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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Thanks for quick reply. This is my first price quote from dealership. I thought it can not be the lowest. Who knows, i could be wrong. But like you said, it doesn't hurt to try. I am not looking to lowball dealers, just want a fair price offer and when i look back, i don't regart for impluse buy by paying $$thousands more.
  • I got my 2012 prius II from Puente Hills Toyota in Industry for $21,788 on Labor Day weekend. the way i got the car was through the sunday paper (la times which advertise 5 priuis II @ that price)… i chatted with their internet department and i asked what was there best pricing and they came back to me at a high price, then i mention the ad price from the paper was at 21,788. i got lucky, they had two in stock.... drove to the dealer sign papers and out the door!
  • That sounds nice, wish i would have that luck. So, 21,788 is the bottom line so far and i hope i can snap one below it. I think the timing is right now, it's end of year and dealers are rush to get rid of old cars. So far, my best quote is $22,450, a long way to go.
  • I am also thinking about trading in my 2008 Prius for a newer model. I saw Capitol Toyota has some Prius package 3 coming in under 25k and I am guessing they have room to talk them down. So if you see anything, give a shout.
  • Just bought a Prius Two from Orange, they got tons of Prius Two in stock, you can pick any (except blizzard) for 21,895+ttl (no military disc.) I ended up paying extra 400 for blizzard = 22,295+ttl. Good dealership, nice salesman, no BS or heavy pressure for extras. Avoid Torrance Toyota, they wasted me 2 trips and feed me tons of BS and lies!
  • Just purchased 2013 Prius 3 on Nov. 17, 2012 from Melody in San Bruno for $25,300 (includes destination) in blizzard white with all carpet mats. Only extra was about 10% more for tt&l. Came out at about cost per Edmunds figures. Not a pleasant experience (long delay locating car despite email saying car was available, turned out 2012 wasn't but found 2013), but worth it given the price.
  • Purchased 2013 Prius 3 at Melody in San Bruno on 11/17/12 for $25,300 (including destination charge) + ttl. Color is blizzard white with light grey interior, carpet floor and cargo mats. Only other option was factory installed bumper protection (only small area in front of cargo opening). Came in about invoice cost per Edmunds' figures, so considered it a very good deal. Dealership was a bit of a nightmare because they claimed 2012 was available in emails, but then claimed it was sold the night before we came in. Took hours to locate a 2013, but strung along with claims a 2012 was available at the "warehouse".
  • which dealer in Orange please? I am also in the market for a Prius two in Blizzard white. The best price i came across is 22,499. I countered 22,400 and the dealer hasn't get back to me. Your price is good, espcially you mentioned no BS and nice salesman.

    Do you think it's really worth couple of hundreds more for white color? I am very hesitated.
  • Also, could you share your sales name please?
  • What a good price. May i ask what color is it? Enjoy your new car, congrats!
  • Thank you. It is dark gray exterior (or as they call it, "Winter Gray Metallic") and dark gray interior.
  • finally sign contract for 2012 Prius two today, price at 22,400+ttl, Blizzard pearl. I know if i shop around or wait one more month, maybe i could get it for couple of hundreds less, but time is not on my side.
    We aslo purchase Toyota's Security System package for $576. Hope we will enjoy the car ride for next few years.
    Thanks everyone for help.
  • It is a 2012.

    I unknownly put the salseman's last name and email address in my previous post and the post was removed. Sorry, first time posting and I was excited to share the price and experience. Here is the Prius III I bought last week:

    2012 Prius III with floor and cargo mats. Msrp $26,585.
    Color: dark gray (winter gray metallic) exterior and dark gray inside. I.e. no extra cost like special color blizzard pearl.
    Got it for $23,909 + tax and license at Capitol Toyota.
    Salesman Alexander is fast, no nonsense, treat me with respect and took care of me well.
  • Hi, looks like you got your Prius already, enjoy! I got it from Toyota of Orange, salesman name was Pete in the internet dept. Older guy, very nice and pleasant and no BS whatsoever. I paid $22,295 for blizzard, any other color you can take off another $400, and I think OTD price was ~ 24,361. Again, stay away from Toyota of Torrance, it was a real nightmare dealing with those guys!
  • Does anyone buy a Prius in NJ? Any suggestion dealers? and how much do you pay for your Prius?
  • Thanks for the info. I went to the local dealer and got my Prius II blizzar pearl for $22,400. Seem it's $101 more than what you paid. But the maintainance would be much more convenient for us since the dealer it only 10 mins away.
  • vadaivadai Posts: 14
    I am planning to either buy a Prius 3 or 4 shortly. What are you planning to buy?
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  • Hope to purchase a 2013 Prius Three in next 30 or so days. Not interested in any extras except automatic start (which I understand is installed by dealer). Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated. I do not need dealer financing, and I live in Ohio between Akron & Cleveland. Thank you.
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