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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • msmbmsmb Posts: 41
    Thanks very much. I am in eastern NC, which is pretty flat, so I guess that is why I have never seen a full battery.

    Sounds like the EV mode doesn't have much use. will the car automatically enter into it at any point as i think the Insight does?
  • boniamboniam Posts: 5
    I purchased a Prius II in MA for $20K + $295 doc fees + tax + title with msrp of $23760 in Oct 1. I think i got good price though the cash-back here has increased from 750 to 1000 here. I at least saw one more dealer advertising at $19995 here. I also got a good price on trade so I am happy. So far i am happy with my purchase and car.
  • msmbmsmb Posts: 41
    Best price i have seen yet. Did it come with mats or are those extra?
  • pgo1pgo1 Posts: 9
    Congratulations on your purchase! I am looking for Prius in MA as well. Which dealer did you purchase from?
  • boniamboniam Posts: 5
    It was Bernardi Toyota in Framingham. Their internet quote is pretty good. If anybody wants i can give the name of sales rep. Now that cashback is 1000 i would expect them to do it for 250 less. I was given 20k for a black but i later asked for winter grey which had around 210 more MSRP. However we also have a discount program through my work for them so they basically said because of that program they would eat 210.
  • Me too... looking for a $20K, late build, Blizzard Pearl... coming down from the State O' Maine.
  • boniamboniam Posts: 5
    It came with mats.
  • Make sure you get them to give you an update for the Nav system. My 2008 Nav unit is terrible and has incorrect information or doesn't have addresses at all for many places. In addition, there is a great deal of wrong information. They will come back and offer you an upgrade for $200. The Nav system isn't worth that to begin with. You are better off saving your money and getting a Garmin or Nuvi which will have much better features like traffic info. I have to use MapQuest and print out directions since I cannot depend on my Nav unit having the address or correct information. The only thing it really does ok is the 'Go Home' feature. If I were to buy it again, I wouldn't waste my money on the Nav unit.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You are replying to a message from 1 1/2 years ago :D .

    In any case, you are correct, nothing is a bigger ripoff than a factory NAV unit. You can get a Garmin with lifetime free traffic for $100 or less ($120-140 for a wide-screen model). Every factory system I have tried is out of date - way more than Garmin or TomTom (and those are out of date too). The biggest problem is that the factory NAV units lack the ability to navigate on back roads in out of the way places. Once you get off the main drag anywhere in small town America you are out of luck. They have the images of the streets, but can't route you on them.
  • Is this a Prius III with nav or not? Thanks!
  • winginskywinginsky Posts: 5
    edited October 2010
    Leased a Prius III without NAV recently, bay area,

    $1000 drive OTD and $208/mo (after tax) for 35 month, 12K mi/yr

    is that good deal? I don't like to pay for the NAV since it's just too fancy for regular use :) However, I do like the bluetooth & CD changer, mp3 player all the time
  • Which dealer in the bay area? I am in the market as well.
    What was the negotiated selling price on the car?
  • fremont.

    Maybe because all toyota dealers have $1000 matching for down payment until Nov. 1, we can have a better price than last month? The cap before adjusted is about 232xx and money factor is 0.00009, if my memory serves ...
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  • surysury Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    Bought a Prius IV Metallic Blue (Nav, Carpet Floor Mats & Cargo Mat and Appearance Package). Price is $27,850 before Tax. Took a lease with MF=0.0009, Residual = 57%, with $1000down and Toyota matching $1000, monthly payment is $319 (Bay Area, CA, sales tax os 9.25%). Hope this is a reasonable deal. This is for 15000 miles per year and for 36 months.
  • This is a great deal.
    What dealership did you make it ?
    What would be the price for Prius III without Nav ??

  • amar2amar2 Posts: 2
    Looks good deal.. How is your dealer? Is the $319 inclusive sales tax ?
  • amar2amar2 Posts: 2
    Hello Friends, Can you help me to understand what is a good buying price on the Package 4 without sun roof. I noticed in some posts that dealer matches $1000, what does it mean?

  • orunorun Posts: 4
    Have been offered the following for Prius III *WITH* Nav in SF bay area

    Negotiated price 24884
    residual 15857 (57%)
    Initial down $500 (Toyota matching $500)
    Money Factor .00009
    First payment $689 + $500 = $1189
    Monthly payment incl. tax $270

    Is this good?

  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,195
    You can't assess a lease without the msrp.
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