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Ford Fusion HYBRID Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I will be in the market for a FFH in the next few weeks to month. What are the latest prices that people are paying? Thanks!
  • mpg4mpg4 Posts: 4
    Just picked up a silver FFH (black interior!) yesterday at an Austin dealership. Had to call to make sure they had the car in stock, and we agreed on invoice price. When i got there the process was smooth. No attempt to include anything but what was agreed on. So the invoice was something like 29,800. Plus TTL of course. I had to drive an hour. Local dealers would not budge below MSRP and they didn't even have the color combo that I wanted. I hope this helps and good luck.
  • "Seems like everyone that uses the Ford X-Plan is ordering their car. Is that a rule?

    I picked mine from the selection on the dealers lot. X-plan = $200.00 over invoice + $75.00 fee and tax and you are out the door. They might try to add a fee for advertising but that is negotiable.
  • Bought a FFH with 501A package last week, $500 below invoice. I thought it was not possible in Northern California

    I went in with a Costco program, The deal Costco worked out was $1000 over invoice. After test drive and considered all reviews and ratings I saw, I do like Fusion Hybrid a tiny little more than Camry Hybrid, but not enough to to justify the $2000 price difference between the two. I told the salesman I need to think about it for 1 day, but I had already form a action plan: (1) If I get a good report from the mechanics who was working on my 1995 Camry, I would drive the old car for 2 more years (here in california cars last forever), and check out Fusion Hybrid later when it is not so hot any more; (2) If I have to buy one now, I would buy a Camry Hybrid. The salesman read the situation from my body language exactly right and started to drop price to a level I thought was not possible, we made the deal.
  • Who Qualifies for this. Went to site and it appears Ford Employee's only
  • hackattack5hackattack5 Posts: 315
    The X plan is for Friends and family of Ford employees. I found a lady at work who's brother worked for Ford and was able to get me the X plan pin number. It sounds like "wnvvet" has found a web site that some ford employee's are willing to give their pin number up. I am not sure how many pin numbers they get a year but I don't think it is unlimited.
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