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Toyota Tacoma Exhaust System Problems

margaret97margaret97 Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Toyota
My catalytic converter was stolen a few days ago. with no damage to sensors.
My neighbor says I can use an aftermarket cat. con. to replace it myself, but will need to fabricate some flanges.
My mechanic says I must use a true Toyota cat. con. as others are illegal and won't work long term and won't pass smog test.
Can anyone tell me what's what with replacing one?


  • i need two new cats for my 95 taco, at least that's what i hear.
  • i've got a 95 taco with 275k miles.
    Check engine light came on today mechanic says i need a new cat on the number one bank, though he recomends i replace both.
    Which side is bank one?
    are there really two?
    anybody recomend a good cat legal in Calif.?
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  • the bank 1 is the driver side cat and the bank 2 is the passenger side my taco had the same issue the only company that makes california compliant converters is magnaflow catalytic converter Im not sure but i think the part number is 36006, just enter your year, make , and model and the correct part comes up godd luck and happy trailing
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