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Jeep Wrangler Wheel Wobble



  • there is one slight error in your replym and that is on the steering dampener. Factory dampeners anr not made to handle anything but narrow "road" tires. Further if they are fo the gas charged variety, all bets are off. these are fine if you live in a moderate climate where the temps stay between 65-80 degreees F year round. if not they are only good for a handful of years, and should be replaced with oversized hydraulic units to handle the tires jeeps normally use. Also in the same vein, the factory gas charged shocks are next to worthless after three years of use, regardless of milage, due to poor design and low cost. And to expand on your wheel balance comments, Jeep for some reason has chose to use wheels that catch debris for a number of years centering around '06. The wheel has its central hub attached at the outer edge of the wheel instead of the center so it doesnt self clean and will throw itself out of balance. Especially if you play in sticky mud, or heavy snow which will freeze in the wheel, which in the north , you can not prevent, So watch out for this when you choose wheels, fancy designs do NOT make then betterm just expensivem and often they actually cause excessive tire wear when a cheap generic spoked wheel will save you bug bucks more than twice, once on the wheel, and untold times on replacement tires
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    "In April, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rejected the lawmakers' request for a formal investigation of 2005-10 Jeep Wranglers.

    All manufacturer vehicles equipped with a solid axle can be susceptible to this condition and, if experienced, it is routinely corrected with a change of tires or installation of a simple steering dampener....

    In fact, most reported incidents — in all manufacturer vehicles equipped with or without a solid axle — are often linked to poorly installed or maintained after-market equipment, such as lifters, oversized tires, etc. The name you've given to this condition has no basis in fact."

    House Dems ask Chrysler to assist owners on 'Jeep Death Wobble' (Detroit News)

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  • I have a 2011 Jeep wrangler unlimited Rubicon and have experienced the death wobble as you call it lol. Of course the dealership gave me all kinds of bs excuses however I no longer have that problem BC I stopped being lazy and put it in my shop. The Rubicon comes with mud terrain tires that look cool however you MUST rotate them every 3000 miles or oil change time because they wear quick. When the dealership let the 18 year old kids rotate my tires they threw my front end out of alignment bad which caused the mud terrain tires to CUP really bad I performed a front end alignment and purchased 5 new tires from a company called silent armor they still look aggressive but are all terrain tires instead of mud terrains. And they a lot less maintance when it comes to rotating them. I have not had the death wobble since I did the alignment and put fresh tires that are not cupped on the jeep.
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