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Unusual Drivetrain Sounds

codeman25codeman25 Posts: 1
When car is warmed up, and either reversing or driving out of 1st gear there is a loud ping sound coming from under the car. Sometimes it will ping twice. Sounds like front and sometimes back. I dropped the driveline and took to mechanic and he said the ujoints were good. 1 of the 3 though had a tiny bit of play but not enough to call bad. Trans, and differential have new fluid, when changed there were no metal shavings. The pings sound like if you hit a frying pan with a small hammer. What could the problem be???


  • The truck-1992 b2600i 4x4 5speed kingcab.
    The Problems- When I shift the transfer case into 4hi and start to drive (wether forward in any gear or in reverse) the truck starts making a loud clanking sound from under the truck. The sound resignates somewhere from the transfercase forward. I think it is either in the clutch or t-case itself thats making the sound because it does NOT make the sound when the clutch pedal is pushed in and It ONLY makes this sound in 4hi, NOT 2hi and NOT 4low. When the clanking starts I feel the clanks in the clutch pedal very softly and if I dont hold the tranny shifter tightly in gear (ie. 1st gear must be pushed up very hard and reverse pulled down very hard) it makes a sound like the gear has come out of gear and the n you feel in the shifter the gears spinning as if its the gears were scraping but not going into eachother fully. I also notice when I am driving that when ever I stop and shut the truck down then go back to it with in a short period of time I can smell the smell of a slipping clutch
    The Questions- could my tranny or transfercase be somehow getting hot while driving and burning the clutch fluid or could the smell be coming from an incorrectly adjusted clutch? I was told the cluch master cylinder was recently replaced so is there an adjustment on a hydraulic clutch system or could i need to rebleed the system?
    Is this my transfer case having a broken tooth thats only on the 4hi gear or could the clutch have something to do with it? Just wondering because it never clanks in 2hi nor 4low nor when the clutch pedal is pushed in.
    I can perform adjustments and bleed the system and thats all I know, So, Does the issues sound like adjustments or should I just take it to a tranny shop?
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