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Honda Insight Engine Questions



  • It also won't cut off if the defrost is on. The heat stays running, which is good in this WI winter at -4 degrees, but as long as it is saving fuel...great!!
  • I have actually experienced the auto stop not working even when i am stopped and the A/C is off, though only occasionally. Anyone else experience this?
  • Sometimes the battery is not fully charged or the car is not fully warmed up, it will not work. I have had numerous times that the motor has stayed on. Mostly, when the car is fully warmed up and I have been driving a while so the battery is charged, it works fine.
  • I picked up a Honda 2010 Insight the end of December and am still getting use to it.
    The owners manuals lists a number of reasons the auto-stop does not engage. Some of them are listed above. I found the engine restarts 18 seconds after stopping. After a lot of testing, I found if the ventilation system is on, the car restarted in 18 seconds. Like clock work. But, if you press the off button and shut off the ventilation system (the screen goes blank) the engine stays off until you let up on the brake.
  • rushdrushd Posts: 2
    Well they replaced it! I called to make an apointment for an oil change, reminded them that the service manager would replace the pan for free and they said no problem, bring it in 2 days from now. I did, they changed it out, I thanked them and the service manager said aren't you the one that had a bad bat pack? I told him how it was refurbished and he said good for you.
  • Well, I agree that If the AC is off, the auto stop remains until you release the brake.
  • and I have found no one that can fix it even the Honda dealership
  • Just to let you know, we've been talking a lot about the AUTO STOP function in the "Insight Real World MPG" discussion board. You may want to check it out for additional information.
  • The mechanics are in a hurry and typically tighten the steel bolt into the aluminum threaded pan with to much torque srreatching the threads. A Heliocoil is your best bet. Always replace with a new aluminum washer or it will leak, trust me on this. As for now, use Teflon pipe tape around the bolt at least two turns to fill up the gap and protect from leaks, it also prevents wear on the treads. To bad you didn't use Teflon tape from the beginning!
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