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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • In response to Posting #463 and #465:
    I was experiencing this same problem with my 2000 Quest. The doors would automatically lock. I got locked out twice, once with an infant locked inside! I brought the van to Nissan. They had a service bulletin on a cycling locks problem. They replaced some switches and the problem has not reoccured in the past 6 months.
  • They had a recall on certain models.. They probably replaced your door actuators and Driver's side master switch... This is one of the reasons for the recall doors locking automatically.

    Kristina/co host Our Turn
  • srg3srg3 Posts: 2
    I'm copying my note from the Quest V site below concerning my 94 quest and its intermittent low speed stall. I've taken some corrective action, but if anyone has additional suggestions or a similar problem, I'd appreciate knowing.

    Original Note:
    ...Greetings. Over the last two years My 94 quest
    gxe developed an intermittent stall during first
    drive of the day when coming to a stop (or when
    engine at idle, such as coasting through an
    intersection with foot on brake) The engine fights
    to stay at idle, but drops erratically and dies.
    It will start right up but may repeat for several
    stops after that. Once driven for 5-10 minutes, no problem. Originally, months passed between events, but now down to weeks, sometimes days. Visits to dealer yields the "can't duplicate". Several attempts at fixes: fuel pump replaced, knock sensor (a stored code on that one) fuel vapor return line replaced (no more gas smell and puddling under van!). My extended warranty runs out soon!!! This loss of power is distressing. Ive seen several posts on this problem on other sites and a friend just gave up and traded his in. Any thoughts (last one from dealer was maybe the idle air control
    vac, at $470)

    ...Thanks for all the suggestions!!! I did clean the Throttle body today and in the process, found a disconnected (as well as deteriorated) vacuum hose that connects to the air intake and the EGR Control Solenoid (EGRC), located below the throttle body.
    I'm not sure if thats the same vacuum line others
    have mentioned failing, since several hoses connect to the EGRC but it certainly isn't one that is readily noticable. I replaced it with a new line and will let you all know if the low speed stall occurs over the next week or two.
    (Just some background on what repairs done
    attempting to resolve this problem as well as
    several repairs: Did have coolant sensor replaced
    previously, Dealer supposedly checked daily for the stall condition over a 13 day period while van in for other repairs. During that time repaired passive belts system, both sides, replaced driver door lock switch and actuator (cured the notorious lock by themselves syndrome)replaced the A/C control head assy, replaced two motor mounts. I had the van towed twice from the road when it died for the dealer to check, but no diagnosis. The intermittent nature is the devil in this. I've had some other work done, but most all covered by an extended warranty...) I still enjoy the van's ride and have even looked at the 2000s. Just not sure if we're ready for another car payment yet. Thanks again for your insights!! (I will also post as suggested on the Quest problem forum)

    thanks for hanging in for the long read.
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    We have had trouble with the A/C on our 99 Quest ever since the summer of 99. The A/C (usually) wouldn't work with the air selector set to the dash vent position. If we switched it to the "foot & dash" position, the compressor would kick in and it would work fine. Only problem was, my feet would get really cold, especially in sandals.

    Took it in to our original dealer, and they "could not duplicate" the problem. They told me to bring it back in when it was acting up. Since we were only 10,000 miles into the 36,000 mile warranty, I figured no problem, I'll be able to get it in.

    Then the dealer loses it's Nissan franchise, and now I have to all the way to the opposite side of town for warranty service. Now it's summer no. 2 (this summer) and I'm getting sick of this problem, and the warranty is nearly gone, so i take it in. This time I write out a detailed description of the problem with instructions on how to duplicate it with the service writer.

    And guess what? The tech "could not duplicate" the problem, and since it was a unseasonably cold day, I couldn't get it to happen either!

    So I finally managed to make another appointment and arrange for someone to pick me up on the other side of town. Luckily it's a hot day, and the problem is happening. I drove the van into the service bay and left it running to make sure it was still happening. I had the service writer call the tech out so I could show him what was happening. I showed him that the A/C switch was on, and with the selector set to the dash position it blew warm air.

    So at least this time they didn't think I was crazy. As soon as he touched the selector switch, the compressor kicked in. Turns out the switch itself was bad. They had to order a new "control panel" and it was installed today. Now it works fine.

    Problem #2- Just after the warranty expired (of course) we somehow managed to leave a door ajar on the van in the garage for a couple of days. Even with the battery saver, something happened to the battery because it would no longer hold a charge. I checked it with a voltmeter and it only put out about 10.5 volts, and it went down to 8 when cranking.It would barely turn over, but since it is still almost brand new it would start.

    Just got a new Die Hard Gold from Sears last night, and now it works fine.

  • bisesbises Posts: 1
    Hi, I've been reading this site., and decided to join today to ask: I am about to buy a 2000 GLE Quest, and saw a post sept 14 that made me really nervous! Are there alot of lemons out there? Would an SE with upgrades be smarter than GLE (less to go wrong electrically?) Any advice would be great!!! Thanks.
  • jkrolakjkrolak Posts: 38
    The post you name (Sept 14) is not normal at all. In fact, I would not take what they say at all. Just look at the English usage, if you get my drift. Sounds like buyer remorse, if there was indead a buyer. I have a 99 GLE with no problems in 19,000 miles. The Quest/Villager twins have less problems than any other van, probably due to the fact that they have a lot of years of experience. If you want to see problem vans check out the Hoda forums.
  • I have the other twin ( 99 Villager) with 21000 mi. and trouble free . Great Mini-Van. Handles great ,Too. we enjoy it to the max. Don't think you will go wrong on this one. Just put Fog lights and a power Antenna on ours.
  • waynerpwaynerp Posts: 35
    I'm considering adding foglights to my 2000 Quest SE. Can you describe your experience installing foglights on your Villager? Did you do this yourself? Thanks for any advice -
  • I had it done at the local stero shop. He also installed my power antenna. But the wiring harness and switch ,everything needed come with the set.
  • geha1geha1 Posts: 1
    What's your experience with power antennae on 2000 Quests? I'm looking to have one installed (Hirschmann AUTA-2040S maybe [$40]) In my 1997 model, the factory antenna retraced when I played a tape and extended when Radio was selected. Does the high-end radio in the GLE provide connection for that functionality?

    What's reasonable charge for antenna? installation?

  • No it doesn't. had to install a seperate switch to raise and lower the antenna when you use the CD or a tape It cost me $30.00 to get it installed. Works perfect.
  • Maybe your experience has been good with your newer Quest but many people whom I have talked to with '94 & '95 Quest vans (separate from this message board) have had the same problems as mine stated in my Sept. 14th. post. In my opinion, I would go as far to say that in these specified years, many of these problems are common place and NORMAL for the years of '94 & '95.

    I cannot speak for the Quest vans from 96 on which you talk about. Good luck.
  • That would be my Sept. 11th. post that I am reffering to. Sorry.
  • Reference posting 538. We have similar problems on the Villagers. I've had broken exhaust manifold bolts replaced (under warranty) and had the same problems with my fuel tank vent hose (not under warranty). The vent hose is currently being investigated by the NHTSA according to their web site. Seeing how little information Firestone and Ford provided on their tire problem I doubt they'll get much of a response from Mercury and Nissan about this problem. Definite fire hazard. I have a 94 Villager that for the most part I'm happy with but I've had major problems -- bad battery (at 18k mi), crankshaft broke at 22k mi, check engine light for EGR system, broken engine mount, vent hose, manifold bolts, a few others. I'm very glad I bought a 75,000 mi extended warranty. (The broken engine mount was replaced last month at 74,800 mi!) From all the postings I've seen, sounds like I'm in the minority (lucky for all of you!).
  • Has any one ever had a timing belt to break on a 93-94 quest?? If so what was the milage on the van when it broke. Also was there any engine damage that had to be replaired. My 94 Quest has 92,000 miles
  • md_techmd_tech Posts: 84
    Wow that's a lot of mileage for the original timing belt. Your Quest probably is the model with the 100K belt,if not you have been very lucky!!!! If you have the regular 60K belt I really would't wait to replace it much longer....

    Kristina/co host Our Turn
  • waynerpwaynerp Posts: 35
    My 2000 SE, with only 1700 miles, has developed a problem with the wipers operating erratically by themselves. The dealer replaced the combination switch twice before concluding that the problem must be a defective wiper amplifier (an electronic "black box"). He stated that he has not seen this item fail on any later model Quests. I guess I'm just lucky. Anyone else have this problem? My van is otherwise flawless.
  • waynerpwaynerp Posts: 35
    The part was ordered by the dealer last week. I hope to get it taken care of in the next day or two. The long drought here in the southeast is helping me in this instance, as my wipers are not really functional right now. I'll let you know the results.
  • I've recently been given a large ($700) estimate to replace a faulty knock sensor in the computer system. There is no apparent engine knock and reportedly it is a sensor problem. This is located in a difficult to reach place at the back of the engine and takes 6-7 hours of labor. Has anyone elso encountered this problem? What would be the ramifications of not having it repaired?
  • Knock sensor are used to detect detonation (knock). When they "hear" the engine beginning to knock, they make adjustments via the engine control computer to eliminate the knock. Usually, this involves retarding the timing.

    Since detonation can damage pistons, valves, and cylinder heads, I'd say the $700 would be a small price to pay. However, you may wish to obtain a second opinion (and a second price quote) on this repair prior to proceeding.
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