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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • charles15charles15 Posts: 57
    I had the same grinding noise that you describe at the 6k mark on my 99 GXE. The dealer knew right away what it was - a bad Ford designed front brake caliper which allows the brake pad to work loose. They had to grind my rotors and brake pads plus fix the caliper. The dealer said that it was common with this caliper design.
  • Has anyone had problems with the VCR. Mine worked fine for 2 months and now suddenly has no video. The sound works fine but all I get on the screen are wavy blue and black lines. The dealer says he's not familiar with this and an outside place says that this is a "Nissan Product", since it is installed by Nissan when the van is built(not an aftermarket add-on like the 99 models).Any thoughts would be appreciated, my kids are getting antsy!!!!!!
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    I seem to remember reading in the manuals that came with our Quest VCR that it has a 90 day warranty from Audiovox. You will probably have to find your local Audiovox dealer to get it fixed. You should be able to find your dealer at :

    Just another thought, is there a tracking control on the VCR or remote? That may be why you are losing the picture but not the sound.

    Good luck.

  • VshunVshun Posts: 21
    Sometime in December I sent a letter to Nissan office in CA complaining about my battery problems and some other problems with 99 Quest. I already did not expect any response recently when all of a sudden yesterday my wife got a call from a lady sitting in central Nissan office. We officially got a case # for our problems.
    To the battery problem we were advised:
    1. Next time it happens not to charge the battery with cables but tow the car to the dealer (yea, right, the closest dealer is 35 minutes away from me and Nissan is not paying for towing).
    2. Leave the van with the dealership and let them ride it for several weeks till the problem with the battery happens again.
    I would not comment on these suggestions, I just smile at them ( my wife does not smile since she is the one getting stuck in this car).
    Another suggestion was to take the van to the electrical guys who installed AudioVox as Nissan does not have any warranty on this.
    (Seeing my AudioVox installers before I doubt they are still in business, or that they will understand what I am talking about).

    Regarding some other problems we had - she confirmed that engine belts are on national order since this is very problematic part (we have been waiting for a few weeks already to have this part replaced). I guess we will have to wait another year or so given the speed they moved so far, or till it goes out of warranty.

    I understand why consumer reports in the latest April 2000 issue according to customer survey put Nissan service/dealers as the worst among all dealers (in previous years, this place was reserved for arrogant Toyota dealers).
    Wish everyone else better experience with Quest.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    So now I'm curious now, since it's been several weeks since they charged your battery... How is it doing now?

    Community Leader/Coupes, Convertibles, and Sportscars Conference
  • m6chem6che Posts: 18
    Just to clarify the warranty on the VCPs provided by Nissan for the 99 Quests - That one is a 3 year warranty from Audiovox. I have a separate Audiovox warranty form that came with the "free" install certificate. It has all of the "Limited Warranty" disclaimers (basically the same words as the 90-day warranty), but it is for 3 years. If you didn't get the form, you're still covered for 3 years. This covers the combined VCP/TV unit. (If you took yours apart, I suppose that might void the warranty?)

    I do not know what the warranty is on the built-ins for the 2000s, but wouldn't that also be the same length as the Nissan warranty now?
  • Do you know that you can shift out of park without depressing the brake if you have the ignition at "ACC" position?
    It seems to happen with the newer Quests (99, 2000).
    Please check it out and do you see it as a problem?
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    that's normal, you see it on the other nissan models, I was sitting in a maxima on the showroom with the acc on listening to the radio and playing around and knocked the shifter into neutral. I think they do this for towing or something, like if the vehicle is wrecked, they can get it out of park without the engine running.
  • I can't find the topic now- but I believe I once read that there was a recall on 93 Quests with manifold bolt issues. Anyone know? I bought mine new and still love it but there are a few early morning noises that concern me. Ticking that lasts for about 15 seconds with first start up of the day and exhaust (I think) sounds very "throaty" even after front and back exhausts were replaced.

    I was wondering if the manifold bolt issue would be the problem. The dealer nevers seems to hear it even when I leave it overnite.
  • saudasifsaudasif Posts: 1
    Is it possible to get the Video Entertainament system as a second buyer of 99 GXE Quest. I am buying used 99 GXE 14k miles and the first owner did not take the Video Entertainment system since it is not too long ago can I ask Nissan to give me the Video system. IF yes, can anyone explain to me whome should I contact in Nissan for this.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    You should try calling the Nissan Promotions headquarter. I don't have that number, but you should be able to find it through the Nissan 800 customer support. From where I live (Florida) nissan customer service is is 1800-nis-san1. Good luck.

    To jeepers10- If it's an official recall, Nissan Customer service should be able to pull the information you need with your quest vin. Btw, I remember hearing something about that, although it may have just been a tsb or a hidden recall.
    Perhaps someone else here can provide more information on this.... But for now, you might try looking it up (tsb and recall information) at the the nhtsa website. Also, provides some free tsb & recall information. Good luck. ;-)

    Community Leader/Coupes, Convertibles, and Sportscars Conference
  • I have not been back to this site lately but thought I would give an update on our Quest "Experience".
    We like the practicality of the van and the styling.
    We have had the van for one year (9000 miles) and have experienced a number of problems:
    1) Passenger Air bag replaced due to faulty cover (had to go back twice because the new one was also bad).
    2) Rough idle (replaced EGR valve after 3 visits).
    3) Turn signal stalk (wiper problem)
    4) Drivers mirror shakes (replaced twice still shakes).
    5) Drivers mirror broke (luckly it was shaking at the time so I was already going in!!).
    6) Drivers door handle sticks (fixed).
    7) Passenger door rattles (fixed).

    New problems yet to be fixed.
    8) Fan for the Rear AC is squeaking.
    9) Engine is idling rough again.
    Plus there was a recall for the lights (I believe it was the brake many troubles I can't keep it straight).

    All in all we wish we had not bought this van. I did a lot of research prior to buying and all indication were good. I received a survey from Nissan asking if we liked our last service and if we had any comments. I listed all the troubles and said we will only keep the van if we get an extended warranty.

    I might suggest an extended warranty to everyone else. You can use the money you save from the low purchase price.
  • m6chem6che Posts: 18
    Sorry to hear about all your problems. We've just clocked our 1 year anniversary (18K miles) in our 99 GLE. I've been back to the dealer twice over the past 12 months (last month to get the rear tail light recall done, the other last year to pick up a 6 pack of Nissan oil filters- 3 for the price of 2 sale). Haven't experienced any problems except for a bad right side door light switch that the dealer took care of when the van was 3 days old.

    Also, remember that you have a 3 year warranty, so hopefully you won't put out any $ for these problems and they will be resolved. (BTW, the EGR valve is part of the emissions control system so should be covered for a full 5 years calendar time. Sounds like you won't have to worry about the warranty mileage limit.)

    With recurring problems supposedly fixed (such as the airbag cover, rough idle, shaky mirror), I'd also question how competent the dealer service department is. If you have another Nissan dealer, you might want to try their service and explain how disatisfied you are that you're seeing the same problems again. We're fortunate that we've got 4 Nissan dealers within 20 miles (hey, I'm in California - what is that state avg? 3 cars per person?) I'd definitely NOT go to 1 of those 4 based on some friends' comments. Just a thought... Good luck!
  • edwardh1edwardh1 Posts: 88
    Many were minor but seems like a lot. I like the size of Quest and am looking but have owned two civics (89 and 91) and a 94 Camry that had zero trips back to dealer for fixes in first 30K miles. Let us know how it goes. I like the Quest smaller size but wonder about quality.
  • I have a 98 Quest with 14 K. Recently, I am seeing a lot of rust and winter damange to the front right alloy wheel. Has anyone else experienced this? Are the wheels under the 3Y/3K warranty?

  • agt_cooperagt_cooper Posts: 202
    Where exactly on the wheel are you seeing a problem, and what does it look like? I can't imagine an aluminum alloy wheel rusting, so I'm thinking you may be seeing staining from some other component (e.g., brakes, wheel hub, etc.).

    If you can provide more detail, I'll try to give a better response.
  • I am not sure if it due to road salt. It appears more like a the alloy wheel rim hit something. There are deep scratches all around the rim. It is like someone has sand papered it...very harsh. There is no rust as such..that rusty color of any sort. I don't is hard to tell since it is only one one wheel. Do you thik it is covered?

    Would this impact the wheel balance. The steering wheel is beginning to shake a bit at all speeds.
  • jkrolakjkrolak Posts: 38
    The alloy rim may be bent and that may be causing the shimmy. If it is gouged then you will have to pay for the fix. Someone scraped a curb or whatever.
  • agt_cooperagt_cooper Posts: 202
    I agree with jkrolak, sounds like someone bashed a curb with that wheel. At best, it's just a cosmetic thing, at worst, the wheel may be bent, and therefore, causing the vibration. A good tire store should be able to help you.

    As far as warranty, I don't think so!
  • agt_cooperagt_cooper Posts: 202
    Are you the self appointed watchdog for Quest/Village crash test scores? I believe there is a topic here at Edmunds for that discussion.
    I'd be curious to know your motivation for posting the same information in multiple discussion threads. Care to share?

    Personally, I put more importance on avoiding accidents than surviving them, so the crash test scores are not the only factor I consider in a vehicle purchase.
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