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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • stanvstanv Posts: 10
    Ngoh9, Sorry, but I do not know which coil wire. I checked the bill and there is no part number indicated.
  • cremercremer Posts: 2
    I'm running 96 villager gs. and considering to replace the thermostat by myself.
    Reason for that is when I stop at the traffic light or at parking while engine is running, warm air doesn't come out. When I'm in driving, everything's OK.
    Could anyone let me know where the thermostat is and how to replace it briefly?
    Very appreciated.
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    It's most likely that you are low on coolant, or you have air trapped in the system. Check out Steve Cutchen's website for the procedure for bleeding the cooling system. This should solve your problem.

    Many thanks to Steve for his site.


  • cremercremer Posts: 2
    I will check the site & try it, Dave and Steve.
  • charles15charles15 Posts: 57
    What is the normal price for a replacement pollen filter for a 99 Quest - just the part not installation? Are these dealer only items or is there an aftermarket source?
  • jmulholljmulholl Posts: 29
    Where is the fuel switch on a 1995 villager/quest?
    My villager was in an accident and I need to turn the switch back on. Thanks!
  • ngoh9ngoh9 Posts: 7
    Cremer, Last month I had same problem after I replaced thermostat myself.Your coolant is low you need to fill in your coolant slowly .Close your cap, run engine for few minutes,and fill it again, repeat same proceedure untill radiator really full.
    The thermostat locate on the lower left ( if you stand in front of the van) of the engine, or you can follow the hose from radiator, thermostat housing is at the end, attached to engine block by 4 screws.
  • Just bought one from for about $60. Various quotes from Merc & Nissan dealers ranged as high as $118 and all needed special ordering. It is the Ford Motorcraft brand and looks like it is easily worth $24.95.
  • hammersleyhammersley Posts: 684
    IIRC (I'm at work, the van's at home) the fuel switch is a little red button located in a cutout on the side kick panel, either in the driver's footwell or the front passenger's footwell. Either way, it's down there somewhere. (How's that for a technical answer?)

  • I have a 1995 GS that has chronic problems with the electrical system that seem to all be due to the extremely poor switches used in the Villager. Since new, the power/economy switch is stuck in the power position, the passenger window switch works half the time. The wiper only activates the squirter after a lot of fiddling around. I could go on, but I'm looking for any feedback from owners. Is this a common problem area for the Villager? I like the size and manuverability but it is extremely annoying to have to fight the switches. I would like the feedback to be able to judge whether a salvage yard would have parts that were worth installing.
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    I have heard the power window switches have been problematic. I don't know if there's an option there other than to replace it. If you can find a low-mileage wreck somewhere, it may be worthwhile to get used parts. You might want to check with your dealer's parts department just to check the price for a new switch.

    I can't speak to the power/economy switch, but I've heard at least one person has had sucess "operating" on the wiper/washer switch. If you have the inclinitation you might want to check out:

    There is a section on fixing the wiper switch, complete with photographs. Good luck.


  • jmulholljmulholl Posts: 29
    My 1995 villager rear ended a truck at about 5-10 mph. Got the body fixed but the car won't start. Reseting the fuel pump cutoff switch did not work. My mechanic is about to start on what could be a very expensive search operation. Does anyone have ideas on where to start? Thanks.
  • Anyone know how to adjust the sunroof so it seals tight on a 94' Villager. Also, where is a good place to get the little allen head screws used for the adjustment if the dealer doesn't have them.
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    Well this is a good old-fashioned mechanic problem. It isn't necessarily a big deal. Sounds like you should find someone else that is a little more open-minded.

    The fuel pump reset switch is a good deduction. After is was reset, did you hear the fuel pump spin up? If you just turn the ignition switch on, but don't crank it over, you can hear it if you listen for it.

    Does the car crank or turn over? If so, you need three things for it to run. Fuel, compression, and spark. Has your mechanic pulled a spark plug to see if there is spark? If so, he should check the timing and fuel pressure. If that's good, is there compression?

    My guess, it's an electrical problem, a wire that got broken or disconnected. A mechanic should be able to find the problem by process of elimination. Don't allow him to just start replacing parts in hop of solving the problem.

    Good luck and let us know what happens.

  • cduongcduong Posts: 70
    Cremer... I had my '94 Villager and last summer my local mechanic changed the timing belt at 60,000 miles, while at it, he also replaced the thermostat because it's located at the same location. Unless the design changes from '94 to'96, I assume that's where it is. Good luck
  • I love my '95 Villager. Bought in '97 w/ 27K, now has 112K. Only problems are:

    .Rear windshield wiper won't work
    .Windshield wash doesn't work on passenger side
    .Door locks are Satanically possessed
    .Drivers seat is broken on exterior side making controls difficult to access and making driver list slightly to port
    .Exterior door lock on passenger side is non functional
    .Bench seat recline control bar plastic handle has broken off
    Other than that, it's fantastic!
  • ngoh9ngoh9 Posts: 7
    My 95 villager power door lock on driver's side door does not pop open, I think it needs lubrication, but I affraid to open the side panel( or don't know how to ), does anyone has this problem before ?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,021
    Door locks on Quests/Villagers do have a history of problems.

    Here's a link.

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  • riswamiriswami Posts: 192
    on my 97 Villager opens the drivers door and the rear hatch.
    It doesn't open the passenger door or the slider? Is this normal? Don't remember reading this in the owners manual; but I could have missed it.

    I have the remote entry and two presses of the unlock button do open all the doors.
  • riswamiriswami Posts: 192
    the key to work on my passenger door and slider. Maybe it was not used by the previous owner. Still under warranty, so I'll have it checked out.Could not get the key to work the first few times.
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