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Ford Focus Hatchback ZX3 - Part VI

mznmzn Posts: 727
edited March 5 in Ford
The conversation about the ZX3 never ends! To see
where we're coming from, please click here.

Now, about the offer of a ZX3 owners
club... I'm sure you have seen our new Clubs
In order for your group to qualify for
membership in this conference, you'll have to get
together and designate two Town Hall
members to act as temporary official spokespersons
for your group.

For more information about how the clubs work,
please click here. So, what do you think?



  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    The club sounds like a good idea. Put me down as a volunteer.
  • gabegarwickgabegarwick Posts: 127
    What does everyone think of this?
    Should we have a club just for us owners?
    If we should decide to, we shall have to elect two from among us who will then act as temporary spokespersons for the group.

    I like it! I'll volunteer along with silver bullet.
  • zx3cdnzx3cdn Posts: 27
    It could be the best thing that we could do. I'm up for it.
  • zx3cdnzx3cdn Posts: 27
    We all know that the zx3 is good value for the money. A friend that I work with bought a Civic hatchback CX last September. He paid about 4000 less for it than my zx3 cost. He didn't get a tach, only has small steel wheels, no a/c, no remote locks, only two speakers with no cd player, gutless engine, and seats that might as well not be there (seems like you sit on the floor any ways). He might have good reliability but he also has three small rust spots already about the size of the tip of a ball point pen (the car is silver and it is easy to spot the rust). Dents all over the car ( the sheet metal seems so thin to save weight that it has no strength at all). He will easily spend 4000 on wheels and performance upgrades to even try and come close to my car. I love my zx3 as does the Civic owner.
  • cefurodcefurod Posts: 72
    Hey, i slipped my post in right after carlady froze the topic. Pretty cool.

    What's the difference between having a club and this forum?
  • zx3cdnzx3cdn Posts: 27
    I nominate projectzx3 and silver bullet. Don't ask why, I just like the names.
  • tickbittytickbitty Posts: 250
    don't see the "last post" you speak of. Is it lost?
  • imsoyboyimsoyboy Posts: 34
    Although I don't have much input, I think the club would be great. As an owner of this awesome car, I find more information here then anywhere else. I look forward everyday to read these posts.

    RCMAN1...I got the extended warranty when I bought the car. 6years or 75,000 whatever comes first. I paid about $965 for it, not realizing that it was negotiable I paid full price. I know a couple of posts back someone got it alot cheaper.
  • p345spdp345spd Posts: 24
    Another forum? While I am excited about the focus, and very interested in other's comments. It's already becoming a complex task to view all the forum's on Edmunds and yahoo and all the others. Also someone posted a note about a club - is this the club($20)? or a forum.

    With more forums, etc. I'll miss a lot more of the posts.

    Lastly, are all of these forums going to be listed in the foc's comment links?
    I became interested in coming back again and again, because people with foc's were helping out new comers and potential buyers, and those waiting for delivery. I found that very stimulating, and I think others do as well.

    Maybe I'm dense (I'm not a club kind of guy, either) but I think everything that makes this forum interesting and different than the ones on other sites will all go away, and you'll just wind up talking to yourselves, about minutiae.
    Best of luck to all, whatever you decide.

    Keep focussed! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

  • drebe73drebe73 Posts: 243
    Hey gang, I'm willing to volunteer. Do I have to actually have my hatchling in possession or could I at least be making payments on a Focus to qualify?
  • cefurodcefurod Posts: 72
    Tickbitty, you're right, i don't see my post anymore. But if you noticed, the last post by carlady is 611 of 612. Hey carlady, what happened to my post???
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    He's got the watch, he's making the payments -- but he doesn't have a car! I think drebe73 ought to be one of the folks moderating the ZX3 club. He'll then be about as involved as a person can possibly be, without actually driving a ZX3 ;-)
  • drebe73drebe73 Posts: 243
    LOL thanks for the support Silver, heck I've got nothing better to do, its not like I'm out driving anywhere. Every one who notices my watch laughs when they hear that Ford sent it to me for buying the Focus.
  • tickbittytickbitty Posts: 250
    have they given you any idea when you will get the car back? One encouraging thing, I guess is that after all that time Project got his car back good as new. Sometimes when people wreck new cars, they are never "right" after that. SOunds like these guys at least have the time to do it right, waiting for all those parts.

    Can somebody please tell me what LOL means? I'm clueless.
  • imsoyboyimsoyboy Posts: 34
    Laugh out Loud..I think
  • drebe73drebe73 Posts: 243
    The last two pieces I need are supposed to be in by the end of the month. I hope (fingers crossed) that I will have it by May. People keep saying that the car will "never be the same" since it was in a wreck. I try not to think about that, since I didn't have it long enough (less than 24 hrs) to know what it was like. I did get the ESP warranty so believe me I'll have that back in the shop if I notice anything out of the ordinary. I plan to keep everyone updated on the board as things progress and also with any modifications I do to it. I will post pictures to the Yahoo Focus Club. Wish there was a place to post pictures on this board.

    LOL does mean laugh out loud
    I just found out what IMHO stood for In My Humble Opinion, Ive seen that used here a lot.
    Now what does OEM stand for? Original something?
  • bdshortbdshort Posts: 27
    OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer (I think)... you see it in the computer biz a lot.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    OEM is not a computer term - it stands for "original equipment manufacturer", in other words, a vendor who supplies a company like Ford with parts from which to build their cars. Many people don't realize that Ford, like every other car builder, actually makes very few of the parts that go into their cars. Ford essentially "assembles" the finished product from parts that come from all over the world, from dozens of "OEM"s. It is an amazing logistics project to make it all come together.
  • bdshortbdshort Posts: 27
    I SHOULD be buying a ZX3 here in the next week or so... hopefully negotiating a price tomorrow. I am qualified for the $400 rebate for new college grads (graduation is on the 6th of May). I should apply this AFTER I have negotiated to a price I am happy with, correct?

    Looking at either a rainforest green ZX3 with A/C as the only major option, or a white ZX3 with only a few minor options (smokers package, mats, engine block heater, the green one has these too). What are some fair prices on these?
  • bdshortbdshort Posts: 27
    I know it's not a computer term... but you DO hear it alot, or see it a lot. Especially if you are one of the people who likes to build their own computers... OEM parts can be a lot cheaper than retail since they dont come with any extra stuff.
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