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2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee starter clicks but will not start

tebertsteberts Posts: 18
My 2005 JGC has 25K and when I turn the key it clicks but does nto start. I tried jumping but that does not work and it seem to have plenty of power. I f I sit and turn the key 10 times it might turn over and start. Runs fine but this is getting worse. Battery cables are not corroded at all. All looks good. Please help as it is out of warranty.


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,109
    It could be a bad ignition coil.

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  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    does the engine turn over when the starter clicks ?
    if not could be the starter solonide
  • tebertsteberts Posts: 18
    Sometimes. Usually just the click and nothing. Sometimes if I turn the key a few times it will then turnover and start right away and run fine.
  • my 2000 jeep grand cherokee limited V8 4wd just stopped starting yesterday. When i turn my key all i get is the "click" from the starter. I replaced the starter, and cleaned my battery terminals and still the same thing. What else could it be??
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    could also be the starter relay in the elec box on the fender cover tell where the relay is
    if that is ok then starter solonide is bad and need to replace starter
  • tebertsteberts Posts: 18
    I am oretty sure it was the solenoid that caused my problem. The repair place said they had to install a complete starter and not just a solenoid. Not sure if that is true but it does run fine now. I did get the starter myself and saved $200 over what the repair shop wanted for the starter and I bought mine from a dealer! Works fine now.
  • ">Everyone try this first! I had this problem and did this to come to the conclusion I had a faulty wire....

    ....anyways the first and second pic show where to look and the third is the bundle of wires that you wiggle. My advice is to have someone turn your key in the start position and while keeping your key turned as if you were trying to start it, wiggle that bundle of wires and if it starts than you know that this is your problem. If it still wont start, continue wiggling wires nearby until your jeep starts than you know which wire is at fault. Unfortunatly I cannot upload photos, so email me if you would like pics.
  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 42,987
    If you set up your CarSpace page you can park your photos there.


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  • Mike Bergman, Can you please send me a photo of those wires as well? I have a Jeep GC 2005 with the 5.7 and am experiencing exactly the same symptoms described here of turning the key and getting a click and sometimes it would start but the last 10 times I only get a click. I checked my battery and it is 100% charged. My email is p-h at
  • In 2006 at about 30,000 miles I had this issue and took it to the dealership. They replaced the battery and told me it was bad. The problem returned in 2007 at 37,000 miles less than 1 year later and when I contacted the dealership they would not warranty the battery so I took it to a local shop where they tested the Battery and it was fine. It ended up being the Starter and $600 later it was replaced. I believe that there is an issue with the original starters used on these vehicles.
  • rkh49rkh49 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Jeep GC with the same problem. Would you please send me the same photos?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    what size engine i have a4.7 with 187000 miles before the starter needed to be changed
  • My jeep is having trouble on the start up. It has not failed to start ever though - just is having trouble. I put the key in the ignition and it starts with the normal sound that cars make when turning on. That general rhythm of... click click click and then usually walla. But instead of finishing, it just keeps going click click click... Then I stop holding the key forward in the ignition, let the key back to the normal starting position (as if i have just put it in the ignition) and try again. Only and always on the second attempt it starts right up. And the second start up is not a week wounded sounding start up, it is a flawless start up - not quite the jet engine start up that one gets when the starter has just been replaced, but the start up that you get after the starter and or car is a year or two old old.
    I want to solve this problem before i have to replace something major, I suspect it maybe the sparkplugs, if not the alternator or starter. Any ideas?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    how old is the battery if year or two or three i would change the battery as winter is here and if older could be getting bad the cranking amps get lower and that will cause hard starting
  • hi Mike, sounds like I may have the same issue as you! Can you email me the picts please? Thanks
  • jeep2500jeep2500 Posts: 1
    hey i have the same problem..send me the pictures
  • dixie1994dixie1994 Posts: 4
    Try changing the starter relay in the distribution center under the hood. I had the same problem in my 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the starter relay was bad. And Dodge found out there was a wire between the distribution box and the ecm was broke. So they ran a ground wire from fuse box under the hood to the neg termenal to the battery and it solved my problem. I hope this helps sense there is such a gap in the years. :sick:
  • dixie1994dixie1994 Posts: 4
    I had overdrive before Dodge changed my nuteral safty switch, now i don't have overdrive. What could be the problem? The fluid is full. :cry:
  • banana5banana5 Posts: 2
    I am having a problem with the click click of the starter on a 2005 Jeep Cherokee Limited. It would start sometimes after several attempts. Now no start just clicks. Funny thing, I noticed this after using a cigarette lighter charger for my phone, after connecting this problem I unplugged the charger. now some 6 months later I used a charger again and wham! I now have this starting problem??!! Any connection to a wiring problem??
  • larchavelarchave Posts: 19
    WHEN THAT HAPPENS, TURN YOU KEY PUT YOUR CAR INTO DRIVE ThEN BAcK INTO PARK AND IT SHOULD START. Mine does the same thing, for some reason the computer doesn't notice it's in park and won't start. try it and see
  • I know these posts are older but maybe I can save someone some money. I had the same "click" problem with my 2005. After having the starter checked my mechanic found it was ready to go, however, he told me that with these keys, the ignition has to read the sensor first before the engine will start, that you can't just put the key in and start it, you should wait a few seconds first. Solved the problem for me.
  • Ok so I have had the same issue as everyone else. 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 turn key and click no start. I've read hundreds of these useless posts with no real answer to my problem. I went right for the starter and when I got it out I took it in to my local parts store. They tested it and said it was like new. So they told me to test my battery. I came home tested my battery and it was good to go at 12.41 volts. I put the starter back in and put everything back together and the Jeep started right up 10 out of 10 times no issues. I think the the starter was locked up before I pulled it. It tested like new and as soon as I pulled it out and ran it while off of the flywheel it unlocked. When I put it back in and turn it over issues. I think the answer to most of our issues is that these Grand Cherokees have weak starters. Many posts were about replacing a starter that tested non defective but replacing it anyway just to be safe only to find that 3 months later they had the same exact issue. Not Relays and Not Corrosion. I will post an update if i have any issue.
  • I have the same problem, but a tad different. I was going to the doctor's office this morning and I was going to drive my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.7L. I turn the key, but it was grinding and it wouldn't crank. I tried it a second time; the same result occurred, but all of the sensor warnings were displaying telling me to service this, that, or the other thing. I called AAA to get a tow. The guy tested my battery, but it was 12.26 volts with very little amps. Three hours later a different tow truck guy comes back with a new battery. He puts it in, then he tries to crank the Jeep--there was merely a "click" sound. It did not start and he realized it was the starter.

    After several attempts, it started. However, the temperature read 77 degrees and it was clearly in the low 40's.

    While the tow truck guy was filling out paperwork, I did not want to turn it back off and I left it on, so I could drive straight to my mechanic. I put it in reverse and I noticed the Jeep was getting harder to steer. I put it in drive and made my way down the driveway, but by that time the power steering went out and Jeep shut off entirely. I turned the key to the off position, then I noticed my lights shut off entirely, which is something that never happens when I turn off my Jeep.

    I turned the Jeep back on and it cranked up like a charm. After it started, the engine sounded like it was going to die and the lights dimmed a little, then everything went back to normal. When I got to the stop sign, the RPM's dropped from 1,000 to 500 and the engine sounded like it wanted to turn off.

    I drove down the highway at about 65-70 mph with no trouble. I got off on the exit ramp and came to a stop sign; the engine sounded weak as before. The same thing happened at the next stop sign. I got into the city limits and the engine sounded weak, as if I were stopped at the stop sign. I did not mash the gas pedal and I coasted into my mechanic's parking lot. The engine sounded weak the entire time--with lower RPM's.

    When I came to a stop, the Jeep sounded fine. I turned the Jeep off and turned the key, but I did not turn it on and the check engine light was on. I eventually cranked it up and it was fine.

    If you know what is wrong with it, then please tell me.
  • Try disconnectiong the battery and leaving it disconnected overnight. Then reconnect it and see what happens. I don't know why, but sometimes this works. It recently worked for my own 2005 JGC that was suffering multiple electronic problems.
  • I'm not a mechanic by any means. I can fix a computer easily. What you're suggesting sounds like it could be related to the computer. Disconnecting the power supply will, in some cases, restored default settings.

    Of course, that sounds like merely a temporary fix, because the same problem is bound to come back.
  • Hello all, please check out the Facebook write up I did for my clients Jeep. I hope that helps people.

  • I am having the same problem as most people who have posted in this forum. I get a clicking sound and say a prayer after 5 minutes hoping that it will start and it normally will turnover after the 15th try. I had my battery and starter tested and both were fine. I replaced the starter relay hoping that would cure the problem and it did not. After calling around to auto repair shops and getting quotes that ranged anywhere from 300-800+, I ran into a mechanic that said he had serviced over 50 Jeep Grand Cherokees with the same problem. He said the issue is with the connection the starter that builds up corrosion with the jeeps. He said that after cleaning the starter and replacing some wiring it fixes the problem. He quoted me at $125 to fix the problem. I will be taking in tomorrow and post a follow up. Do not let the dealerships take advantage of you and bait you in to replacing the starting or alternator as this seems to be the common theme in the 2005 Jeeps. Hope this helps
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