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Honda CR-V Shakes



  • I have a 2003 CR-V I've had it since it was new. I've always taken it to the dealer for all work needed to be done not always right on time but close. Three weeks ago I had to take it in for its 110k service. The first tune up and four wheel drive service. Because of a transfer at work I took it to a new to me dealer. They took the car in and dropped me off at work. I got the car back later that day and gave them about 600.00 dollars. I live about 50 miles from work, all highway. That night as soon as I started to get to highway speed 55 plus the car started shacking so bad I thought that I was loosing a wheel. I pulled over and checked all the wheels and they where all good. I went on home and returned the next day. Now Three weeks later I still have not received my car back and they finally told me last night that they can fix it for 1700.00 dollars. They told me that I have bad front axles,wheel bearings ,trans mount and axle seals. I'm not perfect but the car is well maintained. How does all of this go bad in eight hours while having regular service done? Back up a little, they called me the first day it was in for service and told me that they had to do something called burnishing to the clutches in the transfer case. I'm fair I will pay to have the car fixed. I'm also not stupid I would like someone to tell me how it just happens. I to was told that at first it was the wheels and tires on the car. Funny I work for the largest independant wheel and tire dealer in the world. So I took that set off and put on the factory set and the car responded the same way. The dealer also put on two other sets off of cars they have on the lot and it acted the same. My 01 Odyssey with 140k miles on her has never had bad drive shafts as well as my 93 Del Sol Si that had 120k own it. In family we have a total of eight Honda's from a few thousand to over 200k miles and none have ever had this problem. Sorry to vent, just want some one to give me a explination other than it is coincedence. Thats what American Honda told me today on the phone.
  • Nonsense.
    I've noticed in the past 2 years that the 'shimmy' in my CRV has gotten worse. Not the ASA certified mechanic at the Honda Dealers, the mechanics at the local independent dealers nor the back yard mechanics can tell me what the issue is with this car. I have had the front/rear aligned, the transmission fluid flushed twice, tires replaced twice and it's getting to the point that I'm ready to trade this POS in. It has a noticable shimmy just before shifting into gear and a hard jerk if you slow down then quickly accelerate in traffic.
    Any advice? Otherwise I'm giving up on her and trading her in.
    2007 Honda CRV EX-L
    105,000 miles all highway - long daily commutes with little sit in traffic time.
    No accidents
    Serviced regularly :confuse:
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