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Toyota Matrix: FWD or AWD

newbie34newbie34 Posts: 1
I think I have settled upon the Matrix as being my next vehicle. Really, my only question remaining is whether to get AWD or FWD. I live in Wisconsin and often deal with some slick and snowy situations. If you have any experience with this, I'd appreciate your input.

Thank you!


  • wkruegerwkrueger Posts: 1
    I think if you live in the midwest and get precipitation during the winter... the AWD is the best option. I just leased an AWD Matrix in Kalamazoo, MI and look forward to putting it to the test during the spring rains, summer thunderstorms, and next winter's snow storms. I knew I wanted the AWD after I drove my sister-inlaw's AWD matrix two winters ago when the new style Matrix had just come to market. I think you will be pleased with the AWD. Regardless of what you choose, pull the trigger on it soon so you can get the O% APR.
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