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Isuzu Rodeo Frame Rust



  • Good luck. My Redeo just when in thursday. The towing company just droped it in the lot with the keys still in it. It sat there for for six days now and the didn't even look at it yet.
  • I have not recieved a recall letter. I was told I would recieve it the first week in December. And now when I call the 800 number, I'm told to leave a message. Which I have and they do not return my calls. And there are people recieving their recall letters that filed way after I did. Now what do I do?
  • I received my recall last week in the mail for the 2001 Rodeo Sport Anniversary Edition. I call the 800 at Isuzu and the woman told me exactly what I need to do and gave me the number to the local dealership here in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, which I called them. I made my appointment for them to look at my SUV two days later on Thursday December 23, 2010. I haven't heard a word so today I decided to call the dealership and they hadn't got the vehicle in the garage to even look at it. I've had three different auto repair facilities inspect the vehicle an all them say they've never seen anything like it in their entire careers;the entire frame from back to front rusted out so badly you can take your finger and push in the frame. The service guy at the dealership tells me on the phone, "yep, based on what I saw, you going to need a level 4 repair!" I am thinking what the heck are you talking about, "REPAIR"??? There is no good frame remaining to attach this so called level 4 bracket repair to the vehicle. So I called the Isuzu Owners line and get some putz on the phone. He tells me that the recall is only to repair the mounting brackets that have broken away from the frame because of rust, yes RUST, but it is not a recall for a rusted out frame and if the dealership tech determines that the level 4 bracket will repair the mounting bracket that would be the repair. Has anyone had this repair done on the level 4 status and is it even safe? I am being told that with a rusted frame, this is just patch work they're doing to get people out of their hair. What are my options with this so called recall now. I've already gone a had to buy a new car when this vehicle almost rolled over and killed me over 3 months ago.
  • Update: I recieved my recall they picked my car up tuesday. This morning the mechanic from isuzu called and said he looked at my car and it was the worse one with rust he has ever seen. And he said he refuses to fix the trailing arm. He said he called the isuzu corperate to come in and look at my car, because the rust is beyond repair. He said they will arrive next week to look at my car. Soooooo now I wait to see what they wanna do about it.
  • I took my 2000 Rodeo LS to my local dealer and they looked at it and ordered the big kit to repair the frame but on the drivers side there was not enough frame left to attach the kit?????? So I now have an unrepairable rodeo. I called isuzu and they told me that they were working out a buy back program I may get 2000.00 for my rodeo did anyone else hear anything like this?
  • A buy back program would be great, as it seems that the mechanics haven't been informed as to the full scope of the amount of rust on the frames. Who is kidding who, there is no frame left on these vehicles, and no brackets are going to make the vehicles safe.
    However, $2000.00 is a pretty sad amount. What are we supposed to buy with that?
    Got my letter from Honda...still need to make my appointment. My frame was replaced this past summer by my husband and son. It was featured on a local TV station, investigative reporter, which was cool. I think they want to continue the story and see what happens when I take the Passport into the garage for the undercoating "preventative" and the extra brackets. We have saved 1/4 of the old frame, with the serial # on it for documentation, and that will be coming with me.
    Really waiting to see how this all plays out for the 144,000 - 188,000 affected Rodeo and Passport owners. The saddest thing is the number of people who got tired of waiting and junked their vehicles and now have nothing left. For them, the $2000.00 would be a Godsend towards their new car payments.
    Once again, thanks to our host, Steve-O for staying with us while this all played out, over the past 2-3 years, Edmunds was a big part of helping the owners get together and push this recall through. That and the facebook forum, both reached people that otherwise might not have been made aware that they were not alone in this rusted frame problem.
  • yes, I have spoken with the Isuzu people and the National Transp. Safety and this is something in discussion. Buy back at $2000 was the "figure" I got also. I already had my frame completely re-welded - 2 years ago. It cost us about $2000. to do that - so now I am working on getting our $ back. It was quoted to us that the "frame was like swiss cheese..." - the welder took pictures before and after - and we at that time were only 6 months out of the warranty....

    It is a sad state of affairs....The recall has been made - but the issues remain - the companies doing the repair are in mass confusion and do not have the forms or the fixes to take care of this - In many cases they are at a loss. Isuzu denied to me two years ago that they had issues.....that it was all nonsense....guess they should have looked a little closer and got a head start...

    We have a review appointment next week to see if the frame work welding was done correctly and if it was then we can process a claim for the welding - the car is in good shape - aside from the frame issue - now repaired - so if you can get it welded completely for $2000. and Isuzu picks up the tab....that may be the way to go....worked well for us
  • I spoke to someone at owner relations today and he offered me $1500 for my rodeo that was a daily driver in working order before my suspension broke. (as explained in my previous post) When the welder looked at it in my yard he said " no problem " like $300... the next day he called and said the further he looked for decent metal to weld to the more the frame fell apart.
    Now I am told that they will give me $1500 , the cost of installing the bracket, in return for my signing it over to them so they can destroy it ? They are not offering to buy it back from me, So why would I sign it over to them. I feel that there is alot of value left in my car that they are not alowing me to recover. I am currently on hold to let them know that I will sign a release stating that I acknowledge the car to be unsafe for use but I want the car back in my yard as even scrap value is better than nothing !
    and I can use alot of the other parts for other projects. I feel otherwise I should be paid fair market value for the surrender of my car for them to destroy.
    The person I spoke with told me that he saw pictures of my frame and that there is obvious rust holes in the frame that should have been noticed before. I told him again that the holes thru the frame were not there until the welding shop started to look for good metal. When this happened he showed me sections that looked pretty solid, after a few light taps of a hammer it would just crumble away ! I feel this is just an extention of the recalled issue and I am surprised at the way they are acting about it.
    I dont know how everyone else feels about it but I paid alot more for my rodeo and would like to atleast be allowed to try and recover some of my money. I am not sure what will happen but I will repost when someone answers the phone.....
    uuggghhhh.... :mad:
  • I have a very good friend with a 99 passport. This being exactly the same as the Rodeo. Honda currently has him in a rental and they are buying back his passport for what he paid for it. How does that make us feel???? What the hell Isuzu ?
  • I have a 98 rodeo that would not pass inspection last June, I spent 1300.00 to have the frame rebuilt, then a few months later the bracket broke and cost me another 350.00 to have it fixed. Now after the recall, they say I can send in canceled checks and a bill to have my money refunded. I am working on that since I don't have canceled checks. but I still want to have them check out my rodeo because I know there is more rust. The closest dealer is 50 miles away and I need to make some arrangements because I work. I'll keep ya posted
  • This sounds much too familiar. Almost identical to my situtation, I find it ridiculous that Isuzu is saying that these frames are 'repairable' when you can put your finger through the metal on a frame that is only 9 years old!!! How is it safe and responsible to put a bracket on a rotten frame?? They are telling me they will give me $1500 which is what it would cost them to put the brackets on my truck.....which would still not be driveable due to the corrosion on the rest of the frame that their so called 'recall' does not cover.....I am wondering why the NHTSA is not forcing Isuzu to recall the entire frame and not just a portion of it as the rest of the frame is guaranteed to break and cause more accidents and/or deaths....doesn't seem right. Isuzu should step up and at least give people the current market value of these trucks.....I had to buy a new vehicle, even though I had a perfectly good truck with no other problems, with the expection of the frame!
  • I spoke to another person at owner support, he said Isuzu will not give you money and the car back, but the money is so that they dont have to put the kit in. I understand that, but even if the car was squashed for scrap, isnt there value.... I had interest on craigs list in some of the parts before I heard about the recall and removed the ad. I think They should let us have the car back or pay fair market value. I am not even talking about book value but $1500 isnt going to cut it. I had figured $2500 would be fair knowing that they are not looking for us to buy cars from them ever again. I can easily get the rest of the money out of mine by parting it out. But it sounds like they are only going to pay what they pay and thats it.
    It's sad that this is what I had waited for ? after being told in october they would buy it back at "fair market value" if it was not repairable ?
    Maybe he thought I had a pasport in october ?
    total pita... :mad:
  • If you call and tell isuzu you are afraid to drive it that far, they will pick it up with a flat bed.
  • I would like Honda to buy back my Passport for what we paid for it...the ridiculous amount of $28,000 brand new back in 1998. Of course, we were getting a HONDA (so we thought) 4 wheel drive, all options, excellent reviews back then. We have had issues over the years, 4 fuel pumps, alternator x 2, brand new wheel blow out at 200 miles (we had to pay for the replacement), poor seat belts, but that is all over a 12 year period...almost 13 as we purchased it in March of 1998.
    Going to call the dealer we purchased it from and get my appointment set up...I will keep you informed. As mine is drivable due to the frame swap, I am hoping I don't get jerked around. Keep you posted! Unfortunately, the ABS and air bag lights have remained on, despite being to a garage to reset the codes. Hopefully, Honda will do that for us at no charge.
    Too bad they won't reimburse us for medical bills. The tranny and engine fell on my son's hand/thumb during the frame swap process, and he ended up with 3 surgeries, 6 pins and wire wrapped around the remaining bones. 50% loss of his thumb movement (of course, on first glance, they were going to amputate). He had such a bad crush injury that the bones shattered into unusable splinters. $29,000 medical bills. We were fortunate that the Hand Center in Louisville is only 20 minutes away, otherwise the outcome would have been drastically difference and much much worse. Thank goodness for insurance, but still, it cost us around $10,000. Wish we never replaced the frame. I would have loved to have the Passport towed in to Honda and stood there to see what they thought of the frame that has been denied as being as issue for 2 years now. Of course, I was the first to complain (ha ha ha ha!), and they had not hear of any complaints before or after mine (another ha ha).
  • knp412knp412 Posts: 17
    I was just offered 1500.00 when I got in the accident it was listed in kelly blue book as 6500 to 7500. This is crap I would like to start a Class action lawsuit . Anyone would like to join please respond the more people we get the more they will have to give in and give us at least 6000.00 or more . I figure there is about 3000 to 8000 people in the same boat as us.
  • Actually, 144,000 were included in the original recall, that was the original #. Later figure was approx. 188,000 affected vehicles, so you are talking about a lot of people.
    I think a class action law suit would be a great idea...but what lawyer or law firm wants to take on a corporation as big as Honda America? Would be great if we could find one. Toyota bought back the Tacomas affected by the same frame rust issue (manufactured both our frames and the Tacoma frames), can't understand why Honda won't do the same. Of course, they put their badge on an Isuzu, it never was a Honda.
  • knp412knp412 Posts: 17
    Toyota owns part of Isuzu This vehicles were all assembled in South Carolina
    but the parts were made in Japan and China. I think we could find a good lawyer if we all sign up together and/or get NHTSA to go after the real issue here of a rotten frame not rear brackets. I have spoken with Derek from NHTSA many times He was supposed to call me today . I think if we push the issue they may go after the frame instead of the brackets thats not was not the whole issue here.
  • jmcd2jmcd2 Posts: 4
    My son was driving my 2001 Rodeo to school and called to tell me that something was seriously wrong. When I had it towed to my mechanic the frame cracked as they were putting in on the flatbed. Mechanic stated car is a total loss. My vehicle was towed to a dealer the day the recall letter came in the mail. I was told that the bracket will not fix my damage. I have been back and forth betweeen Isuzu and dealer as Isuzu claims they have no record of the reports or photos from the dealer. Have not been given an offer as yet but I worked in insurance for twenty one years and I had an appraiser give me the fair market value for my vehicle. They said it was worth 5,500. I will not accept less than that and feel they should pay loss of use. I was going to contact an attorney if they offer less but would be interested in a class action law suit. Also talked to NHTSA and so far the frame is not part of the recall. Can't understand why if this many people are affected. Everyone needs to contact NHTSA.
  • I put in a new case/claim with the NHTSA the other day for the entire frame rot, as this bracket nonsense is not right! How can they tell me that they can put the brackets on my rotten truck frame and fulfill their 'recall' obligation, however, your truck will still not be drivable or safe???? Really! The NHTSA needs to step in here and force Isuzu and Honda to do the right thing and make this right for people who are out a perfectly good vehicle other than this....and where forced to buy a new vehicle.
  • madinmassmadinmass Posts: 11
    edited January 2011
    I have had my Rodeo for 9 years, I bought it brand new 12/01. Six months ago it needed some repairs, and prior to doing the repair, I asked the service dept to look at the frame before I spent the $400.00 on the engine. I was told the frame looked okay and they proceeded with the work. Now I am wondering if they really had a good look at the frame! I took my Rodeo in for the recall inspection, and was told that the frame was totally corroded. Now I am in the middle of a battle that I never could have imagined. I have had it with Isuzu and their tactics. Friday my Rodeo was not repairable and I was told I would receive an offer on Monday. Monday comes and I get a call and wouldn't you know..... a second look at the photos and my Rodeo can be repaired under the recall, but the frame is so corroded that the service manager at the dealership doesn't think he will be able to lift it up to do the repair and even if I have it repaired it will be unsafe and will not pass inspection. Furthermore, I have to sign a release stating that I know the vehicle is unsafe and should not be driven. I told Isuzu that I could not believe they would even suggest that my vehicle could be repaired, their response....the recall is for the brackets not for the frame, well if the frame is so corroded, why would you try to attach brackets to it! Isuzu is well aware of this and offered me $1500.00 (the cost of the repair) if I chose to forgo their recall remedy. I will not accept the money and I am not going to let Isuzu off the hook. If they want my car off the road, they will pay me what my car is worth! I have written a letter of complaint to the NHTSA and to the State Attorney General. Hopefully, the recall will be revisited and amended to included the entire frame. I told the dealer to go ahead with the repair. I'm ready to play their game!
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