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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • mkz71mkz71 Posts: 4
    Anyone gets Prius Two in MA recently?
    I am looking for one now. Thanks!
  • dgnnwsadgnnwsa Posts: 2
    I am currently leasing a 2010 basic Prius paying $230 mos - lease is up in January 2014. I keep getting emails saying that I can get a new Prius for less than I am paying with no money out of pocket. Is this possible? I don't want to go to the dealer and waste hours to find out this is to could to be true
  • Hey Guys! First post on edmunds!
    I've found a couple of 2012 Toyota Prius Five with the Advanced Technology Package and was wondering what would be a fair and logical price to offer right now. I live in Southern California and was thinking of offering $29,500 OTD with taxes, title, and fees. :)
  • 2k5ml3502k5ml350 Posts: 2

    Recently purchased a 2013 Prius Persona in Virginia.
    Blk exterior, Blk Interior
    Option include:
    Floor mats, leather seats, back up camera, Nav, 17" Alloy wheels

    "OTD" Price was 25,482.

    Good deal?

  • adatadat Posts: 9
    Do you mind sharing OTR (on the road price) which includes taxes, registration, documentation etc?
  • We are shopping around for a 2013 Prius five with Technology package. A dealer in town found a 2012 model for us. MSRP is $35.5K with options added. He is offering the car for $23.4K, and also saying that they offer a 7yr/100Kmiles warranty for free. Should I be worried, or just scoop up the vehicle after a test drive? Can toyota dealers increase warranties like this? Having bought cars before, I am just a bit skeptical. This is like $12K off without any bargaining. I asked if this was a new or used car and he said new, just that he needs to get it from some other dealer.
  • ben118ben118 Posts: 2
    you can get the 2013 prius persona for the price
  • 7yr/100k is the extension for Certified Used, so my guess is it has a few thousand miles on it.....still sounds like a fair deal, as the '12 is identical to the '13.
  • rpotrpot Posts: 2
    Toyota 101 in SF Bay area is offering the 2013 Prius Persona for $25,688. Is it a good price? I'm seriously thinking of going for it.
  • ben118ben118 Posts: 2
    What color is it?
  • beamer55beamer55 Posts: 12
    Hi Mortienne - Thanks for your post, I wanted to ask if you can provide the details for your lease meaning the following:

    Total Down
    Total Monthly without tax
    Total Lease duration = months.
    Did you have to pay for dealer fees and shipping?

    This is my first hybrid and kind of excited but dont feel really comfortable with south florida dealers. Thanks again!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    We picked up a new 2013 Prius III in Nautical Blue Metallic with floor and trunk mats for $21,920.00 plus $399 dealer "doc" fee (standard around here) plus TTL. Did the 1.9% TFS financing as well. "Internet special" no haggle price, did the deal over the phone, showed up, inspected the car, signed paperwork, and drove it home. Edmunds shows invoice is $23,683
    and a $750 deale incentive. The car had 2 miles on it after they filled it up.

    We have a 2010 Prius III on lease that ends soon, so we were looking to replace it and at this price and promo finance rate we went ahead and got the car.

    We are in TN.
  • cchoi31cchoi31 Posts: 1
    what dealership did you go to in Va. I'm looking to buy a prius very soon and th as ts a great price for the persona out the door. can you please provide more in for me
  • what was your msrp?
    I am looking for a prius ii and I am not getting attractive offers - around 24k for prius ii base 2012 without leather.
  • mets67mets67 Posts: 8
    Coming up at the end of my lease on my current Prius IV. Have 2 payments left. Dealer proposed new Prius IV with Deluxe Solar room pkg, putting the last 2 payments in, using the $500 loyalty rebate. Here's what the deal would be:

    2013 Prius IV with Deluxe Solar Roof
    MSRP: $33,350
    Price: $31,300
    Lease: 36 mo./12K miles per year; First payment plus taxes and $650 bank fee upfront at $399/mo.

    Is this a good deal?
  • The best offer I got for a base prius two was 24.2k in nyc. Has anyone fared better in and around the tri state area?
  • cherishzmcherishzm Posts: 13
    Hello. It looks like a great price.

    Can you share the name of the dealership and sales person you've dealt with? I'm in NC but would be willing to travel or will try to have a local dealer to match their price.

  • cherishzmcherishzm Posts: 13
    edited April 2013
    I'm getting quotes from NC dealers and best I got so far was $22,500 without the special financing (0% for up to 48 months) and $23,500 with the special financing.

    I think the price is high compared to what other people have been paying for the same or better model especially like the post #1164.

    Any suggestions what dealer and sales person I should talk to?
  • soso83soso83 Posts: 1
    I was quoted for a 2013 Prius 2 blizzard pearl for 25k out the door no alarm, is this a good price? I am located in Los Angeles.
  • rocuriumrocurium Posts: 12

    I am thinking of getting 2013 Prius IV with solar panel package, in So. Ca location. What is purchasing price that people have been paying? Has anyone heard repair cost for the solar panel once off warranty? Or early breakage or damage?

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