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Isuzu Rodeo Frame Rust



  • rustedisuzurustedisuzu Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    Help! I went to get a muffler replaced on my 2000 Rodeo LS and the mechanic freaked out -- he said my frame was totally rusted and unsafe. There are holes and cracks clear through. He told me to park the car -- don't drive it is very dangerous. I am so very very upset as I can't totally can't afford a new car. I've had it since it was new. The body is in good shape and I do regular maintenance on the engine. I see here that this is a somewhat common problem. Can anyone give me some direction? What did you do to resolve this? Is it fixable? Who does work like this? Is there a recall brewing? Any help or advice that you can give me would be truly appreciated.My email is I am in shock. Never expected this. Thanks so much. Linda Seabold
  • marinakymarinaky Posts: 64
    Is Honda fixing your Passport? I saw you mentioned the dealer report. Is the dealer going to do something about the frame rust? Did they tell you how many others they had seen or that yours was the first? And I am assuming you fixed the initial problem years ago, but the rust just kept going. Did you file a report with the initial episode? What was the fix that lasted until now, new metal welded on?
    Have you contacted your local TV station trouble shooter to get them in the picture? Stories are being done all over the country on this. I did my interview today. Boston, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Detroit, many more.
    Every day, there are new posts from unsuspecting drivers/owners that this has happened to them. It seems like it is getting to be much more frequent, probably due to the age of the vehicles.
    Honda and Isuzu do need to do something. I had to file a new claim with Honda last week. Turns out that after 6 months, they closed the case. Guess that is one way to "get it done". Not the right way, but out of sight, out of mind.
    Well, we will be in sight very soon. Honda, Isuzu and the entire country will have their eyes on us.
    This is even bigger than the Toyota story. Toyota at least stepped up to the plate. Honda and Isuzu are side stepping the problem, because they don't recognize it as being a problem.
    Frames falling of of vehicles that look perfect is a problem. And I hope this is done before a fatallity occurs.
  • mosalemmosalem Posts: 1
    I got exactly the same problem in my 1998 Rodeo, and when I took it to the the body shop I found 3 other Rodeos with the same problem!
  • I have a 2000 Rodeo S 2WD w/ about 60K miles. Interior is in very good shape. Some minor rust on the outside. I knew I needed shocks, exhaust and a starter. When they put it up on a lift this week, the garage called to give me the bad news about the frame ... rotted thru and needs a new rear end ... but they are not sure they can fix it so are getting a second opinion from a frame guy. I was shocked like you. At least we were not in an accident. I do not know what I will do yet ... depends on what the garage tells me. I live on an Island where the speed limit is 20mph so I may chance fixing it. However, based on the comments I've seen, repairing for highway driving is riskier unless the rust is relatively minor. If a serious injury or fatality has not already occurred from rust thru on a rodeo or passport, I believe it could happen and action is necessary. I will try to get pictures taken and may take the story to my local paper and regional news center. This was certainly a major expense and a hidden danger that many of us were not counting on and it does not seem fair. How many others are out there that do not read this forum? I certainly do not want anyone to die or get injured and It would certainly help me if we could be compensated somehow. Just sharing my frustration.
  • bbrown55bbrown55 Posts: 16
    Not sure where you live - but call your TV station - and follow the threads of what people are doing. File with the Transportation Safety in DC - in these threads the address and name of the person, write a letter to Isuzu in California and documentation....take pictures of the rot - we had ours fixed $2000 by a very good frame welder and everyone agrees he did a great job - our car looked great (2001) and low miles - but had a swiss cheese frame! they are working on a re-call so the more you do to advocate for yourself the better you will be in getting your money back or part of the recall. Derek Reinhardt is the man's name in Washington - he is going crazy with all the complaints - but I have spoken to him several times and the process is moving foward. Documentation, filling out the form and patience.
  • dougw2dougw2 Posts: 4
    Still waiting and calling. Called Honda again Friday 4/30/10, pretty much told the same thing, but I did get a case number from them to add to the information I'll be sending to NHTSB. I also called Isuzu Friday 4/30/10 and spoke with a Jim in customer service. Was told they were aware of the problem, unfortunately for me the Passports are being handled through Honda, I wonder what response I would have received if I had a Rodeo?
  • rusted98rusted98 Posts: 1
    I just saw on the local 11 pm news Channel 5 in Boston MA that my rodeo rust isn't from living in NE!!!!it is literally rusting away, wheels as well. The body is in great shape just don't look underneath!!!!There has been a class action suit filed and supposedly NHTSA is investigating claims. In the meantime what is the consumer to do?? My mechanic told me not to drive far that everything is rusting away!!!
  • marinakymarinaky Posts: 64
    The woman you saw on the TV station Channel 5 is a member of the Facebook web page Recall Isuzu Rodeo Honda Passport Frame Rust. If you to there, you will also get help. And photos, I just uploaded a bunch of photos of my frame, as it is totally removed from my Honda Passport. My husband is in the process of doing a frame swap. I personally know the woman, because I too have been interviewed for a TV investigational program on my Honda Passport. But, if you take the time and go through the previous posts here on this forum, you will get all the info you need how to submit your claims. When you contact Isuzu and they tell you that you are the first to have this problem/complaint, just know that's not true. Because they will tell you that. I personally posted the letter on this great web site from Derek Rinehardt, who is the federal investigator for all of us. Just follow the instructions and get yourself included with us. Good luck.
  • marinakymarinaky Posts: 64
    And when they mentioned Kentucky and there was a woman in the blue shirt by her vehicle, that was me. My story will air within the next week.
  • smithfannysmithfanny Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 rodeo same problems as everyone else. Talked to Isuzu today and they told me that they were aware of the problem as well, and gave me a Case Number. I Just Put 842.00 in my front end at the garage, just to find out that the problem was the frame at my Back drivers side tire is totally rusted into.
  • dougw2dougw2 Posts: 4
    I started to look at the Craigs List and Ebay listings on Honda Passports and Isuzu Rodeo. I ask the seller one question "What is the frame condition just in front of the rear wheel where the trailing arm connects to frame and just above the wheel at coil spring and shock mount?" Copy and paste. When they respond if they do, You can send them the info for filing a complaint. I'm just looking for a good frame to put my good body on.
  • howardruhowardru Posts: 155
    That's what I tell my wife :-p
  • cgliddencglidden Posts: 1
    I own a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo LS with the same problems!!! I was driving mine to work when I heard a horrible noise and had a hard time steering the vehicle to keep it on the road. I thought I had a flat tire. The rear of the car was sitting/rubbing on the rear tires. The car was non drivable. (Thank goodness I wasn't on the Interstate going 65ml/hr--who knows what would of happened). My husband who is a mechanic took a look under the car and the frame was broken/rusted completely through at the wheel stabiizer bar. I called Isuzu and they gave me a case number (June 2008), they told me they had no other complaints of frame breakage and there was nothing they could do for me. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!
    I had the frame welded because it wasn't worth anything the way it was, and I couldn't in good faith sell or trade the vehicle knowing it had a broken frame. The undercarriage of the car continues to have severe corrosion, I'm afraid to drive it very far, I use it minimally, which is a real inconvience, my husband and I share a vehicle. Isuzu needs to fix this and do something for the consumer!!!!!
  • darth_venomdarth_venom Posts: 43
    I have heard a lot about this over the last 5 years or so and this problem seems to be common in the newer models (1998 & Up). I do have and drive a 1992 Rodeo 4x4 V6 LS and when I first heard about this I was greatly concerned & had a look under mine in 2005. Ny frame was in excellent condition w/no corrosion to this day (I just had to replace Driveshaft Carrier Bearing & frame is OK). I think though the newer models that have this problem have a different type of rear suspension than my 92 though.
    I wish you the best of luck with Isuzu.

    Does anyone know if the A/C in my 1992 has the old R12 or the newer R13?

    Thanks for reading and again, best of luck.
  • tom232003tom232003 Posts: 5
    Yeah, I have the same trouble. I have a 1999 with the same exact trouble. what can iDO?
  • tom232003tom232003 Posts: 5
    Yeah me, I have a 1999
  • howardruhowardru Posts: 155
    Join the FaceBook group called "Recall Isuzu Rodeo and Honda Passport".

    Follow everyone's direction. Download the word document, complete and email, fax and post back to NHSTA.

    Link right here

    Get in line with the rest of us....
  • deernfishdeernfish Posts: 1
    i have a 1999 passport mine just got sideways on me last week, now it is worthless i can put my fingers throw the whole back half of the frame. any one have any suggestion please let me know. it only has 116,000 mile on it. I have tried to call the rinhardt guy but have not heard from him yet. help!!!!!!
  • tom232003tom232003 Posts: 5
    Do you have Isuzu phone number? What do I have to do to file a claim?
  • tomb3742tomb3742 Posts: 2
    If anyone has information about a class action suit in this matter, please let me know. I have a 2001 Rodeo and the stabilizer arm just broke off the frame due to severe rust. There is not a way to fix this problem as far as I can tell. The car is now undriveable
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