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GOLF GLS 1.8T vs. GTI GLS 1.8T

sentra20sersentra20ser Posts: 68
edited April 2 in Volkswagen
I'm looking at buying VW hatchback with the 1.8T
motor. I'm wondering if you could help tell me
what the difference is with them of them and how
you have liked yours.


  • I'm looking at buying VW hatchback with the 1.8T
    motor. I'm wondering if you could help tell me
    what the difference is with each of them and how
    you have liked yours.
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    I'd lean towards the Golf, but for a couple reasons that might not apply to you. 1)the Golf is cheaper 2)Weight difference is negligible so it's just as quick 3)The money you save by getting the Golf you can throw into the suspension and come out a lot better than the GTI with the sport suspension 4)Nobody expects a little 4 door hatch to be quick, agile or fast.
  • cinemafiacinemafia Posts: 57
    I have the same dilema, but I'd definitely go for the Golf GLS. here's some pros and cons:

    GOLF GLS pros:
    1 four doors
    2 lower insurance insurance rates
    3 greater passenger comfort and cargo capacity
    4 more of the "sleeper" look, that is, same performance (more or less) as the GTI GLS but in a less obvious package

    GTI GLS cons:
    1 cannot get nifty GTI paint colors, Futura Yellow, Cosmic Green and Tropic Orange
    2 cannot get leather interior
    3 cannot get sporty (and inexpensive) cloth interior
    4 soft suspension
  • qualequale Posts: 5
    Either one will be a sleeper to the crowd that drive Corvettes, Twin Turbo RX-7s, and the like. In fact, if you regularly drive one of these poor man supercars, you will fall asleep behind the wheel of a GTI trying to get it up to speed. You're better off tweaking the VW suspension and enjoy driving it in the twisties. In which case, either model will be nice. Mount a used baby seat in the rear in either, and you'll have your stealth!
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    What exactly would compell you to compare a Golf to a TT RX7 or a Vette?
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    Somewhere, someone said that it's a lot more fun driving a slow car fast than driving a fast car slow. I wholeheartedly agree.

    My guess is that the larger part of the 'Corvette' crowd buys the car for the image thing, and much less for performance. You get much more thrill (and driving experience for that matter) from driving a Golf (or Civic) hard than a Corvette will ever allow you on open roads.
    Also, check out how many 'vettes sell with an auto shift. Need I say more?
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    and of course I have to have one... :)

    I love my GTI 1.8t. Really, I do. I take the long way home now, I just get up and go driving around town (when I can find decent roads in this place) and smile all the time.

    They're both sleeper cars... but the feel of my steering wheel with my leather package is incredible. Two doors isn't that bad, actually - the front seats slide forward and it's not to hard to get in and out. My insurance is pretty reasonable, too - just at a grand for more than the state minimums for a year(and I live in Harris County, which is pretty expensive).

    Does the Golf have that much more cargo capacity than the GTI? Pardon my ignorance if this is the case, but I assumed that if they're built on the same chassis and with the same body, interior cargo space will pretty much be identical with the rear seats folded down, eh?

    And yes, it's not a sports car. However, try finding a car that can seat 4 in relative comfort, and that can also carry a full complement of band equipment, has the same interior build quality, and with a chip and some wheel/suspension mods can keep up with and possibly beat anything else in its price range.

    Heck, even stock a 1.8t GTI can do that and still has more functionality than most other cars on the road.

    I spent more than 2 years shopping around for a car (okay, I didn't have the money to take action, but it forced me to do a great deal of research), and I found nothing in the GTI's class. The closest I found was a Civic Si, but they don't make the hatch anymore.

    Oh yeah, did I mention that I love my GTI? :)
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    get the regular golf and money saved get aftermarket suspension and wheels. Look and drives better thant the GTi by then! Don't kid yourself about GTi suspension, if its anything similar to the sports tuned Jetta my friend has, then it's crap. So save your mulah and get the golf. Besides the GTi colours are phugly.
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    The GTI is still lighter, still has some options you can't get on the Golf, and my Flash-pull-me-over-red is beautiful. :)

    I do agree that the sports-tuned suspension is still to wallowy for enthusiasts, but my understanding is that 2001 or 2002 is coming with 17" wheels and a real suspension as an option.

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Friends, post #8 above has been hidden because it contains a link that skews our screen size. To read it, just click on "hidden." Thanks!

  • abarrabarr Posts: 2
    They both have the same interior/cargo space. The huge difference between them was the seats. The GTI's seats are well-bolstered and have fairly grippy fabric while the Golf's have almost no side support. If you drive the two one after the other, it's very obvious. The suspension in the GTI is stiffer, but not nearly enough to be considered a sports car. Now for 2001, the 17" wheels include much sportier tires (Michelin Pilot Sports, I think) which should help. I personally wish I there was a 4-door GTI, but oh well.
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    While 4 doors would come in handy at times, the fact that I have only 2 doors ensures that I rarely have to drive my coworkers to lunch. :) Although since I've gotten the VW, riding in their cars is sooo boring.

    Except for when my old boss raced his 740 against another friend's M3 on the way to work... I drool, excuse me.
  • Looking for info on 1.8T.
  • wukwukwukwuk Posts: 17
    could you be just a tad more specific? : ) There's lots of places to get info. Try If you can't find the info you want on 1.8T there, you can't find it anywhere. Hope that helps.
  • GTI or GLS 1.8t?
  • the edmunds website says that the golfs (including the 4 doors) are made in wolfsburg. the dealer here in oakland california tells me that the jetta is made in mexico, the 4dr golf in brazil and the 2 door golf in germany. can someone tell me really where the 4dr golf is made. i want to buy one, and where it is made is important to me. thanks.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Why would where the car is made be that important?? Just because a car is made in a South American country doesn't mean it is junk! From what I have heard, all Golf production was supposed to move to Brazil for 2001. Maybe they decided to continue making the 2 door in Germany, but I'm not completely sure. All Jettas and Beetles are built in Mexico, whereas all Passats are made in Germany. All 99-2000 Golfs were made in Germany. So, get a 2000 model if you want one built in Germany. All you have to do is look at the identification tag on the driver's door jamb to see where the car was built.
    If you are worried about Brazilian made cars, I know from experience that they are well built cars. I used to own an 87 VW Fox. All Foxes from 87-93 were built in Brazil. My Fox was very reliable and durable, even though it was already 12 years old when I bought it for $550. It ran great, always started the first time and never stalled, didn't rattle, and was very solid. Even after 12 years of brutal Florida sun without any tint, the dashboard looked new and had no cracks on it. It was a great car and I wish I had kept it longer. I only got rid of it because the AC didn't work and I was dealing with 100+ degrees. At the time, it needed a new compressor and I couldn't afford to fix it. Anyway, the car is only assembled in Brazil. All the parts are made in either Mexico or Germany. The engines are always built in Germany. So, I wouldn't worry about buying a car made in Brazil. It shouldn't make any difference where the car is assembled. What matters is who designed and made the parts that make up the car.
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    The location of the plant has no meaning whatsoever on the quality of the car. Otherwise, would you assume that Japanese cars made in the US are worse than the ones made in Japan?
  • Some of the metal manufatured in south america is generally of a lower grade. Not all but some. Have you ever put those mexico made brakes on your car only to have them warp in a month? I was also concerned with this. Not because of the people who make up the country but the quality of the materials used. Remember the reason why they are made there is because its cheaper and the way to keep it cheap is to use cheap labor and cheaper parts. Not in every case do they do this, but it is a basic economical business fact.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Saving money is not always the reason for building cars elsewhere. The whole reason VW decided to move Golf production to Brazil is because the German plant is too stressed with the high European demand. The Mexican plant has its hands full with Jetta and Beetle production and VW doesn't want quality to suffer. Since they already had a plant in Brazil, VW decided to totally revamp the plant and make US Golfs there. Problem solved for the German plant with the added benefit of cheaper labor. Most of the parts are not made in the plant itself. They are sourced from other places and than put together to make a car. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my Brazilian made Fox. If it was made of inferior metal, I couldn't tell. The car had only a little surface rust in a few areas where the car was keyed all the way down to the bare metal. The car was amazingly well put together and felt very solid. Its 12 year old original paint held up pretty well, with only some clear coat flaking on the trunk and roof.
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