste.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 317
    I can only guess this is what texting does to your grammar and spelling.

    Sorry, but I had to read your post over 3 times to make sense of it.
  • I just bought a Venza and need to know if these 2 items work properly:
    1. the side view mirrors don't tilt down when car is put in reverse - is this the norm?
    2. have the power rear tailgate - it opens from inside the car and from the remote, but when I press the button on the tailgate itself, it doesn't open - is this the way it's supposed to work?
  • I bought mine in Oct
    No the mirrors do not tilt.
    At the beginning, I thought my rear door came up when I pushed the button between the 2 letters.
    Now it doesn't, so I am not too sure. It works from the remote and the cock pit.

    Do you know how to lock your doors??? My dealership did not know how to do it.
  • I never noticed a button on the tailgate. At least not on the outside. There is a button you push when you have the tailgate opened. It's along the bottom edge to the left of center near the lock mechanism
  • The back door hatch with the smart key system has two outside buttons below the "Venza" letters. A rectangular button below the "Z" to unlock the hatch (and the car doors), and a small round button below the "A" to lock the hatch (and the car doors). I don't know the arrangement without the smart key system, but page 59+ in the owners manual may help.
  • I just purchased a Blizzard White Venza and was wondering if any other Venza owners might have some ideas or especially pictures of pinstripe patterns on a Venza
  • Hello every one!
    I am planning to buy a new Toyota Venza. I live in LA and would like to own a family car for travel. I appreciate any suggestion, idea or advise regarding Venza and car-dealership in the area. Thank you in advance!
  • I just bought one 2 days ago, and got a great deal (Fleet with a Costco membership discount), from Crown Toyota in Ontario
  • Congratulations!! Im happy that you are done with it! Buying car and dealing with dealership is a headache!
    Im little confused to choose V6 or basic model. Any idea?
    Do you mind if ask you to explain briefly about the deal and the prossece you went through? .....warranty, car model, price negotiation and over all....

    Thanks alot in advance!

  • I got a 4 cyl Blizzard White. It has plenty of pwer and gets better mileage than the V6. If you are a AAA, Costco or Sam's Club member just walk into the Fleet Sales and talk to one of the agents. It is much less hassle than the retail side of auto buying. Tell them the options you want, and they will show you the MSRP and discounted prices, take you for a test drive, etc.
  • I accompanied a friend last week on a test drive of a 4 cylinder Venza. I think the engine makes too much noise during idling, its almost like sitting in a diesel truck.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 317
    Just so I'm clear on this, by saying walk into the Fleet Sales your referring to the Toyota dealer? If so where is the fleet sales office located and isn't that for companies to buy multiple vehicles for their business? Why would they entertain a retail customer for a single car? Just asking, never heard this before.
  • halwickhalwick Posts: 45
    I bought my Venza (basic 4-cyl) through Autoland at my credit union. They are a car broker and can get the model, color, options you want available from a network of dealers they work with. Pricing is comparable to fleet sales, AAA, Costco, other words a discounted no-haggle price. The transaction is done through Autoland, rather than the dealer. With Costco, Sam's, AAA, you go to the dealer and talk with the fleet sales person they have arrangements with and pay the prearranged price.

    Did I get a good deal? When I compared the pricing I got through Autoland with the dealer fleet sales, internet sales, Costco and AAA, it was in the same ballpark. If I haggled through regular sales, I might have paid a few hundred dollars less, but that would have taken more time and added stress. Some people thrive on that, but not me. So I went the car broker route and paid their prearrange no-haggle price, which was about $2K lower than MSRP. (note: I bought the 4-cyl Venza just after they were introduced back in March. Availability was tight.)

    As for V6 vs 4, my insurance company quoted higher much premiums for the V6 than the 4-cyl. I don't carry a full load of passengers plus baggage and drive in a hilly country, so I find the 4-cyl has more than enough power. 0-60 in 8.5 seconds is adequate. Yes the 4-cyl is noisy during idle but I'm willing to put up with that to get better gas mileage and lower insurance premiums. And I like the wheel rims on the 4-cyl model better than the V-6 rims. The only downside is those 19" tires on the 4-cyl, for some odd reason, are more expensive than the 20" tires on the V-6 model. But the savings in insurance premiums over the next 3 years should offset the difference.

    As for options, the basic model (without Premium Package), is more than adequately equipped. Most dealers equip their V-6 models with Premium package #2, which is an additional $5K. I found I could live without those extras. I'm happy with the car.

  • tpoid3tpoid3 Posts: 1
    In the past my process of buying a new car was playing one dealer against the other. Usually I am pretty lousy at getting a good price. I would rather be more informed about what I should really pay for the car. I drove the Venza and prefer it over the Highlander (currently own a 2004). I am looking for a 6 cyl AWD. From what I see the invoice price is $26,595 and I am assuming I need to add destination costs of $750 to arrive at a real dealer price. Am I correct? My intent is to buy the base model as the add-ons immediately propel the car to leather seats that I do not want because there will be a dog in the car. Lastly, how do I play the trade-in aspect of the car in the deal. I have never traded in before. I am in NY if that matters to any response. Thanks so much. tpoid
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