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2006 Chevrolet Aveo



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055

    I would encourage you to take your vehicle to your local GM dealership. Please keep us posted when the issue has been taken care of.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • dgw2540dgw2540 Posts: 1
    The response to the issue about the leaking valve cover gasket is not true. Oil will leak from area around the spark plug tubes and get inside the tubes partially filling the spark pug tube. This happened to my daughters 2006 Aveo and I needed to replace the valve cover gasket and the "O" rings for the spark plug tubes. All the necesssary gaskets and "O" rings come in the replacement gasket set. I would suggest Felpro, they are good gaskets.
  • esmatesmat Posts: 1
    I suggest that you get rid of that car, the more you keep it the more money you will lose on it. it happened with me> I've spent more 900$ on my 2006 Aveo 1.5 and it is not running properly and burning oil> The fuel economy on it is not good either comparing with the other cars of its size and engine.
  • This is just impossible and cannot be right.
    A) How come your boyfriend over filled the oil by 2 qt to begin with?
    B) How come your boyfriend did not drain the over filled 2 qt of oil out of the drain oil plug from the oil pan out, you never did say just how he was trying to remove this over filled 2 qt of oil.
    C) You claim no oil was coming out when he tried to drain the oil? After over filling it by 2 qts. This is simply not real or possible.
    D) I really wonder what the actual problem is or what is causing what you claim because based on your description what you state is simply not possible from changing the oil.
  • Keep the car----get a new, smart(er) boyfriend
  • cindylouscindylous Posts: 1
    I know this is a bit late, but I think he drained the transmission fluid, not the oil. They both have drainage valves underneath the car. Hope this helps someone else searching for an answer :)
  • I have an Aveo 2006 Sedan with 80,000 miles and is past warranty. I'll try to tap the sensor with a hammer and see if that lets me get to the mechanic. I'll post later how much it costed to fix.
  • Don't be too hard on the poster or her boyfriend. I decided to do an oil change on my aveo that I bought with 24.5k miles. I had only put 4k on it since the purchase, but since I already head to have a fuel rail replaced and the dealer refused to service my automatic transmission even he admitted the transmission oil was dirty but wouldn't admit it was burnt. (My mechanic buddy, however, swears it smelled burnt, and that's why the fluid was brown. It looked like motor oil that got changed a bit early. Not black, but definitely a dark brown.

    Anyhow. I couldn't believe the owener's manual doesnt even indicate where the oil filter is or where the oil drain plug is. Now, oil changes and the occasional spark plugs are the max of my auto working abilities. However, I've probably done 200 oil changes and have never seen an owners manual that didn't clearly indicate the filter and drain plug locationi. I spent almost half an hour climbing under, over, and all around the engine compartment. The oil filter houseing seemed fairly obvious but it was cranged on so hard, I was even using a breaker-bar, and I was just plain afraid of samaging something. Finally I finessed it off. I did't pre lube the filter but there was a little old oil in there so I put in in and GINGERLY tightened the cap (which BTW looks like a cheap plumbing item from the HD) I forgot to mention that before changing the filter I put the car on ramps and again looked up, down, over here and over there for a drain plug. The ONLY SINGLE bolt/nut whatever I could find didn't seem right. In the back of my head I thought, I'm no mechanic but this pan looks a little small for the supposed 4.5 quarts of oil the car holds. But, again, it was THE ONLY bolt there. This is how the original poster's boyfriend managed to accomplish what he did. Indeed the plug I found, I finally realized, was to drain the tranny fluid. An interesting side note is the fluid looked a lot better then before I took it in so in my eyes it looked almost like new oil. I started the car and let it idle a bit and of course found my motor oil level was way too high. The highest off I'd ever seen after first inspection after a change. So I went back to the only plug that I could see. I spent 3 solid hourse searching the net. Most info was for older cars... I probably read the diagrams wrong but it actually looks like in the 06' you have to remove the tranny pan, to get the the oil drain plug. No pictures or how-tos whatsoever which indicated the drain plug location. The most useful piece of information I found after three hours searching, "2011 chevy aveo oil change," and, "2011 chevy aveo oil drain plug.' - the only useful tidbit I got was this "The transmission drain plug is on the drivers side underneath where the gas and brake pedals would be. The oil drain plug is centered under the engine - duh" Well guess what? I still can't find ANY KIND OF BOLT other than the tranny drain plug and the bolts holding the belt pullies on. Now I had totally drained the tranny all whilst I thought I was bleeding off excess oil. So now I can't even get the car back up on the ramps to get a decent look - even though I really did examine it thoroughly the first time. I even reached up and felt anything that looked like some kind of bold or plug. Of course the local hardware shop wasn't positive they had the right tranny fluid and it was too late to make it to town to a real auto store. So what I'm dying to know, and creaming myself to SEE.... is WHERE THE HECK THE OIL DRAIN PLUG IS. I don't need someone to say it's centered under the engine. I've already put my hands on anything and everything down their that could possible come out... nothing. I'd like to say beause I'm so smart the first area I searched was, "centered under the engine," but that was probably more subconcious habit than anything else. I can't take it to the dealer (especially after my recent issues with them,) they'd instantly declare, "welp, you just voided your warranty." Taking it to s shop, even leaving out the details, but admitting I am incabable of finding the oil drain plug I would be laughed out of the place - or charged a fortune for someone to take 2 minutes and show me.
    What I especially cannot understand is why would owner's manual even bother listing fluid capacities and types, if they don't even show you where the filters and drain plugs are? I read that stupid manual 6 times. Like I said I searched for three hours on the internet. Nothing. Apparently everyone excluding myself and the original poster are just that smart they can find the mystery items easily, or what I think is more likely is that so many people can't even figure out how to change the oil on their aveo, I mean Daewoo, that they're all to embarrassed to discuss it and this is the cause for the lack of information available on the net. Anyhow. The girl who posted is not stupid. Neither is her boyfriend ( my overall ACT score was 96th percentile with 98 percentile in reading comprehension and writing. I'm not a genious, mainly because I don't have the motivation, but I hold four college degrees and even skipped a grade in elementary school. I know now at least one other person made the exact same mistake, for the exact same reasons, that I did. WTF? I know dealers have always wanted you to bring your car in for the tiniest mainenance issue - need new wipers? Better bring it in... but is GM so hard up (probably yes) they they purposefully leave out the locations of their oil filters and oil drain plugs just to drum up more business? Anytime the manual remotely started to sound specific, the next line was always, "you can take your Aveo to the dealership to have this service performed. Now, I'd never try to change a cam shaft or change a water pump or timing belt. But I KNOW you don't have to be ASE certified to do a freakin' oil and filter change. Heck I did my first one in auto shop at 13 and have done all my own changes, all the time, no matter what vehicle I was driving at the time. NEVER has a simple oil change eaten up so much wasted time, caused so much frustation, and it also seems misleading enough that a bet a lot more than two people drained their tranny thinking it was the oil. I promise GM, now that I stuck with one of your crappy American, I mean Korean cars I will always let you perform all major mainenance while this worthless extended warranty is in effect. Would you, GM, in return, at least let us do our own oil changes? I mean, other than draining the wrong fluid and overflowing the engine with oil, what could you really screw up doing an oil change? Oh wait, those were the days when owner's manuals informed the owner where the filter and drain plugs were located. That top the oil filter is a flimsy piece of plastic and again it was cranked down so hard on there I had to use a breaker bar and I seriously thought I was going to ruin
  • baatmanbaatman Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Aveo and thinking oil change and research led me here. Anyone have any joy so far? I don't even want to go look there if you couldn't find it. Where can I get a service manual online..?
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