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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • Go to this site and follow links to "No Heat in Heater"
  • marku1marku1 Posts: 11
    Appreciate your entries. I have read several references in the forum about trouble with exhaust studs but no details. I have an exhaust leak that I just cannot locate, so I am thinking manifold gasket or broken stud. Can you tell me about this issue or point me in the right direction (i.e. how to ident., degree of difficulty, helpul hints, approx. cost, etc.) Also, if this is the problem could it also be the reason for the engines impaired performance?
    Thanks, Mark
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013
    Hi Mark,

    Check out the first thread in All About Exhaust Systems.

    Any wrench turners, please jump in!

    Steve, Host

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  • Appears that the problem was low coolant level. Check - top off the fluid at the radiator cap. Unscrew cap and add fluid til it overflows. Make sure you are putting fluid directly into the radiator and not into the overflow tank. You might also want to release any trapped air by "burping" the upper radiator hose, ie, loosen the clamp and pull the hose off just enough to allow any air trapped in the system to get out. I've now got plenty of heat at low and high speeds, plus the engine is running a little cooler too. I found this was the problem when I replaced the lower radiator hose. Apparently the shop did not put enough fluid back in when timing belt and water pump was replaced. fd
  • Just had this happen on my 95 Sentra. Parts guy at the dealer said it a frequently replaced part. $20 from the dealer and easy to replace on the Sentra.

  • try replacing the resistor located near the blower motor
  • I replaced front and rear controls..The fan and all fuses and the resistor..Still nothing..HELP..
  • 95 Villager is missing at idle and while cruising at highway speeds. Problem is erratic and does not start until its been driven at least 10 - 15 miles. Code reads #32 and #34, knock sensor and EGR control solenoid. WHen you stomp the pedal the engine catches and takes off then the miss comes back when you settle down to cruising speed. Prior to this problem I was getting the knock sensor code but engine ran fine. Car has 160K miles.
    EGR control solenoid checked out perfectly according to procedure in Haynes manual. Hose from EGR to Back pressure transducer was completely destroyed (looked like it partially melted) so replaced that. I don't have a vacumn gauge to check transducer pressure and dealer wants $144 for a new one. Anyone have any ideas - could it be a faulty backpressure transducer? Bad egr? something else? thanks, Frank
  • Our 95 Quest, 130K, also with gas smell and uneven heat, so this thread a help for guiding the troubleshooting. ANOTHER ISSUE: Check engine light is on intermittently, a mechanic friend told us to check the code(s). Went to Autozone and they could find no hookup for the OBD I&II. Is Quest 95 equipped for this, if so, where is the plugin located?
    If not equipped to read OBD externally, how do we determine the code(s)?
  • My radio is completely dead, and I'm considering an aftermarket replacement. Has anyone done this with a Quest/Villager? Mine is the top-line radio with steering-wheel and rear seat controls/headphone jacks, subwoofer, CD Changer, etc. I know I will lose the steering wheel and rear controls, but I wonder if it is possible to control the CD changer with an aftermarket head unit? Also, will an aftermarket wiring kit hook up the speakers & sub properly? Any advice? Thanks
  • My check engine light stays on and I have replaced motor mounts 3X in this van, also, my timing belt just broke, not sure if the engine is FRIED or not, mechanic says he won't know until he replaces the timing belt which is 59.95 and labor is 300.00...grrrr :sick:
  • I just checked the NHTSA website for recalls and see that these models were recalled for a defective fuel vent hose in 2001. Anyone know if this takes care of the fuel smell in passenger compartment? I have it too. FD
  • Hi Revka,
    Where exactly the wiper switch is located? I have a 1998 nissan Quest and the wiper does not work. I checked the fuses and they are fine. I suspect the wiper switch/replay is bad. But I could not find it. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Hey tony28, I know this is a old issue for you but I had same exact prob in 97 villager. After about 3 days of tracing a ground where there should not be one, found that the wire underneath drivers seat going to rear o2 sensor was some how a ground to power in turn blowing the fuse everytime you turn the key to on position. To easy though, just cut wire underneath carpet, spliced in good one and good to go.
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    The fuel smell you are experiencing may be from aging fuel lines under the hood. Particularly on 95 models, the material used in the hoses does not hold up well over time.

    Owners have reported making the smell go away by tightening the clamps attaching the fuel lines to the fuel rail of the engine, or by replacing them. Some of them are hard to get at.

    This might give you or your mechanic a place to start. Hope this helps.

  • glow1glow1 Posts: 3
    Had vent hose replaced by dealer after seeing recall on a website. Had some fuel smell before, and after replacement it was fine. Has lasted about 4 years with no problems.
  • glow1glow1 Posts: 3
    The back cargo door of my 1993 villager will not open . It was working fine for many years and now stays shut. A friend of mine had the same problem which he solved by forcing it open, but now it does not close properly. The only other symptom involves the "door open" light flickering intermittently but that was when the door would still open. I figured the door was just out of rig or the sensor was defective. When the door seized shut the light stayed off and was not flickering as it had done previously. Is there some electromechanical interlock on the door? Any help would be appreciated.
  • kymikekymike Posts: 115
    Our '93 Villager never had a problem with the door sticking shut, but we did have a flickering light once. It was solved by adjusting the latch mechanism, which was holding the door shut, but not as tight enough for the indicator switch to de-activate.
  • mottsmotts Posts: 9
    Hey Kevin, I have 94 Quest. The rear heat stopped working and I have also replaced the front master switch,the rear fan switch and nothing yet. If I find my problem I'll get back to you, Motts
  • I had the same problem with my 1995 Nissan Quest. Have taken it to three shops. The first two did not fix it. The last one charged me $158 for labor when they replaced the fuel line between two fuel rails (near the passenger side under the hood). If anyone of you had the same replacement done by a mechanic, how much did you pay? Does $158 sound reasonable for the job? Thanks.
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