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Ford Focus Hatchback ZX3 - Part IX

mznmzn Posts: 727
edited March 11 in Ford
ZX3, wundercar! To catch the buzz, click here.



  • projectzx3projectzx3 Posts: 256
    speaking from experience i can say this much... 1/2 to 3/4 qt overage on the zetec will cause a terrible stink of 'burnt oil' when you turn your defroster on. i had to drain the excess and put up with the smell for several hundred miles. for it to happen is simply inexcusable. i will change my own oil hence forth thank you very much.
  • mac54mac54 Posts: 22
    I got the SE sedan with Sport Group precisely because I DID want the spoiler and DIDN'T want the fake wood. Go for it!
  • dch22dch22 Posts: 8
    projectzx3 -
    I shared my oil overfill experience with you a while back and I believe the "unreplaced" filter was where the excess oil likely came from in my case too, now that you mention it. I thought the nasty oil smell had dissipated, but I still get a whiff of it ocassionally.
  • gabegarwickgabegarwick Posts: 127
    I swear I just saw those rubber mats with the focus logo on the owner's connection focus store site late last week. (I was going to order them this week) And now I go back there and the focus store has zippo! nothing! No bras, cargo nets, car covers, nada. Possibly they're still revamping the site? I noticed the owner's connection underwent quite the overhaul.

    I seem to recall the floor mats coming in 3 different colors. I think they were black, graphite, and tan. Price was $46.00 for the front mats only.

    I'm certainly interested!

    Opinion follows:
    What's the deal with the miniscule rear floormats? They look like coasters for my lemonade! (Not that I sit back there) But they don't cover half my sole. Not worth the $22.00 to me... that's only $5 less than the front mats and they're 1/4 the size...

    enough from me... (I'm gonna look for cargo liners after work)

    oh, to those who chose the color Rainforest Green. I finally got to see one in person over the weekend. Very nice color, I liked it a lot. That makes 8 ZX3's in town now I think...
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    I didn't notice rubber mats when browsing the catalogue at the dealer, but I'd bet Weathertech mats are available for the Focus from MacNeil Automotive. They aren't pretty, but they will protect your carpet when the going gets wet and sloppy.

    Yeah, those rear floor mats are hilarious. Not quite sure what Ford had in mind. Why they don't fit between the front seat tracks and extend forward is a real mystery. Maybe we can have a contest to see who has the most creative suggestion for putting them to good use :)
  • stanky73stanky73 Posts: 14
    Just a warning. I picked up some Ford factory mudflaps (front and back) for my zx3 last week. The back ones fit nicely and look great. Tried the front ones, and they dont even come close to fitting despite a diagram saying they will. They will fit the wagon and sedan, but not a hatchling do to extra black plastic in the wheel area. I think they will be making some for front of the zx3 in the future, but in the meantime, I might save you some aggravation. Looks like Ford does it again!
  • imsoyboyimsoyboy Posts: 34
    I sent an email through the Ford/ownerconnect page regarding the oil overfill issue. I'll have to wait 3 days for a response. I'll keep you all posted.
  • norwaydougnorwaydoug Posts: 249
    Today, my rainforest green zx-3 (thanks for the compliment Gabe!) is undergoing minor surgery. I am having DRL installed and I will post the cost of it as soon as I can. I have a feeling that it will not be cheap. The dealer has never installed DRLs and has never had a customer request such a work order. I hope they have the competence to install it properly.

    I am also getting my steering aligned. Upon receiving the 'z' the steering wheel points about 5 degrees to the right while driving in a straight line. IMO, it should be dead straight. I will also let people know if the Ford Dealer can/will fix this issue. I do not have a high opinion of Ford Dealers (the 'z' is great though and have a high opinion of the car and its manufacture) and they will have to earn my respect.

    I also have a slight light rattling sound near the driver's side seat belt cover (very close to the driver's side window). It is so slight, but noticeable while driving with the windows closed and the radio off. Has anyone experienced this rattle? It is so slight that the dealer could never diagnose the problem. I am waiting for it to become worse before persuing the repair with the dealer. I assume I have 3 years to correct this problem.

    All in all it is still the best new car I have ever had!

    Happy Driving,

  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    I can detect the faintest of rattles in my fiancee's ZX3 in the same area you describe. It is so faint that I'm willing to live with it until it worsens. My ZX3 was delivered with the wheel slightly off-center, and the dealer corrected it at no charge by performing a front end alignment and making a minor correction at each tie rod. We BOTH love our ZX3s, and get some interesting looks whenever we are on the road together - two silver spaceships cruising down the road :)
  • drebe73drebe73 Posts: 243
    Norway, I have that rattling coming from the rear somewhere. It sounds like it is coming from the passenger side rear. It is very dominant and rather anoying. I am going to have service check it out.
  • imsoyboyimsoyboy Posts: 34
    I also have rattling in the rear of the car near the button that releases the seat to fold them down. It's driving me crazy...I called the service dept regarding this and they said bring it in but they close at 5:00 pm...I leave work at 4:30 and would have to drive 120 MPH to make it. I'll have to wait for a day off.
  • drebe73drebe73 Posts: 243
    Ok it wasn't me this time but I passed the intersection, today, where I had my accident back in january. Guess what, another accident. That intersection is deadly.
  • imsoyboyimsoyboy Posts: 34
    Well, I got a response but it not the one we were looking for here it is....
    "Dear Mr. and Mrs. ??,

    Thank you for your message of 05/31/00 regarding your 2000 Ford Focus. We appreciate the time you have taken to write us with respect to oil change.

    Our dealerships' staff are highly trained experts with a focus on Ford products and there are resources available to them directly from Ford
    Motor Company on proper vehicle maintenance.

    Your comments have been documented and forwarded to the appropriate departments within Ford Motor Company for their records. Mr. and Mrs.
    ??, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    At Ford Motor Company, we consider the satisfaction of our customers as one of our most important objectives. If you have any other inquiries or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to address them.

    Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company."

    You can all laugh...but I tried...
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    but what did you expect to get from them?
    And this whole topic about the oil change!!
    Just do it yourself and never worry again :>)
  • drebe73drebe73 Posts: 243
    That response is a total form letter. send another comment and you will get the same response just slightly altered. Every time I wrote to complain about parts not being available, I would get the same response. E-mailing them for help is basicly useless.
  • mknightmknight Posts: 57
    If not the club, then perhaps the auto-taser?
  • gabegarwickgabegarwick Posts: 127
    Hey Catsoft,
    Do those floormats you mentioned have the focus logo on them?

    thanks for the part #'s
  • pcleveland2pcleveland2 Posts: 516
    In most stolen vehicles, the owners are kind enough to leave the keys for the person who steals the vehicle.

  • hkoenen2hkoenen2 Posts: 70
    Ok, I admit it, I don't use my CD and I am addicted to AM talk radio.

    Is anyone having problems with their radio reception on AM? I am getting a lot of background noise specially when the brake lights are on. Any suggestions?
  • tognetertogneter Posts: 245
    I have no problems with AM or FM reception. Do you have generally weak signals in your area?
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