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Isuzu Rodeo Frame Rust



  • Well Tues 1/31/2012 Isuzu will be buying back my Rodeo Sport (Got private party value)... alot more then the $300 mechanic said for my "piece of junk"... so from start to finish took 20 days to get check in hand if people are wondering... for me at least... As i stated Karen was very helpful... GL guys w/ the Rodeos I'll miss mine, 1st car i owned that was brand new. Too bad the frame was junk.. Hope you all get good $$$ for your's...
  • modernmodern Posts: 1
    Please what number did you call. They told me there was no recall on my 99.
  • I just spoke with Terry and he looked up my VIN number and said my 2001 Rodeo Sport didn't qualify and there's nothing he will do since "the Sport models are NOT part of the recall." Jon2002 - you have a 02 Sport, so how did you get Terry to act? Do you have Karen's direct number? I can't get past Terry.
  • styleu2styleu2 Posts: 1
    Hi I am just trying to get any numbers and names of anyone who can help me out. I was recently driving and almost killed myself and my small children. I ended up off road because of having no control over the steering of the car. did make it into drive way somehow without dying! Anyways brought the 2001 Rodeo to a maintance man only to be told that there was absolutely nothing he can do cause the entire underside is rusted away from frame. The car now is in drive way and have no idea where to begin to see if isuzu will take responsiblity for this piece of @%&. I can not afford to just toss this car. this car was garage kept for the most part. I have owned the car since 2001. It has 115000 miles on it. I just cant believe thats all you get out of this suv 10 years?????
  • nhrodeonhrodeo Posts: 6
    Did you get the recall notice in the mail? Same thing happened to me...lost steering while driving. They will buy it from you...not a tremendous amount of money, though. I had also owned my 2001 since new with 85,000 miles on it $ I got $2700...though they seem to be giving more $ now. :-(
  • jon2002jon2002 Posts: 3
    Hey guy, im not sure why they took my rodeo sport back maybe it had something to do with how little miles iy it had. All I know is everything in my other posts. I called the 1800 number and complained about the rust and karen called me back like 1hr later. She said that the recall wasnt for the rodeo sports but if I was willing to take it to the dealership so they could test it and take photos.. I said yes, took it to them... It failed she calked back telling me that it failed and as a sign of good fail in them thwy wanted to buyback my truck to study the frame. Maybe a recall will open up for the sports but thats all I kno. So sorry about all the trouble you guys are having. Find the number to call try to get karen only person I dealt with neva got terry other then to transfere to karen..
  • meg098meg098 Posts: 1
    I just had my 2001 Rodeo towed about 60 miles from home. I was driving to work and all of a sudden my vehicle when out of control. The left rear suspension bracket had rusted off (right side didn't look good either). The mechanic has looked at it,and has said it is repairable. My question now is....How safe is my Rodeo really gonna be? I do have small grandchildren that I drive around with in my suv.. Should I be nervous or not?
  • bfar21bfar21 Posts: 1
    I own a 2001 Rodeo with 100k miles and holes in the frame, in front of and behind the rear wheels. I just spoke with a Lee at the 1-800 # and he was quite obstinate more or less giving me the corporate response telling me the recall only covers a small portion of the frame. He didn't make any mention of Isuzu buying back vehicles, rather told me he couldn't discuss the details of any other transaction. I didn't even get into it with him and just asked to be transferred to Karen (thanks Jon). Hopefully she'll get back to me.
  • arysarys Posts: 2
    hi i also have the same problem with my 2001 isuzu, the frame is done, they tall me it can't be fix. so they offer $ 2,347 to buy it back from me. here is the thing the truck got over heated because the radiator is also defective in this trucks, i brought it to my mechanic and he tall me about the frame problem. he tall me it wasn't worth fixing the head gasket before fixing the frame. but he had taking out the cylinder head of all ready. now the isuzu agent tells me that because the cylinder head is of, they can give me only $500. he went from 2,347 to 500. he is defenaly trying to f. with me. what can i do about it?
  • arysarys Posts: 2
    call the isuzu dealer they are supost to fix it, free.
  • badrodeobadrodeo Posts: 1
    Hi All, I also have been duped by Isuzu and the used car dealer I traded it to. Of course I did
    not tell him of the frame rot when I agreed to buy his 2005 Ford Escape for $8200 and got
    $2000 for the Rodeo. He was probably aware of the buy out program and is getting $2700
    from Isuzu. Now I am finding rear wheel well rust/rot on the Escape with only 73k miles on it.
    And when I brought the Rodeo in for the recall in 3/2011 I was not advised of the ultimate
    fate that awaited me the next year when I took it for state inspection.
    It seems that the people in the car market and ownership of cars is very scarey business.
  • used2loveemused2loveem Posts: 12
    To the poster of #418...I am a former salesman,and have owned many Rodeos,and had one bought back last year by Isuzu.Let me explain something......the $2k you got ON PAPER ,in real money was probably only $500 to $1000,as the price you paid for the Escape,probably had about$2000 profit in it to the dealer,so he probably overallowed on your Rodeo,to protect himself.And you brag that you didnt tell him about the frame rot?.....yet apparently werent smart enough to look under the Escape?...Whats that say about you and your ethics?...and what does it matter what he MAY get from Isuzu?...Whether he makes or loses on that doesnt concern you,as its no longer I used to tell customers,if you are happy with the vehicle you purchased,the price and payment,on the day you bought it,it doesnt matter how much or how little the dealer made,as some days they do well ,and other days ,they make little or lose ,just to keep turning inventory...
  • used2loveemused2loveem Posts: 12
    Also, you need to take responsibility for your actions,so in this case,DEPENDING what the Escape may or may not need,as you arent clear as to whether its just wheel well rust on the body(cosmetic),or if it is a structual issue with rust,as in the Rodeos....,,remember,you didnt inspect it apparently,KNOWING full well the trade in had problems.I hope you dont have kids that you transport in these vehicles,for their sake!
  • dwester8dwester8 Posts: 1
    hi this is the first i have heard of this and was wondering if this is only on the rodeos and passports or does this include the amigo as well i have a 98 amigo please let me know if anyone does know thank you for your time and reply.
  • maddashellmaddashell Posts: 5
    my daughters broke same side on 5-27-2012 and isuzu told me to pound salt, the recall was over, i contacted the NHTSA today and filed new complaint, you and everyone else should do the same to get recall reissued,or offer a buyout of the piece of trash.(sittin in my driveway and yours) the body is immaculate the frame sux
  • maddashellmaddashell Posts: 5
    I know you did this in 2009 what was the end result and how long did the results take? my rodeo trailing arm broke off on my daughter on saturday 5-27-2012 and i just filed complaint with NHTSA and ISUZU today
  • marinakymarinaky Posts: 64
    We ended up trading our 1998 Honda Passport in last year. We got a Toyota RAV4. Received $2400 for the Honda. But...our Honda had a rebuilt frame (my husband and son did a frame swap, removed the rusted frame and replaced it with one off of a 1998 Rodeo 2 wheel drive which was rust free.) So, needless to say, I am beyond dealing with Honda at this point. Unfortunately, I started all this back in 2009. And since these vehicles are not only still on the road, but being bought and sold by "reputable" seller/dealers, there are going to be people like yourself who don't have any idea that there is or was or will be any problems until it happens to them. Back in '09-'10, we pushed our cause, had it on the news, wrote to magazines, called our government, did everything we could. We tried for a class action law suit. We were not bigger than Honda. So I did what most of the others did, sold the vehicle, moved on and put this all behind me. I'm sorry for what you are going through. Somewhere along the line, the owner of your vehicle received the recall notice and I would trace it back and see who the owner was when the recall came through October, 2010, and whether or not the vehicle was inspected by a garage or mechanic for rust issues at that time, and whether or not it was a Honda garage. Also, when did you purchase it? Have you checked to see if there are any open recalls on it? They don't expire, to my knowledge. If you take it to a Honda garage, any open recalls have to be fixed at no charge to the owner, if not previously taken care of by the previous owner/s. But, if your daughter has been the owner over the past several years, she would have received the recall notice by mail.
  • smmennismmenni Posts: 1
    I own an unrepairable 98 isuzu rodeo with a completely rusted out frame, i called the number on the recall website and was informed they would do nothing at all for me because the recall expired in december. What is this buyback option, i was not informed of that of course. Is there a number i can call to get some satisfaction from this company rather than just getting shrugged off by some customer service rep. who doesn't even care or try to help??
  • i got the same response when i called them last week i have contacted the national highway traffic safety adminastration and filed a complaint, this is a safety recall that should have never expired, i also contacted my local media outlet and will be informing all people out there that this recall expired, (atleast in Cincinnati Ohio) good luck hope you can get satisfaction, what I think we (as owners of these vehicles) need to do is file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against isuzu and drive them totally out of business, not that it will, but atleast try,once again good luck
  • we bought it in june of 2011 we had no idea it was under recall i was a mechanic for 20 years and retired never had any idea how dangerous this actually was, it is still in my driveway, i am to the point i want to contact an attorney(my daughter will be an attorney in 2 more years) i am sooo frustrated i am beside myself. we never received a recall notice, I have egg on my face because I was a mechanic and should have checked it out further before purchacing this toilet. FOOL ME ONCE.........:-(
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