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2010 Toyota Sequoia



  • I was interested in the SR5 w/ the bigger motor in IL, but was told that this configuration is not available here. I dont want to pay for the extra stuff on the limited which I dont need. Leather seats? Optitron gauges? This is supposed to be a UTILITY vehicle is it not? Is this dealer full of BS or is that really the situation? Where in the US can you get the SR5 w/ 5.7L engine? Maybe I will just go with the 'burban because you can order that however you want.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    The SR 5 as shown in the 2010 pamphlet indicates 3 different engines are available in the SR 5 including the 5.7 liter. Try another dealer. I know that if you live in south east you cannot get a non-flex fuel engine in a 4x4 which by the way is a 5.7 liter engine. If you wanted the 4.6liter in a 4x4 forget it .This non-sense also applies to the Tundra 4x4. The only engine available in any 4x4 in the southeast is the 5.7 flex fuel engine. I have been informed by the mangement of one dealer there is about 15 gas stations in my state that sell E85 ethanol. Why would anyone want to buy a truck or suv with a fuel delivery system made more complicated to use a fuel that is crap and not available.


    Toyota wants you to buy their product but tell you what engine you can have in different areas of the country even though three are made for the SR5.

  • latifalatifa Posts: 3
    :confuse: Thinking to buy sequoia2010
    I want to know your opinion
    I am undecided between land cruiser v6 or sequoia
  • guchguch Posts: 12
    I need help with understanding sequoia system.
    I am planning on buying this truck for my wife. Since it is a RWD truck I worry about her driving it on wet roads and in snow. Switching to 4WD seems to eat a lot more gas so it seems like a waste to drive in 4WD in just little rain or snow. How is Sequoia's traction control and vehicle stability control going to do in these conditions? Dealer says it does greatith VSC alone withput need to turn on 4WD.
    My other option is to get Lexus GX 470 or 460 when it comes out , these are full time AWD.

    Thank you for your advise and help
  • it seems like i can get a similarly equipped limited (with navi and rear dvd, floor mats, and paint protection) for about $4 to $5k less than the platinum. i can really only identify about three or so real differences between the two models - no second row seat heater, no front seat cooler, no second row console, and different suspension.

    actually, i dont even want the first three, but how notable will the different suspension be? i notice that you can manually adjust ride height and switch between "comfort" and sport" setting on the platinum, but otherwise, they seem pretty much the same to me.

    does anyone have any input about the suspension differences, i.e. worth the extra $5k?

    are there other differences that i am not noticing?
  • I ordered a Platinum because the base suspension was a little soft. I liked the way it rode in the sport mode. Plat also comes with adaptive cruise control which when offered alone on cars is usually a $1000-$1,500 option.

    For me personally, I usually regret the not getting the bells and whistles after buying the car more than being happy with saving the money.
  • Thanks for the advise. I completely agree on the regret factor when you skip a few options (I have a daily reminder of this with my 2005 jeep grand cherokee). The $5k isnt really a huge factor for me, it is the lack of ability to truly customize the vehicle. I really dislike (on the platinum model) that you have to have the center console in the middle of the second row. I would prefer to have the extra room for people to move around (or be able to order the limited with the adjustable suspension). I am not sure which one of these two is more important to me, but these two options are what is keeping me from ordering one right now.
  • I wonder what the actual differences in the suspension are. Are the shocks different ? Is the whole thing just beefier/ stiffer?

    I wish you could order this truck with the options you want. I want a bench seat in the middle row and I want the better suspension. I wonder if there will be any changes in the option packages for 2011?

    How are people finding real gas mileage.? I have a 2007 GMC Yukon Denali XL. I am getting an avg of 15.7 around town and on the highway I can get up to 19. The seats dont fold flat and you loose a lot of cargo room in what should be a huge flat area. The old design was much better in that area.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Toyota Sequoia Real World MPG may be helpful.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I have a 2010 Sequoia with factory remote start. The engine will automatically turn off once you unlock the doors. Is there anyway around that? Shutting down the engine and then immediately restarting it seems ridiculous and harmful to the truck in the long run.
  • jdubjjdubj Posts: 1
    Was there ever an override for this? After remote starting, having to restart the engine is total waste of starter!
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