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Ford Expedition 4WD Problems



  • 2001navia4wd2001navia4wd Posts: 1
    edited April 3
    About 1.5yrs ago I had an emmediate drop in MPG in my Navi. Dropped about 3mpg, and I have been trying to solve it ever since. Now I am here! I have an 01 Navi with A4WD, 4H, 4L. All instrument lights show as if it is working correctly in and out of A4WD & 4H, and I can here it engage when going in and out of 4L. But I do not think it is ever actually coming out of 4H. In A4WD, the front wheels slip/skip when doing a slow tight turn on slightly wet asphalt, or on any dirt/gravel. I've had my front driver side axle (by the tire) make a loud popping noise when turning tight on dirt getting onto the throttle twice over 2 years (so loud that I got out expecting to see something laying on the ground under it). The sunroof leaks when there is a downpoor and it runs down the posts, which has always scared me about electrical issues. And when I've had it in the shop off the ground, all 4 wheels were turning at the same speed while in A4WD. My rear axle started shuttering last spring, and we put in an auburn locker rear end (limited Slip), we did not change the ratio. But the problem was present before that was done. I also think I am in need of new driver side balljoints, as I can hear a clicking from that corner when making slow speed manuevers. I bought the ride with aftermarket wheels on it. 20" rims, I put on new Toyo A/T tires and had them get me sized as close to stock hieght as possible, but still eneded up almost .25" off. Is it possible for it to be stuck in 4H? How do I check it? How do I fix it? Hope that is enough information to get somewhere with this..
  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 324
    As long as your tires are all the same size, the added height will not effect the A4WD since they are all rotating at the same speed. As far as your description goes there could be any number of things going on. The fact that it isn't doing it on dry pavement suggests it isn't the 4WD locking up. You would be hopping into parking spaces if it was locked in 4WD. I'd suggest maybe CV joints. You are likely to get much better answers than mine over in the FTE website where I see you posted the same question in a number of forums.
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