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2010 Honda Accord



  • A week ago I bought a 2010 Accord EX-L V6 for $24,501 plus tax, title and destination.

    Love the car. I had Hondas since 1988 and made the mistake of switching to Saab 9-5. Recently was able to find a taker on that car and convert back to Honda.
  • That's a great price. If you wouldn't mind, fill us in on what Honda's you previously owned. As the miles accumulate it would be interesting to read your impression of the current generation and how it stacks up to your previous vehicles. I'm on my second Gen 8 V6, so it's pretty obvious that I'm a fan. But they are/were my first Hondas. I always wanted the reliability that Honda is famous for, but wanted something larger than previous Accords. While I got the vehicle I wanted in the current generation, those that had previous experience with the smaller, more sport like Accords felt somewhat betrayed by the newer larger model. In my experience it’s a car that offers great comfort and economy when driven conservatively. When conditions permit, lay into the throttle and it can provide a reasonable impersonation of a sports sedan. Good luck with your new ride!
  • daneeldaneel Posts: 19
    I am the satisfied owner of a 2004 EX V-6 Accord (58,000 miles) and a 2008 LXP Accord (29,000). I am tremendously impressed with the 04 as far as power, fuel efficiency (up to 33 mpg at 4-6 miles above highway speeds), reliability (original tires and brakes, just regular maintenance), driving pleasure, and nimbleness is concerned. However, I am of the opinion that the 08/I-4 is a more solid car with as much nimbleness and driving pleasure as the 04. Also, thus far we had no rear brake problems or for that matter any other problems - just like the 04/V-6. The 08 does have more road noise.
  • My 08 rear brakes needed to be replaced at 30,000 miles. A lot more miles than some have reported, and I'd guestimate that 22-23,000 of those miles were city. Honda split the cost with me so that helped to a degree. Previous vehicles traveling the same routes had gone about 45,000 miles before any brake work was required but it was always the front brakes.
    33 mpg's is the best I saw with my 08 V6 and repeated on several tanks driving the same speeds you mentioned which I find really impressive for a car this size. I haven't driven any extended interstate trips with my2010 V-6 yet. Best I've seen so far with 70% hwy balance rural to stop and go is 28 mpg's, again no complaints with that type of fuel economy. Road noise in my 2010 is such that above 45 mph the bluetooth HandsFreeLink is not useable. I speak commands that at lower speeds are responded to as expected, but above 45 after several attempts I find myself driving down the road frustrated by it's inability to correctly dial the numbers I'm asking it to. Any feedback from others on this feature?
  • My first Honda was a 1988 Civic Si which I totally loved for 180K miles. Then had a 1985 Accord SEi for about a year before getting a new 1994 Accord EX Coupe. Then I went with a 1998 Accord EX V6 and ran until 128K miles when the trans went. Then had a 2007 Civic LX which was great but I told myself I wanted more so I traded for a 2007 Saab 0-5-total pile of crap. That was in February. I was finally able to unload the Saab and time worked in my favor to get a deal on the outgoing 2010 EX-L V6 which I love so far. I bought it for good reliable transportation with nice options. My other car is a 911 and nothing else will ever be as enjoyable to drive. This fits perfect for a daily driver to work, is very comfortable and has a ton of room inside which helps haul around my 8 yr old twins. :)
  • rustumrustum Posts: 100
    Thanks for the update. I also noticed similar behavior. Looks like same kind of plastic is used above the trunk behind back seat. Honda might have used it some other places. That should explain about the rattles.
    I also observed other issues. I recently bought the car . It has 500 mil. There is a small vibration or shift while closing the doors from wide open. When i start the car early in the morning, it runs at higher rpm. I can hear loud noise and feel vibrations if i put the car into reverse at this point. There is also small noise from the AC fan at the beginning.
    Not sure if these are any new issues with the car. It might be the way car is designed and built. Although it does not feel as agile as my old 2001 v6 Sonata. But it is more comfortable, sure footed and secured. It really feels like sitting in a shell. I really liked the black interior. Please update us if you are able to fix these rattles with the dealer.
  • I have my EX-L since Monday and I LOVE IT!!! Woke up this AM to frosty windows but no need to worry I have heated seats and side view mirrors. Gotta love it!! And XM radio is icing on the cake....I am hooked!!! :))))))
  • I have a 2010 Coupe, my door panels up next to the window are discoloring/fading. Dealer says it's due to lotion from my wife. They replaced both, less than a week later, fading again. They said there is nothing they can do about it, use Pledge Furniture Polish! I don't think so. If i did & they discolor more they wouldn't be covered under warranty. Anyone having this issue?
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 818
    edited October 2010
    If the panels are showing fading in less then a week, I would have to side with the dealer that the sun is not to blame. It usually takes years for interior parts to fade.

    So, does your wife use lotion on her arms? There may be a chemical in the lotion that is discoloring the panels. I had a friend that left a whitish discoloration on my truck, It did come off with an auto interior cleaner.

  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    So do both sides fade or change color? If not, it can't be the car... unless you always drive with the sun shining on one side.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    So do both sides fade or change color? If not, it can't be the car... unless you always drive with the sun shining on one side.

    Depending on commute, that's actually fairly likely. I always drive into the sun (I work ENE of my home) so my front dash sees a lot more sun than the rear shelf.
  • Friends,
    Just wanted to pass along some information I was told last night when I dropped off my 2010 Accord V6 Sedan. There was apparently a Honda Service Bulletin that covers replacement of front brakes. Then I was told that my rear brakes were close to shot and those need to be replaced. The odd part about the rears is that there was also a Honda Service Bulletin that addressed the replacement at no cost to the owner. This is no longer in place due to the fact that there was a Class Action lawsuit that Honda must have lost. Now I can submit a duplicate copy of my receipt to the law firm overseeing the disbursement of funds to Accord/Honda owners and I might get 50% back.

    Just wanted to share this so you can bring this up next time you are talking to or standing in front of your local Honda Service Dept. This is all I know as I am waiting to pick my car up from the dealership today. I thought the strong vibrations were related to Variable Cylinder Management but my dealership is having me address the brakes at this point; implying that there really isn't a problem with th VCM. We'll see and I'll try to update this post when I feel I have more info or road time after getting both the front and rear brakes replaced my 12,000 mile Accord.

    Philly Mike
  • Has any regular Honda owner feel like the quality & features of Hondas lately have decreased? I've owned Hondas since 1983, i feel like they are starting to cut back on quality & features to keep sales going. I'm talking about interior/exterior quality & features. not mechanical.
  • I agree it's now an option. I think Honda is cutting back on a lot of good features to keep prices down & sales up. I paid extra for the mirror, due to the convenience of it. Like you it's standard on the Sedan EXl_V6, why not the coupe? Also there are not any door lights, reflectors in the door. If they continue to do this i'll quit buying Hondas, they are quality vehicles but they need to quit cutting back, they'll loose sales.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 178
    My personal opinion is that Honda executives have been drinking the same Kool-Aid for the last 4-5 years that Toyota executives have been drinking since 1995 (the year Toyota began "de-contenting" their vehicles). Cost-cutting seems to be more important to Honda than the public's opinion of their cars.

    I think the 2007 Accord was the pinnacle for the Accord, and both quality & features have been going steadily downhill since then.

    As far as the mechanical bits go, Honda seems to be hanging on to old technology much longer than they did in the past, like the antiquated 5-speed auto transmission and the addition of VCM (shudder) to the V6 to slightly improve the gas mileage.

    For sure, the next time I get the desire for a new vehicle, the Honda dealer will NOT be the first stop I make.
  • I had a 08 Accord EX-L V-6 w/Navi. i wish i had it back. To me it had a lot of features that aren't on my 10 Accord EXL V_6 Coupe. They could add the rear view camera, lights in the door, auto mirror to name a few. I may go with a Maxima as my next car, they cost more but have a lot of features that Honda doesn't. I had a 04 Maxima SL, liked it too, traded it for the 08 Accord. I understand keeping costs down but when you get the top of the line car you should get top of the line equip. If the Sedan EX-L V6 w/o Navi. has auto mirror, door lights, camera the Coupe should too.
  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    edited October 2010
    I just switched to Honda from a Toyota Solara and am very disappointed with the quality and features of the LX. All door handles are stiff and crude, ride is rough and noisy, paint is thin, engine has surge when creeping forward and brakes are poor. Next car will be another Toyota or Chevie Malibu.
  • daneeldaneel Posts: 19
    Loucopits, I simply cannot understand postings like this one. Did you indeed take the Accord LX for a test drive before purchasing it?
  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    Yes, i took a test drive but it was too short.

    My bad.
  • Hi Guys, I have just completed 3 months with my brand new Accord. It has done 2500 miles so far and the oil life shown as 70%. As it is 3 months old now, I have scheduled my first oil change this coming saturday (3rd Nov). Now a second thought came into my I really need to change the oil now? Mileage done is very low and the oil life shown is 70%. Is it good to change the oil now? or shud I wait for another 1000 miles to complete ? Please suggest me...
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