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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • pageuppageup Posts: 8
    That's funny because I was thinking of offering $21880 + TTL as an out the door price before I backed off a bit since I have been getting lukewarm offers and missed the end of the month to deal. I was basing my price on $21k + $500 (for the dealer) + $380 (floormats, Blizzard paint, bumper thing @ invoice). I was including the delivery and TDA in the $21k figure also. So needless to say, I probably would have gone for the deal you were offered and sold the truck to a private party - though in my state the tax is only charged on the difference between the car price and the trade so sometimes it works out to trade. If you are in a place where the $21k deals are advertized though, $21888 is a less than great deal, but not too bad IMO.
  • astylesastyles Posts: 8
    No tax savings in my state on the trade.

    Might wait to see if I can get a better deal on the car at month end, but I might be getting a bit too greedy.
  • Just want to thank tickle, want_prius3 and others that posted sales information....

    Went to Hilltop Toyota in Richmond, CA after talking with a salesman about a previous weekend's ad of 21,777 for Prius II. He said another sale should be going on weekend of 7/27. They had 6 at that price but I was busy and couldn't make it until late Sunday... needless to say they were sold. But they made me great offer on a Blue Prius II with floor/cargo mats & wheel locks (the usual items on most I have seen) that I thought was very good and went for 21,876. After doc, title registration and my tax rate of 8.375% it came to 24050. I got preapproved with Penfed CU for 1.9% for 60 months and they matched it.

    Could I have gotten it cheaper? I am sure others could have worked a better deal but I am very happy with it.

    They did try to push the warranties but I passed... I will probably look around to see what is available at a good price and to see if makes sense to do it... never really gave it much thought so I never did the research.
  • Has anybody in northern California gotten a Prius 2 for around 21,000+TTL? I've seen it done on the east coast but not sure about northern California:/ I've shopped around for about 2 months and after lot's of emails and phone calls I got the best price at around 21,800, please if somebody knows a dealer that sells em for around 21,000-21,400 please post! thanks :)
  • specdanspecdan Posts: 13
    Shopping for the above in the West, AZ,Ca.
    MSRP including Shipping is $32,815 w/Invoice at $30,462.
    Looking for some comp pricing.
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    I just bought and took delivery of a Prius IV. I paid more than $1000 under invoice. I even negotiated them to reduce their so-called documentation fee by $200.

    You just have to be firm and tell them that's all you would pay. I paid cash for the deal, no trade.

    I would say if the MSRP is $32,815 and invoice is $30,462, you shouldn't anything over $29,000. I would start at $28,200 and work up from there if need be.

    Good luck.
  • pageuppageup Posts: 8
    Hi Steve, would you mind sharing the purchase price, not including TTL which is variable from place to place? Also did you get it base with just the mats and the bumper sticker thing or did you get some big upgrades? Thanks!
  • specdanspecdan Posts: 13
    Here's what I ended up with:
    Desert Toyota-Tucson, Az
    First time in awhile that I didn't buy below Invoice, but these cars are selling well.
    I'd be happy to answer any inquiries.
  • ntxprius2ntxprius2 Posts: 1
    edited August 2012

    Can someone who purchased recently please post the price breakdown of a base trim 2012 Prius 2 in the North Texas area? I checked with several dealers in the area and all the offers are at or above MSRP + Delivery + doc fee + TTL. This does not seem right to me compared to some posts in the forum.

  • tnt21tnt21 Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    Southern California Prius III standard pearl white

    Negotiate on OTD price and let the dealer worries about TTL. Price ranges between $26,000 to $27,000.
  • nguytrnguytr Posts: 1
    Hi Redoctane,
    I was wondering what dealership did you get the pricing for $21,800? Are you about to find a dealership that sale them for the price you are looking for?
  • Just purchased a 2012 Prius II for $21,488. After tax + fees it was $23,497 OTD. It was from DCH Toyota of Torrance, CA, I believe the sale starts tomorrow or Saturday, but they were willing to offer it to me today. They'll only honor the deal on cars with MSRP on $24,985. I was also able to walk away with the 0% for 36 months financing. I read a few reviews about the dealership on Yelp so I was worried they wouldn't honor it when I got there but I made sure to call and ask if they had enough vehicles at that price before I went there. If anyone is wondering, the sales consultant's name is Eric.
  • czar4czar4 Posts: 20
    edited August 2012
    Wondering if anyone can help me value my 10 month old Prius v Five (wagon). I'm looking to trade it and KBB and NADA don't yet have a value listed for it since its too new. It's the base Five model (leatherette, Nav, with only a few minor options). MSRP is just shy of $32k. Has 10,800 on the clock.

    Thanks for any help.
  • Just paid $24,450 +TTL for a Prius three in Vancouver, WA. This includes destination and mats. Add another $1570 for after-market leather and heated seats for a total of $26,020 +TTL. Hopefully this is a fair price, I had done a lot of research before going to dealer but had no interest in or time to negotiate hard.
  • Where are you located?
  • dannyyodannyyo Posts: 14
    Hey specdan,

    Does the price you paid $32227 include tax and license?


  • specdanspecdan Posts: 13
    $32227 plus T&L
    Sunroof is $3600 adder included in the above price.
    I'd say shoot for Invoice Cost.
    I like the car so far after a couple of weeks
  • czar4czar4 Posts: 20
    Fairfield, CT
  • I just purchased a Prius Four with carpets and Mats ($220 MSRP) accessory for $26,700 before TTL and trade-in. We bought it using car buying service through Libertyville Toyota Dealership. Let me know if I can answer any other questions.

    Also wanted to thank everybody who posted their buying experience.
  • Thank you for posting about Hilltop Toyota. I checked and they gave me the following deal:

    Fleet Manager: Jong "PACMAN" Paek

    2012 Silver Prius II w/floor and cargo mats
    Selling price :$21,688.00
    Doc prep fee:$80.00
    Sales tax:$1,795.86
    Total OTD:$23,812.21

    Loan term: 60 months, no money down at a rate of 1.9%

    I emailed 10+ other Toyota dealers and Hilltop beat the next best quote by over $1,000! They still have three other cars at the same price during the Labor Day weekend.
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