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2010 Honda Accord



  • What is the going prices for 2010 Accord LX or LX-P automatic for Southern California area?
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Hi, bella... You might have better luck checking out the forum below.

    Accord Prices Paid & Buying Experience
  • Thank you!
    I appreciate your help.
  • dgs4dgs4 Posts: 66
    So 9 pages worth of posts on the 2010 and not one person stopped to answer the question asked by the person who started this whole thread in the first place. What is wrong with you people? You just go on and on about little crap that only someone who is extremely anal retentive would care about yet you can't take a second to help this guy with his question about a USB port on the 2010 Accord?

    To answer your question, as a new 2010 Accord EX-L 6-speed coupe owner, no, frustratingly there is no USB port on the 2010 models. Only an AUX port in the center console, which is just a bizarre omission to me. The Fit, Honda's cheapest model gets a USB port, but the Accord EX-L which is the flagship model in the Accord line doesn't? I have no answer for that one.
  • dgs4dgs4 Posts: 66
    I also just realized the question about a USB port was asked a year ago, so it's probably a safe assumption he has already gotten an answer to his question. Still, it's ridiculous with all of the posts after his no one bothered to give him an answer. Instead we get six pages of bitching about no glove box lighting on the 2010 models? Some people need to get a life.
  • mbusuttilmbusuttil Posts: 11
    I have the 09 Accord ES GT and i have tthe USB in the middle compartment near the AUX.
  • dgs4dgs4 Posts: 66
    I don't know what the ES GT model is, but it's not a model sold in the states and here in America no model Accord comes with a USB port.
  • dlflyboydlflyboy Posts: 24
    I'm glad I didn't wait for the 2010 model. But, I do like the rear AC vents though. ;)
  • dlflyboydlflyboy Posts: 24
    OMG. I as thinking this also. All these customers with break issues that could affect your safety and Honda gives this guy a "light" that barely does anything at night (I certainly can't see with it)? What's up with that crap? lol Someone has their priorities all screwed up! :P
  • dlflyboydlflyboy Posts: 24
    Hmm. My '09 EX-L V6 doesn't have an engine cover.
  • dlflyboydlflyboy Posts: 24
    Hmm. My '09 EX-L V6 doesn't have an engine cover.
  • dlflyboydlflyboy Posts: 24
    I have it in my EX-L V6. Wasn't on my option list.
  • dlflyboydlflyboy Posts: 24
    But, aren't the headlamp projectors better on the coupe than the sedan? They look like my old xenon lights on my saab. I know they're not xenon. but they have that "bubble" look.
  • dlflyboydlflyboy Posts: 24
    So you got the light but no wiring to make it work?
  • rt4rt4 Posts: 13
    Sorry to intrude on this forum, but could someone please direct me to "noise control" issues with late model Accords. I am talking specifically about road noise intruding into the cabin. I have a 2007 Pilot at the present , and will probably buy a new 2010 Accord, but want to address the road noise immediately.
    Thanks for the help!
  • Honda Accords are known for having high levels of road noise in the cabin, and the 2010 is no exception. It's a small price to pay for an awesome car. If this is something that bothers you, I suggest you take the 2010 off your list of possible new cars to consider. :shades:
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 176
    edited April 2010
    If you find the road noise too intrusive (we did), you do have an option besides taking the Accord off your list. However, it won't be cheap.

    The answer is to have your new Accord insulated with a material like Dynamat (do a Google search) or a similar product. This is what car stereo stores use to insulate vehicles when a big sound system is installed. The cost of labor will far exceed the cost of the materials though, as the car interior needs to be almost completely stripped out--the material installed--and then the interior reassembled. Many, many hours of labor if you pay someone to do it.

    I had some Dynamat left over from a partial install I did on a Honda Element a couple of years ago. The Element is also a horribly noisy vehicle. I removed the Accord's rear seat bottom cushion (no easy job) and stuck the Dynamat on the floor under the seat, where Honda put virtually no sound insulation/deadener at all. I also stuck some under the rear seat carpeting since I had access to that area with the cushion removed. Still having a bit left, I removed the trunk liner in the center of the trunk and the spare tire and completely covered the spare tire well and all other accessible sheet metal I could get to. Again, Honda did not apply any insulation in the trunk area at all. It's no wonder the car was noisy. All this took about three (3) hours to do, and is only a small fraction of the car that could be done.

    The result? The Dynamat reduced the noise to a tolerable level. Perfect? Heck no, but a lot better than it was. I'm sure with another $150 worth of Dynamat and several days of work, I could quiet the car down to the level of a Lexus or Acura. The inside of the doors and the rest of the floor need to be done, which means removal of the front seats and all the carpet--a MAJOR job indeed.

    My guess is that it would cost at least $1000 to have a stereo shop do the work, maybe a bit less, or a whole lot more. And, this may affect the warranty if it could be claimed that installation of the material caused some failure to occur.

    Maybe it would be easier to simply look for a quieter car. We like our Accord, but it's unlikely we would ever buy another one. ;)
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 451
    I have an '05 Honda Accord EX-L. Isn't it a shame that you would have to go to those lengths to get the cabin quietened down? How much would it cost Honda to do the same thing? It would be a small amount per vehicle. They have to know about the noise complaint.
  • rt4rt4 Posts: 13
    Appreciate your comments concerning my question on road noise. I figured there was some kinda fix, but what you describe is indeed time consuming and costly. Do believe I'll keep my '07 Pilot another year. It has 62,000 miles and is running great!
    The Accords are a very good car, but will pass for now.
  • bigbutrbigbutr Posts: 111
    Does anyone know if Honda addressed this problem from the 2008 model? Specifically, when the a/c is engaged, the headlights dim briefly, something akin to a flicker. When I first saw this, I thought I was seeing things. Dealer said it is normal, but no other car I've had ever did that!
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