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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Got it from Toyota Palo Alto.
  • I purchased my Prius 2 yesterday with 0% financing from Toyota Motor Credit. My auto financing agent listed incorrect address (one digit extra in the street# but everything else is correct) and completed the application which I have signed. I just noticed this discrepancy today.

    How do I get this corrected and can someone advice the procedure of getting this fixed? What are the possible side effects of this error and if there are any, how to correctly address them?
  • I am looking for a 2013 Prius 3 with sunroof and the best offers I seem to receive are 26K + document + TTL. I feel it is atleast 1200$ over what I can get based on the other posts. Has someone got better luck in NJ or tri-state area? I am contacting the dealerships via email/carwoo.
  • purchased a Blizzard Pearl Persona for $27,500 OTD including tax and doc/license/fees. Also got a 72 mo/100K extended warranty for $1200. It included 48 mo/45K routine/scheduled maintenance.

    Very happy - how's I do?
  • Paid 25272 + Tax+Lic+Doc fee that is 28K on the road, it included cargo and cabin mats only.
  • can you please post who the dealer is?
  • did you paid with cash? or got an 0% of 60mth finance offer?
    i am looking Prius II with floor & cargo mats as well
    plz respond to this messege.
  • voice_soulvoice_soul Posts: 6
    edited September 2013
    that seems awsome price for Four.
    did you get it for 0% apr of 60 month?
  • it seems great price for the package and those accessory included.
    do you mind to tell us which dealershop were there?
  • Fremont Toyota
  • No I took 1K off instead of financing, dealer was fremont Toyota and dealing was good as i negotiated over phone
  • If you have weak back go for model four, it has awesome powered lumbar support i can drive this baby all the way to east coast
  • voice_soulvoice_soul Posts: 6
    edited September 2013
    here is the lists of that vehicle

    Prius 3
    Sea Glass Pearl
    Fabric in Misty Gray
    Solar Roof Package
    Carpet Floor Mats
    Carpet Cargo Mat
    Extended from two to five years of maintenance service

    all these thing came up to $28,875.XX for final(OTD) price.
    and i choose the ZERO percent of the rate instead of the THOUSAND dollar rebate.
    Since i am a first time purchasing the vehicle, i had to add either "Gap" which was $695
    or "extend maintenance serive" which was $1,000. i rather have a maintenace, so i added another thousand dollar to my quote.
    by the way if you are the first time purchasing an vehicle and do not want to add both of those service, you must down at least 20% of the vehicle price (as Final aka OTD)

    so, what do you guys think about this price?
    shall i accept it? or use more time to find it out if there are better offer?
  • thx for your respond :)
    i'll just go with either "TWO" or "THREE"
    really appriciate for you advice though
    i left my offer right above this post
    if you are mind, go check it out
  • still awsome price for the 'four'
    have a huge fun with your new ride :)
  • bought 06 last week, dealer took it to get washed, couldn't make it back. Wouldn't run. Has been in Toyota shop 3 days. Experts found nothing amiss; they brought in Toy rep., same story. they reset all codes?
    Now I have it and am concerned of a repeat breakdown.
    Anyone familiar with this scenario?
  • omgwtfhaxomgwtfhax Posts: 1
    edited October 2013
    I paid 21066 for a Prius C 2, OTD, tax, license, fees included. 60 months zero financing. I made my purchase at Toyota of Orange (Ca). Did I get an OK deal?
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    Just paid $19,100 for a 2013 Prius C (2) OTD - not including tax/license
  • sunny48sunny48 Posts: 24
    Anyone bought one of these? My husband just ordered one and I read today that it fails crash safety tests for front quarter crashes and Consumer Reports is no longer recommending it. I'm not very happy about this.

    Also, I think he's about to be charged way too much for it at $35,427 loaded, before taxes, etc.. He's being given $13,000 for his 2010 prius 4 with 58,000 miles and in very good condition. Kelly Blue Book says that it's worth $16,000. I think the dealer is trying to rook him.

    How do I approach the dealer to get the price lowered?
  • My husband just totaled his 2010 Prius 3. He was in an accident and it was the other persons fault. his Prius had about 50k miles on it and they are giving him close to $17,000 for his car. So yeah, I think you are being taken if you are accepting $10k for a 2010 Prius 4.

    And yes, I have seen the bad crash test ratings on the Prius V. Its enough to make me not want to get one.

    We are probably going to buy a 2013 Prius - either a regular Prius 3, or a Plug-In.
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