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2010 Toyota Venza



  • I saw your thread where you had to trade in your Venza because of the seats.

    I just bought a new 2010 Venza and my middle back is killing me. I have tried couple of seat cushions with no luck. The problem seems to be that the upper back is made without support (it sinks in starting at middle back)

    Do you have any recommendations on how to resolve this with dealership without
    selling the car?

    Thanks alot!
  • Just received a call from my wife that our 2010 Venza I4 quit running while she was on a 750 mile trip. About 675 miles into the trip in 108 degree tempertures all day running between 70 and 80 mph it simply choked up and lost power. Engine still running but would not go. Claims she still had gas but was getting low. Call nearest dealer and they sent a tow truck and gaver her a rental but will not know until the morning what the damage is. Luckly she left early this morning and it was still daylight when it died and only about 20 miles from dealer. I have her in a dependable new car because she does travel with the kids. Very surprised to hear the car had a problem has any one experienced overheating or computer issues with theirs. Just had a 10K service before she left.
  • I am about to purchase a used 2010 Toyota Venza;
    it is on 13000 miles. now I am assuming it should be still under warranty as the guy got the vehicle on July 2010.

    before I go thru with this - what should I do should I take it to a Toyota Dealer and have it checked?

    I really would like your input dealing with this Venza.
    The person is friend of a friend so I want to make sure I check this car as much as I can before getting it from him

    Thank you!

  • Take it to your local Toyota dealer's service area and ask them what they would charge to perform a state safety inspection. Now that they know you want to pay for something explain to them that you are looking to but this car and would appreciate any feed back they could supply about any obviuos problems or issues.

    I think you would find out what you need to know by doing this....
  • thank you road adventure...

    The seller says it has what he called "Free Maintenance" or Free Service for this car until 7/2012
    -Do you reckon if I took to do that, they would be to check the car that way also?

    or specifically "State Service Inspection" is what I should aim for no matter what? (that way you find out more about the possible condition of the car?)

    Thank you for your time
  • There are a lot of variables. I can only speak, for sure, about how things are for me, where I live.

    Where I live, most Toyota dealers are happy to perform a FREE "71 point inspection" (or whatever they choose to call it) on all cars that are in their service area for work such as oil change, brake service, etc. The key to getting the offered FREE inspection is paying for some actual work. The dealer uses the FREE inspection as a goodwill thing to make you feel good, plus if they DO find a problem you will be informed in hopes that you will ask them to perform the paid work to correct the issue.

    Additionally, where I live, the state requires that all used cars have a state safety inspection before they can be registered with thew MVA. I, or more commonly the seller of the vehicle, would take the car to a state authorized inspection station and pay for the inspection to be performed. The seller would receive an inspection certificate which then is taken to the MVA office when registering the car in your name. One of the good things about this whole procdure is that ALL deficiencies must be corrected prior to the car being registered. If the tires are found to be below the acceptable wear limits, then the tires must be replaced with tires that are within the acceptable wear limits. If one brake light does not work, it must be made to work before the inspection certificate is issued.

    Either method can give you a lot of information about the condition of the car you want to buy...........
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