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Isuzu Rodeo Frame Rust



  • Or go to down the page to the consumer news on the right side of the page...Its the third article...If you can get it to post to this site as a link,it would be appreciated,as I am not real pc savy! -say-car-owners-are-ignoring-a-rust-safety-problem.
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    This may work better -
  • Its sad this has happened to these vehicles,but what is worse is the blase (sp?) attitude the reps have that we talk to at Isuzu about this.Ford handled their recall with grace and fairness,and so did Toyota on the Tacomas buyback couple years back,as I know because I hauled a couple hundred into Ganley Toyoat in Akron...I think the main reason here is because Isuzu is essentiall y gone,other than the commercial truck market. The NHSTA needs to step in,IMO,and mandate that the give people at least KBB fair or NADA trade value.I bought mine cheap cause it need some welding and tires,starter,battery,etc,but when I was done it was fine.....then 3 months later the rear snapped and took out the brake line.Lucky my wife was injured or anything!
  • rusty63rusty63 Posts: 1
    We have a 98 Rodeo. The kelly blue book is 4500. and Jim at Isuzu is only offering $1022 - take it or leave and we have till Friday to decide. It is a beautiful SUV and runs great and had planned to drive it many more years. What can or should we do? $1000 will not replace this.
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    They're doing the same thing to me. I'm talking to a lawyer.
  • Do you know about the facebk for this? search for rodeo & passport recall. Alotta people on there.
  • If that's correct: "By Ohio law, the car is supposed to be road worthy or the manufacturer is supposed to replace it or give you monetary compensation. " then you need to talk to your state AG's office pronto.
  • nhrodeonhrodeo Posts: 6
    I just got "the call" from Impartial Service Group that somebody else will be calling me in 3-5 days to do the exchange of paperwork for my check. I am confused about the w-9 that needs to be filled out as well. Is this saying I MADE money on my rodeo that I will be taxed on, because I actually LOST money.
    Anybody have any insight?
  • You mentioned ABS lights being on... would that be on 1998 and 1999 Rodeos/Passports that had the ABS Coil Integrated Modules replaced in a recall in the USA in 2003-2004?
  • You mentioned that your ABS light is on... did you have the recall on your ABS "Coil Integrated Module" done back in 2003-2004?
  • volksfanvolksfan Posts: 1
    I bought my vehicle with a blown engine. I had to spend months of my time and money getting it rebuilt only to find out after driving it for a week that my frame was about to fall apart. It was as my service advisor had discribed "the worst he had seen." Now because I did not pay top dollar for my vehicle I am going to be getting screwed. I worked for toyota when they recalled the tacomas. I am working for ford now while the windstars are being recalled at a rate of 150% of blue book retail value. Why are we getting the shaft from a company that before now I would have placed above ford.
  • finus1finus1 Posts: 1
    I am interested in the lawsuit. I bought my 2001 Rodeo a little over a year ago for a little over $4k. Now they offer me $1600 for my daily driver that has nothing wrong with it, with the exception of the rusted rear frame connection being broke. Im stuck with an inoperable truck with not enough money to purchase a vehicle in the same running condition. If they would have at least offered $3k, I would have considered that to be fair. Now I would rather they just fix the truck and keep that change.
  • crowmackcrowmack Posts: 1
  • me11yme11y Posts: 1
    I have yet to get my Rodeo in for an appointment (next Thursday). I don't think they will be able to install the reinforcement bracket as the rear frame looks pretty bad and has holes in it. I also don't think this dealer I am bringing it to has dealt with this recall yet because they seemed like..we repair it if it's necessary.
    I am concerned that if they are trying to repair it and need to take bolts and parts of, they might not be able to get it all back together and then what....
    I am not going to pay for any extra parts. If they are offering me money for my Rodeo, I don't think it will be enough to get a car with that in the same running condition. If it wasn't for the frame I am pretty sure everything else would still run for a few more years.
  • ponesskponessk Posts: 1
    I'm late to the party here - I cosigned on a 2001 Rodeo Sport S for my daughter last year. We still owe $4,500 on the car, but just yesterday experienced the rusting frame issue. We're told by Isuzu that this particular model (the 2-door) isn't covered by the recall even though it's the IDENTICAL issue described in the recall description! We filed a complaint with the NHTSA and with our state's Attorney General's office (and requested mediation). Right now, we are stuck with an unrepairable junk car that we can do absolutely nothing with until the debt is satisfied. I can't believe how angry I am about this. Does anyone else have the model that isn't covered, but has suffered the same problem? The two people we spoke with at Isuzu honestly could not have cared less about our plight.
  • Hey there, well, I got the recall notice in the mail for my frame rot as well.
    To give a little education on me: I am a Senior master mechanic with 29 years experience under my belt, and am very familiar with what you are talking about.
    about 6 months ago I experienced the left top rear shock mount rotting off the frame, and the shock blowing a hole on the rear floor above it. The frame I had discovered was rusting enough I could not fabricate and weld a new mount back on the frame. so I removed the shock for the time being so it would not cause any more damage to the vehicle. I do steel fabricating as a hobby, so I was thinking of a resolution to the problem. While thinking about it I get this recall notice in the mail. So I think GREAT!!! The factory has had these problems, and has come up with a solution and is going to fix this issue, right? Hell no, dead wrong!! I call them and they tell me the recall covers the rear lower control arm mounts only... Hummmm well I asked them what about the rest of the frame? The only rust on the frame is the rear upper shock mounts and the upper coil spring mounts, and the frame cross bars, the side rails seem to be pretty sound, just surface rust and no holes. They insulted me by saying I didn't even know what I was talking about at all to take it to a qualified isuzu dealer, and that they would not cover the issues I just described. They told me they have never even heard of such an issue. SO I did some snooping around and have looked at other rodeos weather they are 2 or 4 door didn't matter and about the same years as my 2 rodeos I have ( 98, and 99). some had the exact same rust issues, some didn't have any at all. turns out they were built 2 differant places up north and out west. My wifes 99 was built out west, and of course mine was built up north. The only ones that have the issue are the ones from up north never out west. An none of them had control arm mount issues. They told me under no circumstances will they cover my issue at all. Hummm well after all the Rodeos I looked at , about 150 of them, not one had control arm mount issues at all, all the ones from up north had the exact issues I have now. SO I gave up on the As* H**es, and fabricated new, heavier duty upper shock mounts drilled the frame and bolted them on, and now have to fabricate upper spring mounts for it as well. There is a little modification I had to make to make this work but it will work very well and out last the truck.
    SO Yes to answer you, I too was treated with disrespect and am stuck with a P.O.S. from Isuzu, and has left a very sour taste in my mouth since this happened!
    Rich, A.S.E. Master certified Auto mechanic, and of course more than qualified than most of those Isuzu geeks to do any repairs. :)
  • Where did you find that they were built in two different plants? All the info I found says that Isuzu only had one manufacturing facility in Lafayette, Indiana.
  • My plan is to file a claim in Mass. Small Claims Court for my rusted out 2000 Rodeo frame (65k miles). Does anybody have a mailing address for Isuzu in the US? Thank you.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,921
    edited July 2011
    This is probably it, but you could call and ask:

    Isuzu Motors America, LLC

    Some states require arbitration, so you may want to ask about that too:

    BBB Auto Line
  • My 2001 Rodeo was in excellent condition, I bought it new and took good care of it, loved it so much really never wanted to part with it. I had no idea about this rust problem son was using it with his 3 year old son in the back when it just broke in two. If he had been going over 25 mph he may have been injured or killed. I had just received the letter 2 days prior and was making arrangements to take it into the dealer (75 miles away). It had to be towed, it cannot be fixed at all and I got a call from Izuzu telling me they will send me a check for $2860 and I sign off on all claims, give them the title and registration and they will crush it. They told me everybody is getting the same amount and I just wonder what my options are? I can not possibly buy a car of any sort for that and being a retired woman on fixed income I have no idea what I am going to do. Has anybody been contacted yet and would you think we could negotiate the amount?
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